Invasion of the Putin-Nazis

Here’s our in-house political satirist and Washington Post-certified Russian propagandist CJ Hopkins’ latest musings on the first hundred days of the “Age of Darkness,” the “racially Orwellian” Trumpian Reich, the Invasion of the Putin-Nazis, the Death of Neoliberalism, not to mention the entire edifice of Western democracy, or global Capitalism, and other non-occurent occurences  …… Read More Invasion of the Putin-Nazis

The President Formerly Known as Hitler

Apparently, our contrarian in-house satirist CJ Hopkins felt it necessary to attempt to spoil the celebrations among the loyal members of the corporate-owned media (and the rest of the global capitalist ruling classes) of President Trump’s miraculous conversion to the Globalist faith on the Road to Damascus. Here’s his latest bit of blashphemy, published in… Read More The President Formerly Known as Hitler

The United States of Cognitive Dissonance

So it looks like our in-house post-political satirist slash self-appointed psychoanalyst slash Washington Post-certified Russian propagandist has published yet another piece in CounterPunch, which, unfortunately, we are unable to prevent him from doing. Go ahead and read it if you feel you really have to, but please keep in mind … this is not normal!… Read More The United States of Cognitive Dissonance

The Normals

So our in-house satirist and award-winning playwright, CJ Hopkins, has written a novel, which, if all goes to plan, we’ll be publishing in April. The name of the book is ZONE 23. Apparently, it’s some kind of post-Orwellian “Atwood-meets-Pynchon meets-Vonnegut” type thing. There’s a cover blurb, a synopsis, and so on, on our official Consent… Read More The Normals