Attack of the Transphobic Putin-Nazi Truckers!

They rolled up on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill like one of the plagues in the Book of Revelations, honking their infernal air horns, the grills of their tractors grinning demonically, the sides of their dry vans painted with blasphemies like “FREEDOM TO CHOOSE,” “MANDATE FREEDOM,” “NO VACCINE MANDATES,” and “UNITED AGAINST TYRANNY.”

Yes, that’s right, New Normal Canada has been invaded and now is under siege by hordes of transphobic Putin-Nazi truckers, racist homophobes, anti-Semitic Islamaphobes, and other members of the working classes!

According to the corporate media, these racist, Russia-backed, working-class berserkers are running amok through the streets of Ottawa, waving giant “swastika flags,” defecating on war memorials, sacking multi-million-dollar “soup kitchens,” and eating the food right out of homeless people’s mouths. Rumor has it, a kill-squad of truckers has been prowling the postnatal wards of hospitals, looking for Kuwaiti babies to yank out of their incubators.

I know, this is Canada, so that sounds a little dubious, but this has all been thoroughly fact-checked by the fact checkers at the New Normal Ministry of Truth … you know, the ones that fact-checked Russiagate, and the Attempted Putin-Nazi Insurrection of January 6 at the US Capitol, and the safety and effectiveness of the Covid “vaccines,” and the masks, and the inflated Covid statistics, and the rest of the official Covid narrative.

Or just take it from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau …

Now, this is the actual prime minister of Canada, not just some woke fanatic on Twitter. He was tweeting from his fortified Covid Bunker in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Yukon, or possibly the United States, where he fled as the transphobic Putin-Nazi truckers rolled up outside his office in Ottawa. Trudeau had vowed to stand and fight, but he had no choice but to flee the capital after he mysteriously tested positive for Covid (which also might have been the work of the Russians, possibly the same professional team of weed-smoking, hooker-banging Novichok assassins that got to the Skripals back in 2018).

Russian involvement has not yet been confirmed by the ex-CIA and NSA officials posing as “analysts” on CNN, but according to the CBC, “there’s concern that Russian actors could be continuing to fuel things as the protest grows, and perhaps even instigating it from the outset.”

And, in light of the exposure of Putin’s plot to produce a “very graphic” false-flag video “involving the deployment of corpses” as a pretext to invade the Ukraine and set off nuclear Armageddon, or at least a raft of economic sanctions and DEFCON 1-level bellicose verbiage, it’s possible that the entire “Covid pandemic” was an elaborate Putin-Nazi ruse designed to bring down the Trudeau government, and sabotage the implementation of the New Normal global-segregation system, and the compulsory mRNA “vaccination” of every man, woman, and child on earth, and “democracy,” and transgender rights … or whatever.

But, seriously, this is where we are at the moment. We are in that dangerous, absurdist end-stage of the collapse of a totalitarian system or movement where chaos reigns and anything can happen. The official Covid narrative is rapidly evaporating. More and more people are taking to the streets to demand an end to whole fascist charade … no, not “transphobic white supremacists” or “anti-vax extremists,” or “Russian-backed Nazis,” but working-class people of all colors and creeds, families, with children, all over the world.

The Covidian Cult has lost control. Even hardcore mask-wearing, social-distancing, triple-vaxxed-double-boosted members are defecting. Formerly fanatical New Normal fascists are mass-deleting their 2020 tweets and switching uniforms as fast as they can. No, it isn’t over yet, but the jig is up, and GloboCap knows it. And their functionaries in government know it.

And therein lies the current danger.

There is a narrow window — a month or two, maybe — for governments to declare “victory over the virus” and roll back their segregation systems, mask-wearing mandates, “vaccine” mandates, and the rest of the so-called “Covid restrictions.” Many governments are already doing so, England, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Ireland, etc. They have seen which way the wind is blowing, and they are rushing to dismantle the New Normal in their countries before … well, you know, before a convoy of angry truckers arrives at their doors.

If they let that happen, they will find themselves in the unenviable position that Trudeau is now in. The Canadian truckers appear to be serious about staying there until their demands are met, which means Trudeau only has two options: (1) give in to the truckers’ demands, or (2) attempt to remove them by force. There’s already talk about bringing in the military. Imagine what an unholy mess that would be. Odds are, the military would disobey his orders, and, if not, the world would be treated to the spectacle of full-blown New Normal Fascism in action.

Either way, Trudeau is history, as long as the truckers stand their ground. I pray they do not give an inch, and I hope the leaders of other New Normal countries, like Australia, Germany, Austria, Italy, and France, are paying close attention.

Some of my readers will probably remember a previous column in which I wrote:

“This isn’t an abstract argument over ‘the science.’ It is a fight … a political, ideological fight. On one side is democracy, on the other is totalitarianism. Pick a fucking side, and live with it.”

This is it. This is that fight. It is not a protest. It is a game of chicken. A high-stakes game of political chicken. In the end, politics comes down to power. The power to force your will on your adversary. GloboCap has been forcing the New Normal on people around the world for the past two years. What we are witnessing in Canada is the power of the people, the power the people have always had, and which we will always have, when we decide to use it … the power to shut down the whole GloboCap show, city after city if necessary.

So get out there and support the Canadian transphobic Putin-Nazi truckers … or your local transphobic Putin-Nazi truckers. Don’t worry if you don’t have a swastika flag. The agents provocateurs and the official propagandists in the corporate media will take care of that!


CJ Hopkins
February 4, 2022
Photos: Twitter

DISCLAIMER: The preceding essay is entirely the work of our in-house satirist and self-appointed political pundit, CJ Hopkins, and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Consent Factory, Inc., its staff, or any of its agents, subsidiaries, or assigns. If, for whatever inexplicable reason, you appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to support it, please go to his Substack page, or his Patreon page, or send your contribution to his PayPal account, so that maybe he’ll stop coming around our offices trying to hit our staff up for money. Alternatively, you could purchase his satirical dystopian sci-fi novel, Zone 23, or Volume I and II of his Consent Factory Essays, or any of his subversive stage plays, which won some awards in Great Britain and Australia. If you do not appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to write him an abusive email, feel free to contact him directly.

18 thoughts on “Attack of the Transphobic Putin-Nazi Truckers!

  1. while reading up on some roman geco to roman catholic, i have noticed something similar. Apparently Constanine used the christian religion to FORCE the indigenous of Europa to accept the victim perpetrator role. convert or be killed. Christianity teaches to turn the other cheek and an off planet being will come and save us. this is the technological version of the same game. By the By, tech and technologists are not the same. if a circuit worked, i can make it work again, i cant make a design that never worked perform repeatably, but i can get it to work once…


  2. “GloboCap has been forcing the New Normal on people around the world for the past two years. What we are witnessing in Canada is the power of the people, the power the people have always had, and which we will always have, when we decide to use it … the power to shut down the whole GloboCap show, city after city if necessary.”

    The GloboCap’s power is quite extensive it operates like a transnational fascist cartel controlled by international financiers, hedge funds, and a busload of clandestine billionaires who use front-men to shied them. These gangsters are omnipresent in every country and that explains why the COVID operation is so “synchronized.” Unified propaganda is typically used to promote wars and fatten military budgets, however, COVID propaganda is directed against humanity–to put it simply, Covid is a counterinsurgency operation “against humanity” staged by the transnational fascists who reached a consensus that the only way to control working-class outrage is by implementing a bio-security surveillance state China-style. And it’s not over yet….. The clever ghouls are slinking away, but they have no plans of ever giving up. They’re determined to social engineer the planet into a fascist technocracy and they’ve bribed and extorted enough politicians, celebrity influencers, and other creeps to pursue their insidious agenda.

    I recommend listening to Whitney Webb’s latest podcast, it explains how the vaccine and all things COVID are tied to a dystopian rollout which includes Digital ID’s and a Central Bank Digital Currency.
    Unlimited Hangout Podcast – Unlimited Hangout

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  3. Aye-aye, Cap’n. Tis so.
    One quibble only, barely worth the mention, but “ex”-CIA I think the proper description. Allen Dulles was “ex”-CIA when getting the fellas organized to do the original coup/assignation-assassination in Dallas 22 November 1963.
    Sorta “setting the standard” for the future generations of Wall Street’s Praetorian Guard. Omerta and all that jazz, no?


  4. The signs on the Trucks were tl;dr for CBC, CNN, etc… they thought the one said “United Against Tranny” and assumed it must be Putin-Nazis at work.


  5. Go Truckers! The smearing is so out of control–reminds me of the yellow vests. I guess just the fact that the truckers (and vests) are working class and didn’t wait for a ruling class sanctified “ResistanceTM” such as was provided to protest all things Trump is enough to raise the hackles of any “liberal progressive”. That and the fact that most of them seem to enjoy the anti-human world that’s been shoved down our throats for the past 2 years. Or maybe 20 years.

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  6. Ah yes. Of the latest of grand geo-political strategies – The Ukraine, the Banshees scream for war dead and that country was to be sacrificed to the benefit of Anglo-US interests. It’s just not working out. Check . . .
    The dark hand of Vladimir Putin hovers over all of us. The received wisdom.

    To suggest that the entire Western Leadership is thoroughly inept, “educated” as they are in disciplines entirely unsuited to the requirements of modern government – international relations, conflict resolution studies and, as we have here in Australia, a prime minister from marketing, add in law, finance and politics, would have you branded as a supporter of Vlad or President XiJinPing, both educated in technical disciplines.

    The power elite class that backs the Western leadership class are prepared to risk everything to lose nothing. That is what makes them dangerous.
    They know that Russia retains 75% of the worlds physical resources, pristine forests and a small population.
    China the most consequential and largest economy in the world.

    The West is “out of gas” – few resources, over-populated, yet socially fragmenting and no where to go.

    No longer can the Western Leadership take complacent comfort in the fantasy worlds that exist only in their imaginations of natural superiority and world leadership.
    A now very desperate and dangerous class indeed.

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  7. I did my part braving -40° and went to the Truckers demo at the Manitoba legislature today (Feb. 4).

    My experience can only be described as “bizarre”.

    Got on bus sans mask (“required” but couldn’t stand the cognitive dissonance of going to a demo against this lunacy – and abiding
    by it on transit). Took seat. Everyone else with face diaper up to eyeballs. Dirty mask at my feet. Took pix for my future “Covid Zone” documentary.

    Two blocks off bus on Broadway a guy standing in front of the Fort Garry Hotel gratuitously advised me not to go near the
    legislature as there was a “messy demonstration” there. Odd. I’m rarely informed of current street conditions by random strangers. Probably just coinkkydink.

    Proceeding on, I came to the intersection at Kennedy and Broadway – where all the action seemed to be. The intersection was congested and the Legislature itself was blockaded, closed up tighter than a bull’s CENSORED in fly time. Didn’t see any way to go any further along Broadway as all blocked up by PoPo cars.

    Talked to a few good folks there about the craziness, and the vile propagandist media. People seemed animated, but in good spirits. Stayed long enough to witness several dozen cars honk approval but departed as my left foot began to freeze. I have no proper boots. This is not a sympathy ploy. I’m not totally penurious but as some of you may have noticed mall shopping is not convenient (or even possible) these days and I guess I’m just old school and resistant to having my footwear delivered by Amazon drone.

    Walking back to bus stop at Union Station I had to make pit stops in vestibules along the way to save toes. Tim Horton’s and Don’s restaurant “open” but required vax and mask. Looked inside – ZERO customers both. Took pix.

    Stopped in vestibule at STARBUCKS and that is where things got a little dark. PoPo car right in front. Took pix of vax and mask sign, and inside where again ZERO customers. Then young female barista waddled over and said “You can’t be there taking pictures…”. I was alone in the vestibule. No mask, but at -40° my scarf was still on my face. Hard to make a case for me being a super-spreader.

    I responded politely and rationally that…NO ! I didn’t. I lost it. I told her “I’ll stand hear to keep my toes from freezing as CENSORED long as I CENSORED want. If you don’t like it call the police (gesture to car in front). Kindly engage in some auto-erotic activity !”

    Not necessarily proud of my response but after two years of planet covid madness – well as Stan Lee might say, ’nuff said.

    She waddled back to the counter to talk to her fellow baristas. I took my time doing up my parka and before leaving opened the door and loudly said “Hey CENSOREDS ! I and a lot of my friends will never buy another cup of your CENSORED overpriced jo. Have a nice day.”

    Left slamming door and not allowing time for any reply. Cops in car seemed curious but – well I am privileged with white immunity so of course I walked. Lucky for her I had forgotten to bring my Ay-Kay across provincial lines.

    Adrenalin flowing. Got on bus sans mask and took seat up front. Poured and drank coffee from thermos. Made “Curb Your Enthusiasm” loud coffee aaaaahs while drinking. People shifting in seats uncomfortably. Me enjoying their discomfort and almost hoping driver would notice. I was pissed. Luckily, no response from driver. Don’t really want to be sent to covid-FEMA-concentration camp as a limping arthritic senior.

    Think I will avoid future demos and restrict activist resistance to cyber world. Real world JUST.TOO. CENSORED.

    BREAKING NEWS: GoFundMe for Canada’s trucker convoy removed for violating ‘terms of service’.

    Just my opinion but… CENSORED Starbucks and CENSORED GoFu#!Me.

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  8. Hope you’re feeling better, C.J. Nice to see you back, guns a blazing. Just wanted to say thanks for being a sane voice these last two years while trying to survive this phony plandemic nightmare.

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  9. >More and more people are taking to the streets to demand an end to whole fascist charade … no, not “transphobic white supremacists” or “anti-vax extremists,” or “Russian-backed Nazis,” but working-class people of all colors and creeds, families, with children, all over the world.

    But surely, someone like you knows full well that working-class people can also be transphobic white supremacists, anti-vax extremists, and/or Russian-backed Nazis. Are you suggesting that there are some things that working-class people can’t be, just because they are working-class?


    1. I’m pretty confident what CJ is saying is that the TYPICAL person supporting the truckers protest and Event Covid, one of the darkest elite political atrocities of modern times, is not the twisted avatar presented by Globocap’s media demon.

      The following links may give you some insight by “meeting” some of these people:


  10. This made me realize that we have nothing like a system of govt. which is responsive to the actual needs and feelings of the people, because if we did, letters or petitions should be able to achieve the same goal (yes, it’s obvious, but still worth stating.) The rule in most “democratic” countries that a majority (or at most some kind of supermajority) can do pretty much what it wants to the minority and said minority has no recourse at all creates a tyranny as bad as any. Look at the U.S. Senate with a 50-50 split (whatever you think of the people on either side and their level of sincerity) which is being used to pass laws which a huge proportion of the citizenry reject. I would propose a rule that no law can be passed unless it is unanimously approved by all members of the legislature; if nothing ever gets passed, all the better.


  11. I applaud the uprising of the Canadian truckers against the covid-focused tyranny and yet remind all that the covid-focused tyranny is just that: really a small part of the total tyranny under which modern man lives, most of which we aren’t even aware…We live in a system that uses (in a combo of the Huxleyan and Orwellian) our basic human desires to enslave us and that system is carrying humanity toward a future as technocratically-controlled transhumanist borg, and that’s if it doesn’t first bring about the extinction of life itself. Since we all, whether so-called capitalist or socialist, depend on this techno-industrial system for our very livelihoods and are born into it, educated by it, assimilated into it by social pressures, it will continue onward even after the covid debacle becomes history. The few who are awake enough to want to break out of this system will remain only the exceptions which prove the rule.

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  12. Trudeau saying things out loud about his disdain for the “little people” has publicly embarrassed the “elites” – and they will make sure he is gone. He wasn’t supposed to make it so obvious how he/they felt about the minions.

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  13. Trudeau, Ardern, Andrews, Macron, Johnson, Go Brandon and to all wannabe dictators.

    What is your virtue?

    You have never had anything to give really.

    You have neither intelligence, nor integrity, nor truthfulness.

    What can you give?

    Your hypocrisy?

    It is not virtue.

    All your virtue signaling is just to cover-up all your unvirtuous acts, all your inhumane behavior towards other human beings?

    Your meanness is tremendous.


    Your governments are a condemnation of every one of us.

    The very existence of the government, the police and the army shows that we are still not civilized.

    The first principle, the foundational principle of democracy is that it gives every individual the freedom to live, to work, to earn, to produce, to own, use and amass their own production, their own property.

    It is one of the peoples’ basic rights.

    The next fundamental principle of democracy ordains that there should be no injustice to anyone.

    That the majority cannot subject the minority to any injustices.

    Injustices will not become justice, and a lie will not become truth, just because criminal politicians and their so called governments support it.

    Freedom is perhaps the greatest value in an individual’s life.

    Freedom of thought is the very life of democracy, it is its very soul.

    There is no greater value than this, because freedom is foundational to the whole development of humanity.

    That is why bondage or slavery is the worst state of human existence and freedom its best and most beautiful.

    The individual cannot be sacrificed for anything.

    Even the greatest of nations does not have the right to ask for the sacrifice of a single individual.

    Even the greatest of humanity does not have the right to sacrifice the individual for its sake, because the individual is a living consciousness, and it is dangerous to sacrifice this living consciousness at the altar of a system or an organization, however great it be, because the system is a lifeless arrangement, a dead entity, and it is not proper to sacrifice a living individual for the sake of a dead system.

    But we have gotten into the habit of killing the individual, and even now we are seeking new avenues, new altars at which the individual can be sacrificed.

    Unless politics becomes less and less powerful, eugenics, violence, tyranny and war cannot be avoided.

    It is a natural outcome of the political game.

    Unless politics loses importance, and it can lose importance,

    Humanity is going to die.

    The only way out of the political authoritarian trap is to make people more and more free, economically, politically, spiritually.

    Decentralize power.

    Spread the power to people, more and more.

    Slowly, slowly all work has to be withdrawn from politics.

    Only leave the essentials, and the essentials are not very many.

    There is only one hope for the world: if politics becomes less powerful.

    Then the world can live at peace; otherwise it is impossible.

    The whole foundation of politics is controlled by the threat of violence, unbridled criminality, dishonesty and lies.

    Politicians are very happy if you simply talk about freedom and truth, but if you start creating groups of people who start demanding truth, who start protesting for their freedom, then the danger immediately arises in the hearts of all politicians.

    They are perfectly at ease if you remain only talking.

    The worst political tyrants themselves talk most about peace and freedom.

    They have to, just to create a facade around them, so that you cannot see their reality behind the smokescreen when they talk of peace and freedom.

    They have to make much fuss around themselves just to hide behind it.

    And the biggest lies come in the loudest voice from the politicians, you should know that lies can only be told in loud voices.

    The loudness of the voice hides the lies.

    Truth can be whispered, but lies can only be loudly declared.

    Truth is self-evident.

    The strength lies in your voice.

    Just whispering it is enough.

    The amount of knowledge that prevails today never before existed in this world and yet people were never as ignorant before as they are today.

    This seems paradoxical.

    So much knowledge and so much ignorance at the same time!

    When knowledge increases, ignorance should decrease.

    Our knowledge has increased in quantity.

    So has our ignorance.

    Yet there is no self knowing.

    Never have individuals been so fearful as they are today.

    They have no faith in themselves, they feel so insecure.

    Life seems meaningless.

    You cannot live without knowing yourself, who you are.

    Then it is certain that the fundamental principles on which we have based our life have been proven wrong.

    If we examine the course of human thinking in the last 300 years, we find a steep increase in doctrines of humanity and justice.

    But never, in all the history of the world, has humanity indulged in such terrible warfare or committed such heinous atrocities.

    On one hand we have evolved great doctrines on humanity, and on the other hand we have dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    The American government may have weapons of mass destruction, but it has a very cowardly soul.

    On one side we clamor for justice and humanity and on the other side we ensnare weaker countries in endless wars.

    It is those who talk loudest about humanity who wage those wars.

    The more we try to protect ourselves, the more insecure we become.

    The more insecure we become, the more means for security we contrive.

    What is the meaning of this riddle?

    It means that the more we are protected the weaker we become.

    The more we increase our means of protection, the more vulnerable we become.

    The more we arrange to protect ourselves, the more we expose ourselves to danger.

    The world is in the grip of this insane unconscious paralysis today.

    Imagine for one day that no rules, laws and regulations bind you.

    You will only do that which happens spontaneously.

    Then you will realize how mutilated humanity has become because of all the politicians rules, laws and regulations.

    Enlightenment means liberating the mind from the past, liberating the mind from all theologies, liberating the mind from all political ideologies.

    Only a truth that reaches to your heart alive, dancing, is capable of taking you beyond your present state of unconsciousness.

    Life has no conclusion.

    It goes on and on and on without any conclusion.

    It is without any beginning and without any end, it is always in the middle, it is always in the present, it is an on-going process.

    Only balance lasts, nothing else, and balance is the most difficult thing in existence, in life, because balance needs tremendous wisdom.

    Unless we make life absolutely based on freedom and destroy all possibilities of domination by criminal politicians.

    Death is coming very fast from the future.

    Remember, life is always in the present.

    No mind is always here-now.

    Life itself – Existence.

    Enlightenment is the highest point of intelligence.

    Unless you have that intelligence you are bound to misunderstand everything in life.

    That’s how a logical mind becomes by and by dead.

    Any idea, howsoever beautiful, divides you from reality, cuts you away from the whole.

    And that is the misery of humanity, just like if a tree has been cut from its roots, soon it will start dying, it cannot live without roots.

    That’s how logic becomes its own downfall.

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  14. “We are in that dangerous, absurdist end-stage of the collapse of a totalitarian system or movement where chaos reigns and anything can happen. The official Covid narrative is rapidly evaporating. More and more people are taking to the streets to demand an end to whole fascist charade … no, not “transphobic white supremacists” or “anti-vax extremists,” or “Russian-backed Nazis,” but working-class people of all colors and creeds, families, with children, all over the world.”

    The article is a very clever analysis of the scamdemic’s status quo. Today, it was quite a shock to read Ben Norton’s demonization of truckers on twitter. WOW, what a contradiction an anti-imperialist/anti-worker go figure, or perhaps a “very very deep state operative.” Read the excerpt below and you decide:

    TweetsConversationBenjamin Norton@BenjaminNorton· “As was obvious from the beginning, there is more and more proof that the right-wing so-called “freedom convoy” in Canada is funded by rich conservatives in the US:

    “The richer an American community was, the more likely residents there were to donate”…Quote TweetBenjamin Norton@BenjaminNorton · Feb 6The trucker convoy in Canada is so obviously a rightwing operation astroturfed by conservative billionaires. It’s absurd seeing some “leftists” pretend otherwise

    This is Texas’ far-right attorney general, a corrupt Tea Party pet project who tried to help Trump steal the election…Show this thread”

    Checkout the entire tweet, it’s unbelievable and then check out his YouTube channel Multipolarista. WTF is going on? How can someone be so anti-war while simultaneously being anti-worker, and pro-security state.

    And that’s why Hopkin’s is absolutely correct when he says: “We are in that dangerous, absurdist end-stage of the collapse of a totalitarian system or movement where chaos reigns and anything can happen.” COVID is truly bringing all the scum to the surface.

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