Revenge of the Putin-Nazis!

And they’re back! It’s like one of those 1960s Hammer Film Productions horror-movie series with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee … Return of the Putin-Nazis! Revenge of the Putin-Nazis! Return of the Revenge of the Bride of the Putin-Nazis! And this time they are not horsing around with stealing elections from Hillary Clinton with anti-masturbation Facebook ads. They are going straight for “Democracy’s” jugular!

Yes, that’s right, folks, Vladimir Putin, leader of the Putin-Nazis and official “Evil Dictator of the Day,” has launched a Kamikazi attack on the United Forces of Goodness (and Freedom) to provoke us into losing our temper and waging a global thermonuclear war that will wipe out the entire human species and most other forms of life on earth!

I’m referring, of course, to Putin’s inexplicable and totally unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, a totally peaceful, Nazi-free country which was just sitting there minding its non-Nazi business, singing Kumbaya, and so on, and not in any way collaborating with or being cynically used by GloboCap to menace and eventually destabilize Russia so that the GloboCap boys can get back in there and resume the Caligulan orgy of “privatization” they enjoyed throughout the 1990’s.

No, clearly, Putin has just lost his mind, and has no strategic objective whatsoever (other than the total extermination of humanity), and is just running around the Kremlin shouting “DROP THE BOMBS! EXTERMINATE THE BRUTES!” all crazy-eyed and with his face painted green like Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now … because what other explanation is there?

Or … OK, sure, there are other explanations, but they’re all just “Russian disinformation” and “Putin-Nazi propaganda” disseminated by “Putin-apologizing, Trump-loving, discord-sowing racists,” “transphobic, anti-vax conspiracy theorists,” “Covid-denying domestic extremists,” and other traitorous blasphemers and heretics, who are being paid by Putin to infect us with doubt, historical knowledge, and critical thinking, because they hate us for our freedom … or whatever.

Let’s take a quick look at some of that “Russian disinformation” and “propaganda,” purely to inoculate ourselves against it. We need to be familiar with it, so we can switch off our minds and shout thought-terminating clichés and official platitudes at it whenever we encounter it on the Internet. It might be a little uncomfortable to do this, but just think of it as a Russian-propaganda “vaccine,” like an ideological mRNA fact-check booster (guaranteed to be “safe and effective”)!

OK, the first thing we need to look at, and dismiss, and deny, and pretend we never learned about, is this nonsense about “Ukrainian Nazis.” Just because Ukraine is full of neo-Nazis, and recent members of its government were neo-Nazis, and its military has neo-Nazi units (e.g., the notorious Azov Battalion), and it has a national holiday celebrating a Nazi, and government officials hang his portrait in their offices, and the military and neo-Nazi militias have been terrorizing and murdering ethnic Russians since the USA and the Forces of Goodness supported and stage-managed a “revolution” (i.e., a coup) back in 2014 with the assistance of a lot of neo-Nazis … that doesn’t mean Ukraine has a “Nazi problem.” After all, its current president is Jewish!

If a traitor mentions the Ukrainian Nazis, switch your mind off as quickly as you can and hit them with that thought-terminating cliché … “THE PRESIDENT OF THE UKRAINE IS JEWISH!” Or “EVERY COUNTRY HAS NAZIS!” That’s another good one!

The other thing we need to look at, and dismiss, and never think about again, is the role the United Forces of Goodness played in orchestrating this mess, starting with how members of the US government stage-managed that coup in 2014, and how they funded and worked with known neo-Nazis — not secret, dog-whistling, half-assed Nazis, but big fat, Jew-hating, Sieg-heiling Nazis — to foment and eventually execute it. All that, of course, is just “Russian propaganda,” despite the fact that it has been thoroughly documented, not just by the usual “conspiracy theory outlets,” but by official mouthpieces of the Forces of Goodness, like the BBC, The Nation, and even The Guardian.

If some Putin-Nazi traitor mentions these facts (or sends you links to the numerous articles documenting the 2014 coup), again, switch your mind off immediately and shout “ANCIENT HISTORY! ANCIENT HISTORY!” and then shoot yourself up with a massive “booster” of fact-checked Truth from the Forces-of-Goodness media. I recommend The Guardian and The New York Times, but if you want to go directly to the source, just follow Illia Ponomarenko of the Kyiv Independent on Twitter. I’m sure that Illia and his neo-Nazi Azov-Battalion “brothers in arms” will cleanse you of all that “disinformation” and “Putin-Nazi propaganda.”

OK, that’s enough “inoculation” for now. We don’t want to expose ourselves to too much of that stuff, or we’re liable to end up supporting the wrong Nazis.

Fortunately, the United Forces of Goodness (and Freedom) are censoring most of it anyway, and instead are feeding us sentimental stories, like the one about “the Ghost of Kyiv,” the completely fictional Ukrainian fighter pilot who shot down the entire Putin-Nazi Air Force while delivering pithy one-liners like Bruce Willis in the Die Hard films!

As The New York Times explained, fake stories like that, or the one about the Snake Island martyrs who told the Russians to “go fuck themselves,” and then were genocided by a Putin-Nazi kill squad, but then turned up alive a few days later, are not disinformation, and even if they are, it doesn’t matter, because they’re good for morale!

And that’s the important thing, after all. If we’re ever going to defeat these Putin-Nazis, and the imaginary apocalyptic plague, and Trump, and terrorism, and domestic extremism, and climate change, and racism, and whatever, we need to keep the Western masses whipped up into a perpetual state of utterly mindless, hate-drunk hysteria like an eternal episode of the Two Minutes Hate from Orwell’s 1984.

It doesn’t really matter who the masses are being told to hate this week … the Russians, the Unvaccinated, the Terrorists, the Populists, the Assad-Apologists, the Conspiracy Theorists, the Anti-Vaxxers, the Disinformationists … or whoever. In the end, there is only one enemy, the enemy of the United Forces of Goodness, the enemy of the unaccountable, supranational global-capitalist empire (or “GloboCap” as I like to call it).

This multiplicitous, Goldstein-like enemy of GloboCap is an internal enemy. GloboCap has no external enemies. It dominates the entire planet. It is one big global-capitalist world. It has been for the last 30 years or so. Most of us can’t quite get our heads around that bit of reality yet, so we still see the world as a competition between sovereign nation states, like the USA and Russia. It is not. Yes, there are still nation states, and they compete with each other (like corporations compete for advantage within the system they comprise), but the fundamental conflict of our age is a global counter-insurgency op.

What we’ve been experiencing for the last 30 years, over and over, in many different forms, is a globally hegemonic power system carrying out a “Clear and Hold” operation. GloboCap has been gradually destabilizing, restructuring, and privatizing the post-Cold-War world, first, in Eastern Europe and the Greater Middle East, and, more recently, here at home in the Western nations. For those not familiar with the term “Clear and Hold” …

“Clear and hold is a counter-insurgency strategy in which military personnel clear an area of guerrillas or other insurgents, and then keep the area clear of insurgents while winning the support of the populace for the government and its policies.”

Take a minute and think about that. Think about the last two years. Think about the last 30 years. Seriously, just as an exercise, imagine GloboCap as an occupying army and the entire world as the territory it is occupying. Imagine GloboCap establishing control, targeting and neutralizing a variety of insurgencies … any insurgency, regardless of its nature, any and all resistance to its occupation, or lack of support for its “government and policies.” It does not matter who the insurgents are … diehard communists, Islamic fundamentalists, nationalists, populists … it makes no difference. The occupation couldn’t care less what they believe in or why they’re resisting. The objective of the op is to control the territory and get the populace on board with the new “reality.”

Welcome to the new reality … a “reality” in which “history has stopped [and] nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” Yes, I know you are sick of me quoting Orwell, but, given the circumstances, I cannot help it. Just reflect on how seamlessly GloboCap segued from the Apocalyptic Pandemic narrative back to the Putin-Nazi narrative, which had seamlessly replaced the War on Terror narrative in the Summer of 2016, and how instantly the New Normals switched from hating “the Unvaccinated” to hating the Russians, and then scold me again for quoting Orwell.

Look, I hate to disappoint Edward Norton and millions of other fanatical liberals, but the USA is not going to war with Russia, or not intentionally in any event. Russia has ballistic missiles with thermonuclear warheads on them. This isn’t a rerun of World War II. And it isn’t World War III, or the Cold War redux. That is not what is happening in the Ukraine.

What is happening in Ukraine is, Russia is not playing ball. For some reason, it does not want to be destabilized, and restructured, and privatized by GloboCap. It is acting like a sovereign nation state … which it is, and isn’t, which paradoxical fact GloboCap is trying to impress on Russia, just as countries throughout the global-capitalist empire impressed it on us for the past two years, as Trudeau impressed it on those protesters in Ottawa when he cancelled their rights and went full-fascist.

What is happening is, Russia is rebelling against GloboCap, and, unlike the other rebellious parties that GloboCap has been dealing with recently, Russia has thermonuclear weapons.

I’m not trying to tell you who to root for. Root for GloboCap if you want. I’m just urging you, before you fly over to “Kyiv” and join the fight against the Putin-Nazis, or make a jackass of yourself on the Internet shrieking for nuclear Armageddon, or fire-bomb your local Russian restaurant, or beat the crap out of some Russian-looking person, to maybe take a moment or two and try to understand what is actually going on, and who the major players actually are, and where GloboCap’s efforts to “clear and hold” the entire planet are inexorably taking us.

I know, that’s a lot to ask these days, but I can’t help thinking about all those nukes, and the fallibility of human beings, and yes, all the non-Nazi Ukrainians who are going to needlessly suffer and die while we watch the action on TV, and root for our favorite characters to win, and so on … as if it were a fucking movie.


CJ Hopkins
March 7, 2022

DISCLAIMER: The preceding essay is entirely the work of our in-house satirist and self-appointed political pundit, CJ Hopkins, and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Consent Factory, Inc., its staff, or any of its agents, subsidiaries, or assigns. If, for whatever inexplicable reason, you appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to support it, please go to his Substack page, or his Patreon page, or send your contribution to his PayPal account, so that maybe he’ll stop coming around our offices trying to hit our staff up for money. Alternatively, you could purchase his satirical dystopian sci-fi novel, Zone 23, or Volume I and II of his Consent Factory Essays, or any of his subversive stage plays, which won some awards in Great Britain and Australia. If you do not appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to write him an abusive email, feel free to contact him directly.

20 thoughts on “Revenge of the Putin-Nazis!

  1. Indeed! How much more madness from the so called media will be tolerated?
    I’m Still hoping for the Giant Sting Operation to commence its Great Awakening. But I’m not holding my breath. Gotta take down the media first, and expose all their lies, along with big Pharma and all its key players. The banks as well. No more free $ for them, while the rest of us pay $1,000 / bedroom monthly.

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  2. Not when Putin and Kissinger are buddies from way back.
    Putin is just playing his role as another in the long line of bad guys.
    It looks to me that they’re setting up a false-flag cyberattack to blame on Putin/Russians that will wreak MAJOR havoc. And don’t forget about the coming starvation and unrest as a result of the manufactured global food crisis. They always use the same tools from their toolbox (war, disease, famine and unnatural disasters) to reduce population, and this time it will be on a HUGE scale. Stock up on food and start growing your own. The show is about to be stepped up an order of magnitude or two.
    Look up UN Agenda 2030 and the Carbon Zero agenda. All is going according to plan.

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  3. You’re utterly out of your mind, go to Moskow or Phenian to live with your friends.
    So sorry you did not have a chance to live in a communist system, you poor little creature.


  4. Truman argued that the CIA had been “diverted from its original assignment” (intelligence collection and analysis) and had “become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the Government.” In a WAPO interview in 1963 entitled “Limit CIA Role to Intelligence,” he declared:
    “There is something about the way the CIA has been functioning that is casting a shadow over our historic position and I feel that we need to correct it.”

    Prior to that Dwight D Eisenhower gave a speech three months into his presidency in DC on April 16, 1953 at The American Society of Newspaper Editors where he expressed his concerns about hyper-militarism:
    “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.
    This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some fifty miles of concrete pavement. We pay for a single fighter with a half-million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people. . . . This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.”

    However, the arms industry who realized enormous profits during WWII was never going to cease its “genocide for profit” business.
    Almost immediately the Cold War against the Soviet Union was initiated and not even its dissolution in 1991 disrupted the warmongering, or was it the end of history as prophesied by Fukuyama. In fact, it was just the beginning of a long bloodthirsty rapacious crusade of war profiteering rampaging Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America and was compounded by a social engineering project in China committing huge sums and resources to enhance China’s growth and US economic hegemony.

    And here we are today, more than four decades later and as Eisenhower predicted the Federal Government has been pillaged by the arms industry and hedge funds and multi-national corporate billionaires are “devoted” to China’s technocratic authoritarian surveillance state.

    An economic quagmire created by power hungry sociopaths who decided this predicament can only be solved by declaring “war against humanity,” ripping the planet into multi-polar regions synchronized under a CBDC. Knowing the Western populace would never consent to a China-style technocratic surveillance state a series of horrific afflictions need to occur simultaneously to guarantee “zombie compliance.” Pandemics and ground wars fit that bill. Welcome to planet Mishegoss where US foreign policy is total zaniness and folly.

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  5. As ever, CJ, thanks for keeping the faith. It’s been a long time since you first went out on the limb, and in such a soon-to-be extremely repressive (once again) piece ofreal estate from which to iterate on such a topic.

    What gets me today—a significant ‘get’ at that— is in spite of knowing Russia has achieved military (missile technology) superiority over the U.S.—it’s “Forward Ho!” from these crazed neocons whose majority specific ethnicity holds no rationale for bringing on Armageddon.
    It rather appears that they are blinded by some deep-seated fear/rage that goes back to the 19th century at a minimum. I say that while not believing for one second that Biden is actually driving this Hell-bound bus, but is rather being managed 24/7.
    These ghouls surrounding him are of a personality type that gives me nightmares in the daytime, starting with the Ice Queen of professional prevaricators who fronts for the administrations pronouncements from her Press Room dais. Scary psychopathic in her way as Nuland-Blinken are in theirs. Not. Nice.Persons. Re: Russia’s nuclear superiority: clinically insane persons.

    Scott Ritter—a busy man these days—does a very creditable job here making the point that the West has truly lost its collective marbles:

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  6. Your article is good yet a bit hard to follow; that is because the global mainstream media has produced its set of false narratives, inorder to confuse the issues.
    So you have produced a Prism which reflects the mainstream bullshit that is given to people, because people are loved by the controllers…(joke).

    Anyway the Global Corporate Financial Network, is run out of Switzerland, as NGOs, UN, CIA, etc..(Everything).
    But be awre that at the Core of all this, be it called Agenda 21, in Plain Languge it is the Nazi Agenda.
    Ukraine has always been and still is Nazi….don’t kid yourselves Russia is full of Nazis too.

    The Nazis created the Communists, so now there were two sheep dogs able to move the Herd.
    Stalin as well as Castro were Iranian Bloodline.
    Pharoahnic Eqypt is the Oldest Empire, they Created the Global Aristocray with their Bloodline, Intentionally.
    1291 Switzerland base to Contrl the World.
    Swiss created the Nazis, most of the world now is nazi, examples India, Turkey, Islam, USA, UK, EU…so on.
    Appearently GreenLand is the home of the DVD…original Nazi Intelligence, which through the Swiss Octogon controls all Military, Police Intelligence, public and private….
    Look much can be told, but the article at hand, is about changing Parts of the Globe, Ukraine is getting cleansed, Russia will get a new Leader, and Transhumanism is marching straight ahead.
    Peoples are divided, so they have no power.
    Swiss German and other Aristocracy have control.
    Infiltration is a key, now these Bastards, men and woman are interwovwn in every Culture and Country.
    Soon there will be only Regions and no countries, and very few people.


  7. A very bad article of the usually good writer mr. Hopkins.

    First of all, we should understand that Putin is not a fighter for democracy but just a tyran like in other countries, but with some different interests. He is not against the „Great Reset” and WEF agenda but is part of it. He is one of the Young Global leaders from the school of Klaus Schwab

    President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Schwab, dear Klaus, Colleagues,

    I have been to Davos many times, attending the events organised by Mr Schwab, even back in the 1990s. Klaus [Schwab] just recalled that we met in 1992. Indeed, during my time in St Petersburg, I visited this important forum many times. I would like to thank you for this opportunity today to convey my point of view to the expert community that gathers at this world-renowned platform thanks to the efforts of Mr Schwab.

    Russia was the first country which developed a covid vaccine and started covid vaccination and it also imposed covid restrictions. Now Putin, as all other leaders who used the covid scam, need a way out and a war is good for that.

    The article is implying that if you label your opponents as „fascist” you can justify any action against them, including killings. Labelling opponents as fascists as an excuse for oppression was used in the covid plandemic everywhere, but this is not making it acceptable. At least, not acceptable for people who value freedom. In this days the „fascist” label is just a propaganda tool.

    We should should promote free speech absolutism which include free speech for fascists.

    Regarding Ukrainian desire to join NATO it is understandable exactly because Russia is an aggressive neighbour. Ukraine didnt ask to join NATO to invade russian teritorry but just to defend its own teritorry. Whatever faults NATO has for Ukraine ther is no other ally available against Russian aggresivness. Is like in WW2 when Western powers allied with Stalin, who was a dictator, but it was the only valid option against Hitler.


  8. What is happening is, Russia is rebelling against GloboCap, and, unlike the other rebellious parties that GloboCap has been dealing with recently, Russia has thermonuclear weapons.

    China seems to mean to rebel too, or let’s say to stay unoccupied (Russia has gone from full-occupied by GloboCap to half-occupied by it, and now seems to want to go from half-occupied to almost-unoccupied by it. China is still rather unoccupied).
    China knows if Russia is put on its knees, they’ll be next, because if Russia is occupied, then all the world (all the world with a weight to it) will be used to make China surrender and let itself be occupied.
    Therefore, if things escalate between the Empire of Freedom and Goodness and Russia, China won’t stay neutral, they’ll go to war next to Russia, not for Russia’s sake, but for their own.

    Meanwhile, CJ, the late events have shown to us living in the “European Union” how occupied/bought our lands are.


  9. “as if it were a fucking movie”


    If the Internet dies due to lack of fucking parts for its fucking circuit boards, it’s anybody going to fucking notice? What does the Consent Factory manufacture, exactly?


    1. Firstly, the Internet will morph into the Internet of Things, including your Biology……which means Total 24/7 Surveilance of any slaves still living.
      Consent Factory offers, open and free thought, about free peoples.
      With an understanding that all forms of Fascism are the Enemy,
      The alternative is the Scumbag Factory, which offers Total Control over Everything, and Not in a nice way.

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  10. “The United States government proudly proclaims itself the land of the free and the home of the brave and points to its constitutional protections of fundamental rights.”

    Do you still believe in this exceptional fairy tale?

    To believe simply means you don’t know the truth, that you still believe in the blood soaked lie.

    A blind man believing in light – what can that belief do?

    When all around is the stench of death.

    America is not what it pretends to be.

    Ask Julian Assange?

    America is hypocritical.

    A democracy just in name, yet in reality, it does not function.

    Violence alone is the religion of America – with oil as your jealous god.

    Your government is utterly violent.

    The whole structure of society is violent.

    The existence of the dollar as the world reserve currency is violence.

    Your whole society is interwoven with violence.

    America is the most condemned country in the whole world.

    America has no friends anywhere, for the simple reason that it is the most destructive power today.

    America is despised and condemned all over the world, even those countries receiving American help are not sympathetic towards America.

    When your whole government and the energy of the people and the intelligence of your scientists are moving in only one direction, violence and destruction.

    Who are you to decide for the whole world?

    It is none of your business.

    Yet you want to poke your nose in everywhere?

    Every dissenting nation is prepared, and made to stand in opposition to all the other nations.

    As a result violence grows and the fire of war continuously burns.

    Where there is American interference, there is only war and violence.

    How can you avoid violence?

    If your so-called great leaders, political, religious and others, are bent upon having a third world war.

    If all your scientific and military efforts are just aimed at one point, how to humiliate and destroy Russia and then China tomorrow.

    Where is it going to lead?

    What is going to be the outcome?

    Nothing but pure destruction.

    What are nuclear weapons?

    Nuclear defense is meaningless

    Even with all your nuclear weapons you can still be destroyed, so what is the point of having all those nuclear weapons?

    It is a very strange fact that in the past weapons were significant; now they are not, but idiotic politicians go on following past policies of politics.

    They don’t understand that the whole thing has changed.

    Nuclear weapons are ready on all sides, so it is not a question of somebody getting defeated and somebody else becoming victorious.

    It is simply suicidal.

    Every side will be destroyed, and with them all life on earth will be destroyed.

    Hypocrisy is the shadow of ideals.

    As long as ideals are imposed, there will be hypocrisy.

    If hypocrisy is to be uprooted, ideals will have to be dropped.

    Can someone communicate that to the criminal politicians who are not only hungry for more power, they are insanely deranged war mongering fools too.

    Their only joy is to dominate.

    They talk about freedom and spreading democracy only to dominate people.

    The desire to dominate others is ugly, it is violence, pure violence and nothing else.

    To reduce people to slaves is the greatest violence possible.

    And that is the desire of every politician the world over to dominate, to dominate absolutely.

    Once a politician is in power, they become a totalitarian, they become dictatorial.

    They talk about democracy, but behind the democracy is dictatorship.

    It is always so.

    When the politician is not in power they are democratic; when they are in power all democracy disappears.

    It remains a mask, and all kinds of ugly desires start coming to the surface.

    Remember, politicians are stupid, yet people allow them to remain in power because too many people are stupid.

    I’m not saying they are stupid, they are.

    I’m simply stating a fact.

    And the fact is so simple, you can find millions of proofs for it on your own.

    I need not give you proofs, the whole history is a proof.

    Every day thousands of proofs.

    How the masses daily will absorb all MSM government propaganda, with every newspaper printing even more supporting lies and deceptions.

    The RussiaGate fraud, Jan 6th Insurrection fraud, the Covid fraud, Vaccine fraud, Ukraine fraud!

    The state of the world, this hell that you are living in, is the proof.

    How much more bullshit can you be spoon-fed and still believe in the exceptional fairy tale?

    What can individuals do when governments having all the power start destroying their individuality, their freedom, their freedom of expression.

    They are forcing silent, simple people who have no business with violence, who are not politicians, but if forced too much… there is a limit.

    There should be a humanity without any government.

    Government is a condemnation of every one of us.

    The very existence of the government and the police and the army shows that we are still not civilized; otherwise there is no need for courts, judges, police officers.

    What is the need of them?

    Education is certainly the process of liberation, but it has not been actualized anywhere in the world.

    Education is liberating the mind from the past,, liberating the mind from all political ideologies, liberating the mind from all theologies.

    Spreading intelligence into people, spreading awareness into people.

    Make people more conscious of what is happening to their life.

    It is their life, and they have to do something about.

    Or be prepared to lose it, vaporized in a catastrophic global nuclear apocalypse!

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  11. Mr Hopkins- your writing is magnificent and powerful. Thank you for it. You have tickled me today into a bit of insight- thank you for that also..

    I agree with you that the last 30 years have been a vast clear and hold operation. I do believe it has been going on much longer- I am 57 years old and from the time I was a conscious adult I realized that things were bad and getting worse. To the point, the USA and the world had serious problems before the end of WW2, but since those events- the advent of the “MIC” and nuclear weapons, this world has been locked into an existential struggle between various forms of statist totalitarianism, and independent free people. A struggle between freedom and slavery, between good and evil. And the big bad globalists have held way too many advantages.

    As a 18 year old Ronald Reagan supporter, I used to believe that taking down the soviet empire was a great achievement. But I have come to believe that the bigger picture is that the only hope for this world and the human race is to devolve into competing nations and sovereignties. Without the check of the Soviet empire, the American state has been free to metastasize and consolidate power. And that power concentrations are always bad things, only to be tolerated in opposition to other concentrations of power.

    What I am coming to is that Putin is right- the loss of the Soviet Union was a great tragedy, not because of the blow to Bolshevism/Stalinism/Marxism/Communism- that was a good thing indeed, but it was a countervailing power to balance the worst excesses of the American/Globalist state. The ancients were right, the Yin and Yang are out of balance and there is no harmony in the universe. And if Mr Putin is a countervailing force to the global hegemon, then that makes him worthy. Especially so if his Orthodox faith is real and not a matter of window dressing and a renewed Russian state stands for something better than raw power.

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  12. Putin Nazis! Oh my.
    Only hashtags, Ukraine flag avatars and vodka pouring out can save us now.
    Wear a case of masks when the 7500 degree mushroom cloud goes live.
    Meanwhile the nomenklatura apparatchiks of the MIC/Deep State/Uniparty will have a luxury Doomsday bunker where deplorables and kulaks are not welcome.

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  13. Why the Human Race is Finished, destroyed by the Aristocracy.
    Global Population:
    40% Psycopaths….on 3 levels.
    59% Stupid and Selfish.
    1% Good People with an awareness of Reality.

    Ofcourse everyone says, that they are part of the 1%, but that is Not so.

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