The Cult of Authority

On a recent episode of “Intercepted,” Glenn Greenwald, James Risen, and Jeremy Scahill, three millionaire celebrity journalists employed by a billionaire to provide the masses with fearless, adversarial journalism, debated, for approximately fifty-seven minutes, whether Donald Trump might be guilty of treason. This debate was prompted by the negative response to Risen’s first investigative piece… Read More The Cult of Authority

How to Operate an Anti-Authoritarian Hacktivist Cult (Part 2)

One of the essential aspects of operating an anti-authoritarian hacktivist cult is monitoring and controlling communications, both on the cult member-to-cult member level and within the minds of individual cult members. This is what is known as Milieu Control, and is not as complicated as many people think. All we’re actually talking about is controlling… Read More How to Operate an Anti-Authoritarian Hacktivist Cult (Part 2)