Press, Interviews, Etc.

Shadowy “consulting operation” that we are, The Consent Factory, Inc. prefers to maintain a low profile. Unfortunately, we have no control over our in-house satirist, C. J. Hopkins, who is a shameless attention hog who will accept interview requests from … well, pretty much anyone, apparently. Here are a few of those interviews, along with some glowing reviews of our books.

Der Weg in die totalitäre Dystopie
Interview with Gunnar Kaiser
KaiserTV, December 2021
(English with German subtitles; filmed in August 2021)

The Resurrection of German Totalitarianism
Interview with Clifton Duncan
The Clifton Duncan Podcast, December 2021

The Covidian Cult and Totalitarianism
Interview with Jeremy Nell
Jerm Warfare, December 2021

CJ Hopkins on the Covidian Cult
Interview with Sietske Bergsma
Bakkie met Bergsma (podcast), December 2021

CJ Hopkins of Consent Factory
Interview with Trish Wood
Trish Wood is Critical Podcast, November 2021

The Covidian Cult
Interview with James Delingpole
Video: YouTube
The Delingpod, November 2021

CJ Hopkins: The New Totalitarianism
A conversation with Charles Eisenstein
A New and Ancient Story Podcast, November 2021

COVID19/11 – Episode 12
Interview on 9/11 and the New Normal
OffGuardian, September 2021

Foreign Agents #6 – CJ Hopkins on the New Normals and GloboCap Ideology
A conversation with Max Blumenthal
Foreign Agents, September 2021

Political Satirist Takes Up the Fight Against Tyranny
Interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola, June 2021

The Push Toward a Totalitarian New Normal: CJ Hopkins
By Teny Sahakian
Fox News, June 2021

CJ Hopkins: The Insanity of the New Normal
Q&A with Daniel Miller
IM-1776, May 2021

Narrative #45 – The Covidian Cult
Interview with James Patrick
OVALmedia, May 2021

CJ Hopkins on the New Normal
Interview with Meghan Murphy
The Same Drugs, May 2021

Meet the Censored: C. J. Hopkins, Critic of the “New Normal”
Interview with Matt Taibbi
TK News with Matt Taibbi, May 2021

Corona Kult
Interview with Gunnar Kaiser
Kaiser TV, April 2021
N.B. This interview was immediately censored by YouTube when it first appeared. You can view the uncensored version at or a slightly redacted later version on KaiserTV.

What’s Going On?
Interview with Hugo Fernandez (Season 2, Episode 18)
WLGR Laguardia Web Radio, February 2021

Der neue deutsche Totalitarismus
Interview with Jens Lehrich (mostly in German)
Rubikon, December 2020

The War on Populism with C. J. Hopkins
An excerpt of an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts
Solari Report, November 2020

The Liberals’ New Passion for Snobbery and Censorship: An Interview
and Review of The War on Populism and Trumpocalypse by C. J. Hopkins
By John Siman
Naked Capitalism, November 2020

What’s Going On?
Interview with Hugo Fernandez (Season 2, Episode 12)
WLGR Laguardia Web Radio, November, 2020

Book Review: The War on Populism, Consent Factory Essays, Vol. II
By Catherine Austin Fitts
Solari Report, November 2020

What’s Going On?
Interview with Hugo Fernandez (Season 2, Episode 7)
WLGR Laguardia Web Radio, November 2020

The Virus of Mass Destruction & Brave New Totalitarian Normal
Interview with Hrvoje Morić
Geopolitics & Empire, July 2020

The New Propagandized Normal
Interview with Brian McWilliams
Lions of Liberty, June 2020

The Man Who Skewers Presidential Numbskullery
A review of Trumpocalypse: Consent Factory Essays, Vol. I
By Tony Sutton
ColdType, Issue 202, March 2020

Carolina Focus
Interview with Mark Thomas
WBT Radio, December 2019

Radio Sinoland interview by Jeff J. Brown
China Rising Radio Sinoland, November 2018

Civil War II Coming?
A review of Zone 23
By Kevin Barrett
The Unz Review, August 2018

De gavangenisopstand van Trum, het zinloze linkse verzet
Interview with Sietske Bergsma
The Post Online  (Dutch), Berlin, February 2017