Who Doesn’t Love Identity Politics?

If there is one thing that still unites Americans across the ever more intellectually suffocating and bitterly polarized political spectrum our imaginations have been crammed into like rush hour commuters on the Tokyo Metro, it’s our undying love of identity politics. Who doesn’t love identity politics? Liberals love identity politics. Conservatives love identity politics. Political… Read More Who Doesn’t Love Identity Politics?

Trump Deathwatch

The latest “Trump Deathwatch” began on Tuesday, August 21, 2018. It began in a courtroom in Alexandria, Virginia, when Paul Manafort, sleazebag beltway operator and former chairman of Trump’s campaign, was pronounced guilty by a jury of his peers on ten counts of various types of fraud — tax fraud, bank fraud, and failure to… Read More Trump Deathwatch

The Party

Being an expatriate American in Berlin, I am occasionally asked by my German friends to explain what the hell is wrong with America. “CJ,” they ask me, in their scary German accents, “was zum Teufel ist los mit Amerika?” In the past, this question normally referred to the latest mass shooting at some school or… Read More The Party

USAF Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper for President

In a departure from our usual behind-the-scenes-type operations, the Consent Factory announces today its endorsement of USAF Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper for President. Given the recent and ongoing series of relentless attacks on America, and democracy itself, being perpetrated more or less around the clock by the Russians (hereinafter the “Rooskies”), Wikileaks, Trump, and… Read More USAF Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper for President

Trumpocalypse: America Saves the World Again!

So, Donald Trump, the billionaire buffoon and latest official Hitler-alike, wants to “make America great again,” and neoliberal elites throughout the Western world are noisily soiling themselves en masse in the mainstream press on a daily basis. According to respected, prize-winning papers like The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and some other… Read More Trumpocalypse: America Saves the World Again!

Coming this Summer … Revenge of the Bride of Sophie’s Choice

All right, much as we hate to do it, we’re going to interrupt our series on Herding your Critics into Fake Communities and Wasting their Time to repost another sarcastic little piece our disobedient and disrespectful employee, CJ Hopkins, slipped into CounterPunch back on May 4. We weren’t going to run this one here at… Read More Coming this Summer … Revenge of the Bride of Sophie’s Choice