Consent Factory, Inc. is a market-leading provider of post-ideological management and consulting services to private and public sector clients throughout the developed (and in some cases developing) world. Experts in the fields of behavioral and psychological conditioning, we offer an extensive range of individually-customized strategic planning/implementation services in the following areas: education (all levels); parenting; advertising and marketing; media (traditional and alternative); governance; arts and culture; science; medicine; and many others. Our specialties include: privatization; globalization; deindustrialization, outsourcing and offshoring; crisis generation/exploitation; pathologization of political/moral issues; establishment and maintenance of epistemological/perceptual boundaries; normatology; narrative reinforcement strategies; secularization of underexploited markets; attention span reduction; confusion optimization; and so on.

Please note that, although we do, from time to time, coordinate with corporate-friendly dictators and vicious, authoritarian regimes on behalf of some of our clients, the Consent Factory remains fanatically committed to the establishment and maintenance of global neoliberalism (i.e., laissez faire capitalism), and thus opposes all forms of despotism that prevent our clients from forcing into debt, relentlessly privatizing, and then ruthlessly exploiting whatever markets they (i.e., these despots) control. Simply put, we don’t care how you oppress your own people at home, as long as you’re playing ball with our clients globally.

Legal Notices

The Consent Factory, Inc., thanks to some sort of bureacratic trickery our legal team is still trying to unravel, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amalgamated Content, Inc., a fictitious business name owned and operated by C. J. Hopkins, a relatively low-level part-time employee formerly based in our Berlin offices, whose current whereabouts are unknown. Here’s our most recent surveillance photo of him, which is rumored to have been taken during the summer of 2016 on an island somewhere in the Ionian Sea …

CJH Paxos 2016 BW

All original content on this blog is the private intellectual property of Mr. Hopkins, who, weirdly, as the result of that above-mentioned bureacratic trickery, is both one of our employees and, technically, our boss (and who, despite his ridiculous “hippyish” appearance, retains a battalion of extremely rude and gratuitously litigious intellectual property attorneys who, trust us, you do not want to mess around with). Any and all third party content on this blog remains the exclusive property of whoever we stole it from, which Mr. Hopkins had nothing to do with.


The Consent Factory welcomes readers’ comments, which shall be subject to moderation by the Consent Factory according to some arbitrary set of ever-changing standards we are not going to waste your time trying to appear to articulate. However, here are a few simple guidelines you may want to follow:

(1) comments from across the spectrum are welcome; although we are all soulless neoliberals here at the Consent Factory, we appreciate comments and criticism from those with opposing views, as we can use them to try to manipulate you in the future;

(2) comments primarily consisting of insults and/or personal abuse, whether directed at us or at other commenters, are, among other things, incredibly boring, and will be summarily deleted;

(3) if we even think you’re a machine, or an astroturfer, or that you’re attempting to sell something on our blog without cutting us in on it, your comments will be deleted with extreme prejudice and you’ll be banned from our blog and burn in the fires of Hell for all eternity.