The Consent Factory, Inc., maintains offices in over 80 countries throughout the world, none of which publicly list their exact locations or email addresses, or they do list their exact locations and email addresses, but they do so under the guise of innocuous-sounding front organizations that no one can trace back to us. In other words, we are more or less uncontactable and intend to remain so for the foreseeable future.

We are, however, currently designing an extremely convoluted Consent Factory “non-client online support platform,” which will offer anyone who doesn’t already know someone who knows someone who knows how to contact us — which mostly you need to have gone to the right schools to know someone like that — the opportunity to interact with a never-ending series of unhelpful “help” pages (on which our clients will attempt to sell them things they don’t need) or to live-chat with one of our excessively cheerful non-client technical support representatives, who will ask for permission to remotely control their computers and then irrecoverably damage their operating systems and erase all their data.

We’ll let you know, of course, just as soon as we get that up and running.

In the meantime, should you feel you need to try to contact the Consent Factory, go ahead and send us a message (which we will probably ignore, but you never know), using the impersonal contact form below.

Please do not send us messages with attachments or links. We delete such messages unopened and unread.