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Here are some things others writers and critics have said about C. J. Hopkins’ Consent Factory Essays and his dystopian sci-fi novel, Zone 23

“C. J. Hopkins is the modern Western version of a Samizdat writer, i.e. a forbidden wit who loudly says things that are obvious but Not Spoken Of in officialdom. Probably this is not a profitable life choice, but it is a hilarious enterprise, and his furious columns have increasingly become required reading as “normal” media discourse strays further and further from reality. He has also become an expert forecaster. When it comes to predicting dystopian developments in the Trump years, his essays tend to be at least two years ahead of most American commentators, seemingly calling everything from the new Red Scares to the civil unrest of the pandemic era. As with the original Samizdat writers, you don’t know where he lives and don’t want to know — you just want him to keep his head down and keep writing this stuff.” — Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

“A brilliant playwright and a man with compassion for his fellow man, Hopkins clearly figured out the global capitalist game a while ago. Lucky for us, he also had the inclination to track and unpack the ‘shriek-o-meter’ as it spewed its incoherence and absurdities … The fact that Hopkins manages to track these airwaves and stay coherent is to his credit, as is his ability to unpack what is happening with a brilliance, intelligence, and wit that would impress Mark Twain himself. Mel Brooks once quipped in the comedy sketch the 2000 Year Old Man, ‘We laugh so as not to cry.’ If you are ready to leave the matrix, Hopkins can help guide you out, laughing all the way, yet appreciating the real risks and many of the important issues before us.” — Catherine Austin Fitts, Solari Report

“Calling C. J. Hopkins a satirist is a trivialization. It’s not “black humor” that he displays in his columns, even if the laughter always gets stuck in your throat. His essays are a perceptive and merciless analysis of desolate politics and rotten media, which is probably only possible in this humorous style, because otherwise one would immediately become desperate and depressed.” — Mathias Bröckers, author of Conspiracies, Conspiracy Theories and the Secrets of 9/11 and other international bestsellers

“In his Zone 23, CJ Hopkins imagines a future far more worrying and far more woke — and with far sleeker corporate boosterism — than any mere Huxlean or Orwellian or Bradburian dystopia. Hopkins is so scary that he can take it for granted that, in this New World of Total Corporate Domination of Everything, you’ll stand up and cheer for a muscle-bound cishet deplorable who smokes cigarettes.” — John Siman, Naked Capitalism

“A collection of darkly satirical essays that skewer the numbskullery of Trump, his hapless political opponents, and the boneheaded warriors of the corporate media who flounder hopelessly in the president’s turbulent wake … what will almost certainly be the most incisive chronicle of the reign of the 45th President and Buffoon-in-Chief of the United States of America.” — Tony Sutton, ColdType

“Hopkins’ ferociously funny yarn is not just a satire on our ever-worsening techno-dystopia … in portraying individuals struggling and flailing against the uber-civilization around them like flies caught a spider web, Zone 23 resonates with the great critiques of technological civilization.” Kevin Barrett, The Unz Review

“History, should there be any, will record 2016 as the year of a stunning triumvirate, the simultaneous eruption of Brexit, Donald Trump, and the Consent Factory. The first two were indications of the deep anguish and anger of common people directed at the neoliberal corporate oligarchy draining the social, economic and political lifeblood from so-called Western democracies. The third was an eruption of brilliant, cutting, incisive satire in the Swiftian tradition, explaining insightfully if painfully what the hell was going on, as the corporate media and its liberal allies desperately counterattacked the populist uprising, a much bigger threat to the oligarchy than the perverted political operatives behind either Trump or Brexit. Here it is to read and remember and to explode the corporate propaganda oozing from the left, right and middle. Trumpocalypse — you lived it, now understand it.” John Stauber, author of Toxic Sludge Is Good for You, Weapons of Mass Deception, and other bestsellers

And here are some reviews by book bloggers and readers …

“CJ Hopkins masterly depicts the scary, crazy state of advanced capitalist fascism we live in now. . . jacked up a good few notches. As the reader hurtles down Hopkins’ interweaving rabbit holes of the future, funhouse mirrors of eerie recognition pave the way. Zone 23, an inevitable movie, could easily hold its own alongside Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.” — Amazon Reader Review

“It’s a brilliant dystopian satire worthy of a place alongside Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World …” — Vaughn Treude, Steampunk Desperado

“A piercing satire that cuts right to the genetically modified heart of our corporate-controlled world … the millennials’ 1984.— Amazon Reader Review

“Zone 23 is a roller coaster ride. Actually, it is the whole fun fair! This is a very clever and gritty novel but beware; there are horrors as well as sardonic humour in Hopkins waterfalls of evocative description so detailed you can taste the stink, feel the despair and shudder at the pressure of the constant noise … Hopkins depicts the environment, the characters and the cascade of their thoughts in elaborate and exquisite detail.” — Wendy Lowdon, Wenlowdwhispers

“I loved this book. It had a real interesting story to it and I enjoyed the satirical approach to the dystopian genre. I cannot wait to see more works from this author.” — Destiny, TDC Book Reviews

“Zone 23 skewers the world so incisively that it is almost hallucinatory. Everything you know deep down inside but don’t want to see and certainly can’t talk about. Thank god that it is funny.” — Amazon Reader Review

“I devoured this book straight through. I would recommend it to fans of Atwood’s After the Flood series. Intense, crude, funny and incredibly smart.” — Goodreads

“Deeply engrossing … Zone 23 delivers a frightening look into a post-catastrophic future.” — Amazon Reader Review

“If Henry Miller lived in our time and chose to tell an Orwellian tale, this would be it … a must read for true connoisseurs of superb dialogue and literature.— Amazon Reader Review

“… a head-on train crash between comedian/linguist George Carlin and science fiction writer Philip K. Dick.” — Goodreads

” C.J. Hopkins is about the best deadly serious humorist around.” — Amazon Reader Review

And here’s a taste of what the critics have said about C. J. Hopkins’ stage plays, which you can also buy from most online booksellers, and from Bloomsbury Publishing and Broadway Play Publishing, but we don’t make any money off those …

“A brilliant (and hilarious) critique of the emptiness of American life and the meaninglessness of the popular culture that attempts to fill the void.” — Toronto Globe & Mail

“A blistering revelation … Hopkins’ work owes a huge debt to the absurdists and so manages to blast beyond the merely political or allegorical to the existential.” — Time Out New York

“Sharp, brilliant, intense, fast-moving, made for the moment we live in.” — The Scotsman

“America’s relationship with consumerism and the media is unerringly skewered.” — The Times

“Hilariously at odds with the mainstream.” — The Herald

“A hyperreal, tragicomedy, laced with wicked wit and spiked with horror.” — Metro

A gripping satire, which spills into sinister weirdness.” — Die Tageszeitung, Berlin

There’s much more shameless self-promotion on his official website, so we’re not going to duplicate it all here. We’re just trying to get you to purchase our books so that maybe Hopkins will stop calling our offices twelve to fourteen times a day demanding to know how sales are going.

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