Springtime for GloboCap

Warm up the Wagnerian orchestra and call in the goose-stepping chorus girls, because … yes, that’s right, it’s Springtime for GloboCap! “The Winter of Severe Illness and Death” is over! The big Black Sun is shining again! God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world!

OK, sure, the vast majority of humanity are suffering from post-traumatic stress, having been terrorized, gaslighted, threatened, bullied, and otherwise systematically mindfucked by their governments, the media, and “health authorities” on a daily basis for the past two years, and we’re all exhausted and at each other’s throats, and many of our businesses and incomes have been ruined, and inflation is spiraling out of control, and a lot of us are still being gratuitously demonized, segregated from society, banned from traveling, and forced to submit to invasive procedures and wear medically-pointless symbols of ideological conformity on our faces, so we’re not quite in the spirit of the season … but, for GloboCap, things couldn’t be going any better!

Not only is the final phase of their roll-out of the new pathologized totalitarianism (i.e., the New Normal) going more or less to plan, but those pesky, non-ball-playing Russians have been baited into a military quagmire in the Ukraine that could be dragged out for years! Think of all the destabilization, restructuring, and privatization opportunities, and not just in Russia and Eastern Europe, and not just during the next few years, but throughout the world and well into the future! With the majority of the Western masses brain-buggered into a state of almost catatonic credulity and obedience, who’s going to stop them? The sky’s the limit!

We’re talking radical social and economic restructuring, a brave new GloboCap-curated world! A world of constant chaos and crisis, eternally recurring “apocalyptic pandemics,” intramural proxy wars, climate-change lockdowns, “disinformation” attacks, mandatory genetic-therapy, digital currencies … the whole nine yards. A world not governed as much as “guided” by non-governmental global-governance entities, global corporations, benevolent billionaires, banks, investment management firms, and, of course, the military and Intelligence communities.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. It will be a while before GloboCap can blossom into its full expression. In the meantime, the global “Clear-and-Hold” op continues … and appears to have abruptly shifted into an extremely psychotic and fascist phase.

This shift was executed in Orwellian fashion, like that scene in 1984 where the Party switches official enemies right in the middle of a Hate Week speech. But, in our case, the switch was a little more complicated, because GloboCap didn’t just switch official enemies — like they did in the Summer of 2016 and then again in the Spring of 2020 — they revised the identity of the official enemy, not just its name, but its fundamental character, or, more accurately, and more psychotically, they split the identity of the official enemy, stripping off and embracing its fascism while simultaneously maintaining and magnifying its fascism, simulating a moral spectrum of fascism, and thus subjecting the New Normal masses to a mind-bending level of Orwellian double-think.

In the blink of an eye, without missing a beat, both the white-supremacist Putin-Nazis that plagued Democracy throughout the Trumpian Reich and the Covid-denying Anti-Vax Nazis that plagued the New Normals throughout the Global Pandemic were seamlessly replaced by the GloboCap Nazis … but, the thing is, the GloboCap Nazis are the good guys, and the Putin-Nazis and Anti-Vax Nazis are … well, I guess they’re still technically Nazis, except for the fact that they aren’t actual Nazis and are mostly just regular working-class people, whereas the GloboCap Nazis are actual Nazis (i.e., Sieg-heiling, Jew-hating, Hitler-worshiping Nazis), who the US military and Intelligence community, NATO, and assorted private “military advisors” have been funding, arming, and otherwise supporting since the 2014 Ukrainian “revolution” (i.e., coup) that they orchestrated to destabilize Russia as part of that global Clear-and-Hold operation (which operation, of course, doesn’t actually exist, and is just another conspiracy theory disseminated by Putin-Nazi traitors like me to erode support for the GloboCap Nazis, who are really just wholesome young Aryan boys who are trying to defend Democracy from Evil, and cleanse their country of the Jews and the Roma, and exterminate the Russian race, starting with the children, apparently).

OK, I know this is getting confusing, what with all the various Nazis, and so on, but that’s only because you’re still trying to make sense of the psychotic official propaganda that GloboCap is relentlessly bombarding us with. For example, this recent BBC segment in which Ros Atkins explains how the neo-Nazi Azov Detachment is actually “mainstream.” Or this NBC piece by Allan Ripp, explaining how, yes, there is definitely a serious neo-Nazi problem in the Ukraine, but if the Ukrainian Nazis (i.e., the GloboCap Nazis) persecute and murder the Ukrainian Jews, it’s Putin’s fault for invading the country and creating “chaos and insurgency,” or whatever.

Or this Unherd piece by Aris Roussinous, explaining that arming and supporting neo-Nazis “may be one of the hard choices forced by war,” and advising Zelenskyy to disarm them once the war is over and “freedom” is restored … which, obviously, he intends to do. After all, the man is Jewish! He will probably ban the neo-Nazis outright, like he banned all the non-neo-Nazi parties.

Or, if you prefer your propaganda less nuanced, you can go with CNN and get it straight from the source, for example, from Major Denis Prokopenko of the neo-Nazi Azov Regiment …

Or these Svoboda neo-Nazis that Jeremy Bowen of the BBC was hanging out with …

Apparently, CNN and the BBC were unable to locate any non-neo-Nazis to bring us the “fact-checked Truth” from the battlefield.

Or … wait. Sorry, I got all confused again. These are the good Nazis … the GloboCap Nazis! The actual Nazis, not the fictional Nazis. Or … wait, no … never mind. I mean, it’s not like it really matters anyway, right? The point is, it’s Spring, and the goat-footed balloon-Man whistles … no, strike the balloon-Man. This is not the time for balloon-Man references. It’s New Normal Spring! The birds are buzzing! The bees are chirping! The ICBMs are tumescent with rocket fuel and throbbing in their silos! The New Normal masses are out prancing around with their “vaccination passports” and medical-looking masks, in their official neo-Nazi Azov hoodies, waving their Ukrainian flags, and otherwise desperately trying to pretend that they haven’t just been colossally mindfucked by GloboCap for the last two years!

But there I go, getting negative again. I really need to try to focus on the positive, no matter how psychotic things are in reality. Here in New Normal Germany, it’s almost “Freedom Day” again! Technically, “Freedom Day” was March 18, but they rewrote the “Infection Protection Act” (again) to postpone “Freedom Day” until April 2, after which “the Unvaccinated” will be allowed back out into society and everyone will only be forced to wear symbols of conformity to official ideology on their faces on public transport, and trains, and planes, and in hospitals, and various other places, unless federal states declare themselves “hotspots” — which several states have already done — in which case “Freedom Day” is postponed indefinitely.

But whatever … it’s Springtime for GloboCap! Freedom is slavery! Ignorance is strength! The GloboCap Nazis are winning the war! Sure, Pfizer just released nine pages of “adverse events of special interest” connected to their Covid “vaccine,” but they “may not have any causal relationship” to each other! And all those videos of the GloboCap Nazis duct-taping men, women, and children to lampposts, painting their faces with chemicals, stripping them half naked, and whipping and beating them? Those people are “saboteurs” or “looters,” or “Putin-Nazi collaborators,” and it’s all just Russian disinformation! And whatever. Trust the “Science” … or something!

All right, I think that’s quite enough from me. I’ll sign off and let you get back to the show. Look, here come the triple-vaxxed, double-boosted, goose-stepping GloboCap chorus girls!


CJ Hopkins
March 27, 2022
Photos: The Producers (1967 film); Twitter; News.com.au

DISCLAIMER: The preceding essay is entirely the work of our in-house satirist and self-appointed political pundit, CJ Hopkins, and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Consent Factory, Inc., or its staff, or any of its agents, subsidiaries, or assigns. If, for whatever inexplicable reason, you appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to support it, please go to his Substack page, or his Patreon page, or send a contribution to his PayPal account, so that maybe he’ll stop coming around our offices trying to hit our staff up for money. Alternatively, you could purchase his satirical dystopian sci-fi novel, Zone 23, or Volume I and II of his Consent Factory Essays, or any of his subversive stage plays, which won some awards in Great Britain and Australia. If you do not appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to write him an abusive email, feel free to contact him directly.

21 thoughts on “Springtime for GloboCap

  1. Look, I agreed with a lot of what you said about covid. But Russia was the first country with a covid vax and tried to force it on Russians. Furthermore, Russia’s central bank is a member of the bank for international settlements just like China, but Ukraine’s isn’t. I noticed like three years ago that all of our recent wars have been a member of the bis invading a nonmember. Add to that the fact that Putin went through klaus schwab’s young leader program and he has spoken multiple times at the wef and I’m not sure why people think putin is the “good guy” in this whole conflict. Ukrainian civilians are being murdered by putin’s army. So if you can’t condemn that as the greater evil in this instance then you’re missing the bigger picture. Which is the bankers club waging yet another war in order to get a desired change. And Putin is in on it whereas the Ukrainian people are fighting against a brutal invasion and want to be left alone.


    1. “Putin went through klaus schwab’s young leader program …”

      There’s a saying: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

      “the Ukrainian people are fighting against a brutal invasion and want to be left alone.”

      The (mostly) ethnic Russian residents of Donetsk and Lugansk were brutally shelled for eight years (many thousands of them were killed). They too wanted to be left alone, but the rulers of the U.S. (via NATO) wanted to use them in their plans to destroy, or at least subjugate, Russia.

      The Russian leadership, after its many offers of co-existence with the West were rebuffed, had to act in order to save Russia. In the end it will be the U.S. and many of the NATO countries which will be brought down.


    2. AS did the 13,000 Donbass Ukrainians killed since 2015 killed by the Ukrainian military forces. Also if they just want to be left alone why did Ukraine amass 60,000 troops on the demarcation lines with Donetz and Lugansk republics ? Your post infers that Russia just attacked overnight and for no reason other than it`s own beligerancy but anyone who has followed this tragedy since 2004 , like I have , knows this is nonsense. I am neautral in this fight as I am anti-war , not popular these days , and I am vertain this could have all been resolved peacefully .


    3. Hard to say which side is controlled opposition… maybe both? My Bible thumper peeps have the New Testament notion of an End Times “Great Deception” to try to decipher. Supposedly the greatest web of lies and deceit ever concocted, highly charged with infernal energies. Let’s just say it’s a very target rich environment right now, hermeneutically speaking.

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  2. Hi, CJ Iʼm reading “World War in Syria: A Global Conflict Waged on Middle Eastern Battlefields” by A.B. Abrams and wanted to share this quote that may set your mind at ease.

    “A notable example was the use of FALSE ‘SOCK PUPPET’ SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS on a large scale by the U.S. Military for this purpose. The Guardian described one such program in early 2011 as using ‘software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda.’
    [loc 1796]

    The system allowed MULTIPLE SEPARATE FALSE IDENTITIES based across the world to be controlled simultaneously by each U.S. Military personnel member with each identity having a convincing background, history and supporting details. According to the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), which oversaw the program, the system was designed exclusively to TARGET FOREIGN AUDIENCES and would post exclusively in foreign languages.”
    [loc 1806]

    “GENERAL JAMES MATTIS, described the goal of OPERATION EARNEST VOICE as “degrading the enemy narrative” – with multiple indications that the target would often be the population of the very country the U.S. considered the enemy. This provided the U.S. with a highly potent tool for social engineering – whether to POSE AS DOZENS OR HUNDREDS OF IRANIAN YOUTHS complaining of police brutality, as Cubans praising the American political system or as Syrians describing issues in their country through sectarian paradigms and calling for reprisals or condemnation of other ethnic or religious groups. The potential applications of these kinds of highly potent Western social engineering tools were manifold, and multiple U.S. allies went on to invest heavily in such programs to control political narratives across the NON-WESTERN WORLD.”
    [loc 1815]


    Please N.B.: “designed exclusively to target FOREIGN AUDIENCES” and “control political narratives ACROSS THE NON-WESTERN WORLD”. They’re not going to use this $ΗΙΤ against their OWN PEOPLE, for goodness sake !

    So relax you silly old worry wart. You’re welcome.

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  3. “Don’t be stupid, be a smarty. Come and join the Nazi Party!”

    Once again, CJ, you’ve summed things up nicely! That is, you’ve nicely summed up the metastasizing nastiness– maybe I ought to say “neatly” instead of “nicely”, since there’s nothing “nice” about the fulminating status quo.

    BTW, I actually saw that Eichmann-quoting zealot video on YouTube. Independent journalist Vanessa Beeley posted it. In turn, I posted a comment that included this observation:

    Renowned “Indian Fighter” Colonel John Milton Chivington, a former Methodist pastor who gained infamy for leading a 700-man force of Colorado Territory militia during the massacre at Sand Creek in November 1864, passionately declaimed “Damn any man who sympathizes with Indians! … I have come to kill Indians, and believe it is right and honorable to use any means under God’s heaven to kill Indians. … Kill and scalp all, big and little; nits [referring to infants] make lice!”

    I was annoyed but not surprised to find that my comment was promptly deleted by either a hominid or algorithmic censor. Shortly thereafter, the entire video was disappeared. It’s possible that Vanessa herself took it down, but I doubt it. My guess is that she was “disciplined” by the Stalinesque YouTube poobahs in accordance with their self-righteous policies of characterizing any distasteful and inconvenient truth as a “violation of community standards”.

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    1. The Youtube comment censor bot is the worst. It is AI driven and takes multiple factors into account, not just keywords. If your comment disappears with a minute or two, or you get an error when you try to fix a typo (the comment is gone), it was most likely the bot. It has a long list of verbotten sites and topics too. Try typing “amallulla.com” in a benign comment, but be careful it isn’t in response to a video or topic you do care about, in case the AI neg-scores your account (in context).

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  4. Definitive court decision in Romania: I was fined because I walk in my city when the city was put in quarantine (for stupid reasons like “infection rates” are bigger than 6/1000). My fine was cancelled, as, the court said, I didn’t went outside the city, and a quarantine for a city is not the same as a quarantine for a building. That means: if a city is declared in quarantine you can walk whenever you want inside the city and only if you want to go outside the city you need to prove that you had legitimate reasons. Only if the building in which you stay is declared in quarantine you need to prove legitimate reasons to exit from the building. https://mariusmioc.wordpress.com/2022/02/22/tribunalul-timis-decizie-definitiva-instituirea-carantinei-intr-o-localitate-inseamna-limitarea-dreptului-de-a-iesi-din-acea-localitate-nu-a-dreptului-de-a-iesi-din-cladirea-de-domiciliu/

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  5. The Ukrainian neo-Nazis seem to have made their peace with at least some of the Jews. A Jewish oligarch is funding them. They are helping Zelensky, and Zelensky is helping them. Israel is sending them arms. Today the vitriol is more narrowly directed towards Slavs (i.e. Russians, including ethnic Russians that live in Ukraine), Gypsies (the Roma people), Chechen Muslims, and – of course – anyone else who isn’t white.

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    1. Netflix was carrying that TV show where Zelenskyy played the role of president of Ukraine. It’s actually pretty amusing, and the insights into “corruption” and why the US elite love to run various payola and off book black market operations there will be “illuminating”.

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  6. Josh Homme, of Queens of the Stone Age, is second only to C.J. at describing just how readily the greater public will drop any semblance of self-sufficiency and go hive-mind when instructed by the various propaganda apparatus of the Western world. “You get right up, then sit right down, a revolution is one spin ’round.” That line from their song Domesticated Animals always gets me.

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    1. Imagine the amount of NGO money that was needed to make payroll for the “activists” during Summer 2020 riots and then on Jan. 6, when they brought in multiple busloads and handed them MAGA caps. BLM donations were collected using the ActBlue website… which had a backend API where endless $50 donations from “Anonymous” were getting posted, day and night, probably sourced from big dark money pools. Direct action is big business. I realize there are leftists who find all that problematic too, the stank of GloboCap political tactics.

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  7. GloboCap is trying to fight the economic front of this war with control of money, Russia is using actual resources. Someone has brought a roll of toilet paper to a gunfight.


  8. CJ Hopkins can somehow find my wavelength and take me along on his flights that ease my mind just by hopping in the passenger seat.

    I appreciate his take of reality, as absolute and ludicrous absurdity, as our reality right now. Sometimes lately it’s become too much, and he has described it rather brilliantly here; the gleefully psychopathic frenzy ongoing.
    His writings are healing to me. Laughing out loud is needed.

    Thanks for this.


  9. It wouldn’t be possible that China hasn’t had a say in all of this in spite of Xi’s public silence. Is the reset much more orchestrated than we understand? It’s the western countries they have to disassemble first as the rest will be divided up if that contract may have been written long ago. Is Ukraine just the country they needed for this theatre war because they are normalising tyranny with a population that looks more like the west vs. Middle Eastern countries as people didn’t seem to care enough about those victims. Very much appreciate how you clarify the madness which makes the head spin but at least you land on something far closer to the truth.


  10. Who Creates Identity Politics And All The Divisions At The Heart Of Humanity?

    The Globalists, WEF – Klaus Barbie Schwab are so unconscious that they can do anything to keep their power, their respectability, even if it means destroying the whole world.

    No creative, intelligent person seeks power.

    No intelligent person is interested in dominating others.

    Their first interest is to know themselves.

    So the people with the highest quality of intelligence go towards mysticism, and the most mediocre go after power.

    That power can be worldly, political, it can be of money, it can be of holding spiritual domination over millions of people, but the basic urge is to dominate more and more people.

    This urge arises because you don’t know yourself, and you don’t want to know that you don’t know yourself.

    You are so afraid of becoming aware of the ignorance that prevails in the very center of your being.

    You escape from this darkness through these methods, lust for money, lust for power, lust for respectability, honor.

    And the psychopath person who has darkness within is willing to do anything destructive, anything evil.

    Such people are running the world.

    Such people are completely asleep.

    In their sleep they make plans for global domination, using nuclear weapons, biological weapons, chemical weapons not knowing what destruction they are willing to cause.

    Only one thing keeps them moving, and that is: more power, more power.

    And whoever comes in their way has to be destroyed.

    They don’t know anything else.

    They are barbarians who have not evolved into human beings.

    Yes, they can destroy the whole world, they are already preparing to do so.

    Good old America is in a hurry, it wants any excuse.

    America wants it done quickly.

    Before China and Co can destroy them!

    I can see clearly that there is more possibility of the world being vaporized than being saved, because nothing is being done to save it and everything is being done to destroy it.

    Because the whole world is going to suffer, the whole world should unite against all of these nuclear nations, against all of these globalists and their political minions, who are all mentally ill.

    We have to force all of these criminals to stop this mad race of nuclear weapons, of warmongering, of the endless illegitimate power grabs.

    But there seems to be no real protest, there seems to be no worry.

    The world goes on in a routine rut.

    It seems people don’t have any alertness, they don’t have any clarity about the problem.

    Yet this problem is one of the most fundamental problems in the world at this moment.

    Therefore the burning existential question everyone needs to ask is ‘Who am I?’

    Who are you?

    Can you say anything about your soul?

    You can identify with something about your body, you can identify with something about your mind, but that is not of any true value.

    There is no way to see from the outside who you are.

    There is only one way, and that is to become alert inside, to awaken inside, to make great effort inside, so that you are not asleep there.

    Then only will you have the first glimpse of the real you.

    What is people’s grief?

    People suffer because they have forgotten their innermost self.

    Because they have forgotten their innermost presence, they have forgotten that they are one with the whole.

    It is a natural rhythm.

    How have they forgotten it?

    They have created a false self.

    They had to create it, because they don’t know their authentic self, and one cannot truly live without knowing oneself.

    They don’t know who they are, and one cannot live, cannot exist, without knowing who one is.

    The ideas that we gather from others give us a personality, and the knowledge that we come to know from within gives us individuality.

    Personality is false, individuality is real.

    Personality is a borrowed, reality – individuality is your authenticity, it can never be borrowed.

    Nobody can tell you who you are.

    So what to do?

    In a better world, where people are more intelligent, more aware, we would learn from childhood that the idea of personality is false:

    The idea of identifying with the false personality is divisive, destructive and toxic.

    What is people’s misery?

    Their misery is, they have created a false ego.

    The sooner you find out who you are, the better.

    The sooner you can drop false divisive ideas, the better, because from that very moment you will really be born afresh, and you will immediately be real, authentic.

    The moment that you realize that your whole ego identity was false,

    Is the moment you will become a fully conscious individual,

    An awake, self knowing, beautiful and intelligent human being.

    Your whole business of false identity is just a bad dream.

    Your whole business of listening to, voting for, serving obediently all these criminal politicians is finished.

    Remember, to remain lost in your unconscious ideas you are completely broken from seeing reality.

    You are in a continuous fight with reality.

    You are fighting your own roots, you are continuously fighting with your own authentic self.

    Wake up!

    The universe is one, it is a unity.

    Nothing is divided.

    Everything is connected with everything else.

    It is a tremendous connected-ness.

    You are connected with the earth, you are connected with the trees, you are connected with the stars, you are connected with each other.

    All of humanity is connected with you, the stars are connected with you, the stars are connected with the trees, with the rivers, with the mountains.

    Everything is interconnected.

    What is death?

    Separation is death.

    So the more you think, “I am separate,” and the more you identify as transgender, gay, snowflake,, American, English, Russian, Marxist, socialist, liberal, black, brown, white, feminist, satanist, christian, atheist, the less sensitive you will be, the more dead, unconscious, NPC dull.

    Your magined separation creates divisions, hatred, violence, war.

    Nothing is separate; nothing can be separate.

    Life is one.

    Separation is not possible.

    To be in unity is to be alive, to be out of unity is to be dead.

    The more you feel you are connected, the more this whole existence is part of you and you are part of this whole existence.

    Once you understand that we are all unique members of one humanity, then suddenly the whole vision changes.

    We are in tune.

    Reality is unity.

    Your real center is not only your center, it is the center of the whole.

    Your real center is the center of all.

    At your center, the whole existence is one.

    Your real self is always Here-Now.

    It is life itself.


  11. Love your work product. Amused as I possibly can be by your prognostications.

    Speaking for redneck America “come and get some “ is the only reply.


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