The Rise of the New Normal Reich

I told you this part wasn’t going to be pretty. I didn’t think it would get to the point where the Wall Street Journal would go full Buck Turgidson and call on the United States to “show it can win a nuclear war,” but I wasn’t entirely off the mark either. Back in January (i.e., a million years ago), in The Last Days of the Covidian Cult, I wrote:

” … we are getting dangerously close to the point where GloboCap will need to go full-blown fascist if they want to finish what they started. If that happens, things are going to get very ugly. I know, things are already ugly, but I’m talking a whole different kind of ugly. Think Jonestown, or Hitler’s final days in the bunker, or the last few months of the Manson Family.”

I don’t know about you, but I kind of feel like the threat of global thermonuclear war qualifies as a “different kind of ugly.” And, OK, before you accuse me of exaggerating the danger of the ungodly mess that GloboCap has made in the Ukraine, I’d like to point out that even Thomas Friedman is starting to sound the alarm. Thomas fucking Friedman, folks … a man with no moral conscience whatsoever, who has never met a GloboCap war of aggression that he could not support, and who has justified the gratuitous barbecuing of millions of men, women, and children without so much as a second thought throughout his long and lucrative career as an A-List mouthpiece for the ruling classes. When The Stash gets nervous, I start to get nervous.

Also, there’s the GloboCap Nazi thing. I’m not exactly a hothouse flower, but I have to admit that watching my liberal friends and colleagues go goo-goo for actual swastika-tattooed, Sieg-heiling Nazis has rattled my nerves a little bit. OK … I’m sorry, we’re not allowed to call them “Nazis.” I believe “defenders” is the term du jour. Seriously, here’s an actual screenshot from The Guardian featuring the leader of the neo-Nazi Azov Detachment …

Oh, and meanwhile, as the rough beast slouches toward Bethlehem, and the former fanatical Covidian Cultists turned fanatical Ukrainian Cultists scream for “more weapons” and “more direct engagement,” and revel in their anguish for the wives of neo-Nazis, the official history of the 2020-2021 Covid pandemic is being written and the actual history being memory-holed in real time, right before our eyes.

For example, you might have seen this video of Bill Gates reciting some of the basic facts that we “Science-denying conspiracy theorists” have been censored, deplatformed, demonetized, demonized, and otherwise relentlessly persecuted for reporting for the past two years, as if these facts had just been discovered. In terms of gaslighting, it doesn’t get much better.

And then there’s the massive number of deaths and injuries caused by the totally “safe and effective, non-experimental vaccines,” the extent of which damage is becoming undeniable, but which is nevertheless being adamantly denied, and which will be disappeared from the official history. This is from the Berliner Zeitung

“The number of serious complications after vaccinations against Sars-CoV-2 is possibly 40 times higher than officially stated by the Paul Ehrlich Institute. This is one of the interim results of a long-term observational study by Berlin Charité. The head of the study, Professor Harald Matthes, [stated]: ‘In light of around half a million cases with serious side effects after Covid vaccinations in Germany, we doctors have to take action.’ Matthes is now calling for contact points for those affected. ‘We have to offer treatment, and discuss this openly at conferences and in public without being considered anti-vaccination,’ Matthes said.”

And those are just a few examples of the Orwellian transitional phase we are in. As I’ve been writing and saying, over and over, GloboCap is going totalitarian on us (or as totalitarian as global-capitalism can go). I’m not going to get into all the details in this column, because I’ve done that in several previous columns, and … well, because I need to try to sell you a book.

Hold on, don’t click away just yet. Let me tell you why you should buy this book. No, it is not because I need the money. (Of course I need the money. I do this for a living.) It’s because of that “history” thing I just mentioned above.

What the book is, mostly, is an unofficial history, an as-it-happened history of the roll-out of the New Normal, the actual history, which being rewritten and memory-holed at breakneck speed. This memory-holing is being conducted by GloboCap, but it is also being conducted by the millions of previously normal-seeming people who went “New Normal fascist” during the past two years and would now very much like to pretend they didn’t.

I’m sure you remember some of these people, and how they suddenly morphed into shrieking fascists who wanted to segregate “the Unvaccinated,” strip us of our jobs, lock us up in camps, and otherwise punish us for not following orders and conforming to the new official ideology. Many of them are still fascistically shrieking. They’ve just switched from shrieking about the pandemic to shrieking about the war in the Ukraine, like the Outer Party Members switching official enemies during Hate Week in Orwell’s 1984.

Which is another thing I get into in the book. I wrote a lengthy introductory essay exploring the question of how nominally democratic societies all around the world could be so suddenly and easily transformed into pathologized-totalitarian police states. You’re probably not going to like my conclusion. It isn’t mass formation psychosis, or any other form of insanity.

Anyway, the point is, in a month or two, or possibly a year or two, the actual history of the roll-out of this new global-capitalist form of totalitarianism will have disappeared and been replaced with an official history reviewed and approved by the Disinformation Governance Board of the US Department of Homeland Security and its equivalents throughout Europe and the rest of the world, and Facebook, and Twitter, and other unaccountable supranational corporations and non-governmental governing entities. So you probably want to have a hard copy record of what really happened, as it happened, to remind yourself and show your kids.

It isn’t going away, the New Normal. I want it to be over as much as you do, but the truth is, it is just getting started. I’ll keep trying to document and analyze it (and occasionally find some humor in it), because … well, there’s that quote by George Santayana, something about those who can’t remember the past. I think you know how the rest of it goes.

That’s it. That’s the pitch. Here’s the book, and some good things some good people have said about it …

It’s available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble now, and Booktopia, if you live in New Normal Australia, and will be available soon from most online booksellers. Or you can physically order it at your local bookstore … assuming you still have a local bookstore.


CJ Hopkins
May 9, 2022
Photos: The Guardian; Twitter; book cover design by Anthony Freda

DISCLAIMER: The preceding essay is entirely the work of our in-house satirist and self-appointed political pundit, CJ Hopkins, and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Consent Factory, Inc., or its staff, or any of its agents, subsidiaries, or assigns. If, for whatever inexplicable reason, you appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to support it, please go to his Substack page, or his Patreon page, or send a contribution to his PayPal account, so that maybe he’ll stop coming around our offices trying to hit our staff up for money. Alternatively, you could purchase his satirical dystopian sci-fi novel, Zone 23, or Volume I, II, and III his Consent Factory Essays, or any of his subversive stage plays, which won some awards in Great Britain and Australia. If you do not appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to write him an abusive email, feel free to contact him directly.

25 thoughts on “The Rise of the New Normal Reich

  1. Any chance of being able to get signed copies of all 3 volumes?

    I’d like something to leave to my daughter, as a historical record of some really bad dumbshit, to give to any Alien visitors in the future, who might want a head undestanding what went wrong.


    1. If you’re in Berlin, I’d be happy to sign copies for you. I’m sorry that I can’t do it via mail. I get a lot of requests and, if I tried to honor them all, well, you can imagine.


  2. What’s the famous quote from Love Story: When you’re a security state propagandist you never have to say you’re sorry.

    Covidien/warmongers are cultivated via psychological warfare by inundating curated data at a population 24/7 like an endless tsunami. Would you expect otherwise from corporately owned asset managed state-run media rife with spooks whose sole raison dêtre is protecting the assets and hegemonic authority of grubby sociopathic international billionaires. These mischievous propagandists within intelligence agencies take pride in triggering worldwide havoc and are presently cavalierly discussing nuclear weaponry as if they’re planning a pyrotechnic celebration. Desperate Billionaire scoundrels like Nazis trapped in the Azovstal Steelworks Plant are “rabid frenzied creatures” capable of anything, even worldwide obliteration ensuring they’ll never-ever be held accountable.


  3. Thanks for your work. Another item many are missing is the Hero is not Hitler, but Napoleon, who “military men” consider more iconic than Adolf. The military men “adore” Napoleon, who, aside from his European conquests (and defeats) was a brilliant “law-maker,” creating the laws of the “Napoleonic Code.” There are more men with Napoleonic Psychoses of Control than Adolf’s. Zelensky leans on Churchill, but also the “messianic war leader” including Joan of Arc and Napoleon. Also a complex of “leaders-for-life” in Russia and China that creates monstrous men with no limits. Bawb Cawx


  4. I generally agree with your covid analysis but I think your distrust of the west is causing you and a lot of other people to assume that putin isn’t in on the plot. The russian central bank is a member of the bank for international settlements but Ukraine’s isn’t. If you look at wars in the last century most were fought by members on non-member territory.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you for another great piece. I’d send it to all those people who are certain I have gone over to the dark side, but since they won’t even read what I write I’m sure your words would end up in the trash bin.
    I look forward to reading your book.


    1. Covid’s IFR and target pops were known and widely published before the Diamond Princess docked in Seattle. Along with certain heroes of mine, I was being mobbed with sneers and smears before the end of March 2020 for simply linking to CDC and Italian sources of medical data confirming that the general population had nothing to fear from the virus.
      What I did not do was predict, in sequence, the steps authoritarianism would take to cement its gains over the next two years, as CJ has done.
      Another whole day before the book arrives! Will I make it?
      Alan H.


  6. C.J. Thanks for another scintillating piece, but why have you let Zerohedge post this piece as a subscription-only article behind their paywall ? They are profiteering off your freely-available work; something you surely are fundamentally opposed to ?


  7. Hi I want to buy your book to support you but I cannot pay amazon the cost of the book to ship it, that’s absurd! I am in spain, what is the problem?


      1. Thank you – Sorry, I am sure it was my fault but hopefully this helps some other dullard.

        Good luck my friend, if you’re ever near BCN I’ll buy you a beer :D


        1. No worries, and I’ll take you up on that beer … if I’m ever allowed to travel around Europe again without being forced to wear a New Normal costume. All best, CJ


  8. I imagine you won’t be selling books with that cover in Germany. Do I have to bring one over if I plan to come to Berlin?

    BTW, “Disinformation Governance Board” is so much more in our faces than “Ministry of Truth.” They are so brazen that they don’t even have to be nuanced.


  9. Just ordered the book from, there numero uno in Politics as well :) Would have loved to promote your ‘brain-porn’ on Twitter but sadly been ‘temporarily suspended’ by the Saudi Royal family et al. since last Fall.
    Btw, also just noticed ‘The Face Mask Cult’ by Hector Drummond for the first time…guess the algo’s etc. at Social Media were even more actively shadow-banning people than I thought , as I for one felt really isolated during the last two years (and counting, the coddling of Azov etc. is really grating esp. in light of 8 years of civil war over there – though at least in the village I live in the Yukrainian flag has been removed since right before the WOII remembrance-days last week so perhaps a resemblance of common sense is coming back again).


  10. Could you link a suitable re-seller for this book in Europe, or best in Italy? I want to leave something useful to my child :) Thanks in advance


  11. So let me get this straight in the New Normal.

    Trump is guilty of an Insurrection but both parties and their media lackeys calling for WW3/Nuclear War with Russia is…….?


  12. Do you ever get tired of making facile comparisons to Nazis? Have you ever considered that society’s inability to think of a person worse than Hitler is (at least in part) what makes it a dystopia?


  13. Tony Blair is knighted to honor his service and psychopathy to crown and country for the brave and honorable war crimes he committed in Iraq?

    The queen and the UK government reveal their complicit eagerness to support yet another mass murderer in the name of good old democracy and freedom?

    Whilst Julian Assange is still being illegally held and tortured in HMP Belmarsh for holding truth to the illegitimate, corrupt and criminal US power structure for exposing their heinous Iraqi war crimes.

    This you call civilization Priti Patel?

    Government is a game, the ugliest and the dirtiest game in the world.

    The very idea of somebody governing somebody else is inhuman.

    But there are people in the lowest state of consciousness who enjoy it: these are our politicians.

    The only joy of a politician is to govern, to be in power, to enslave people.

    What have these governments done?

    They have not done anything for the people except exploit them, exploit their fear, and set them against one another.

    A continuity of war somewhere or other on the earth is almost an absolute necessity for politicians to exist.

    The politician cannot exist without wars.

    Hence politics is the dirtiest game, because it depends on human blood, the bloodshed of millions of innocent people.

    This raises a very basic question.

    If Existence itself is divine; then from where does this evil come?

    From where does the bad, the immoral, the unacceptable come?

    This has puzzled humanity for centuries.

    As far back as we can go, this problem has always been there in the mind of every individual.


    Unsuspected by the American public, President Sleepy Go Brandon has grave mental problems.

    He has secretly been going to see Doctor Mindbender, the White House psychiatrist, for some intense therapy.

    One morning, Sleepy Joe is lying on the shrink’s couch, just babbling away.

    “I am a nice old man, really I am,” says Joe, in his best TV voice.

    “I was the ex-vice president of the USA.

    I have a college degree;

    I am a respectable, quiet family man.

    I lead an unblemished life.

    I contribute generously to the Ukraine Nazi charity funds, and I often visit Father Fungus to have a heart-to-heart chat about my creepy girl child sniffing fetish.

    I have nothing to reproach myself with, yet I keep having this disturbing delusion, this nagging feeling, that I am a violent mass murderer.”

    “Hmmmm,” says Doctor Mindbender, as he quietly locks the door, and pulls down the blinds.

    “You must not worry, Joe.

    This is quite common among many mild-mannered, quiet psychopaths like yourself.

    But before we proceed, would you mind putting down your M4 Commando?”


    What is politics all about?

    Why does human society goes on making schizophrenic people?

    Life is meaningless if you are only open to the lower.

    With the lower, there is only repetition of the same thing, again and again.

    Our politics, our nations, our races, our religions are all animalistic.

    When we say “nation,” it is nothing but the greed for more territory.

    When we say race, it is nothing but herd worship.

    We give good names, we give good labels, and hide much ugliness behind them.


    Hitler became successful not because he had a very meaningful philosophy, his philosophy was absurd, it was childish, immature.

    Hitler realized he could not convince the German people that he was right, that was not the point.

    He knew it would be very difficult to convince German people, because they are logicians.

    No, he never tried to convince them.

    He instead created a hypnotic group phenomenon.

    That convinced them.

    It was not a question of what Hitler was saying, it was a question of what they were feeling when they were in the group, in the mass hysteria.

    It was such an unburdening experience, that it was worth it to follow this insane man.

    Whatsoever he was saying, wrong or right, logical, illogical, foolish, it was just so good to follow him.

    They were so bored with themselves, their lives, they wanted to be absorbed by the mass unconsciousness.

    That’s why fascism, Nazism and all types of group madness, became possible in the West during the last century.

    That’s why today through government fear induced mass hypnosis, big tech/MSM controlled WEF full spectrum propaganda, the unconscious group madness is back folks!

    Psychologists say that our mind is like a robot, an automatic machine, you need not be aware of it.

    Whatever you have learned you give to your robot and it will perform.

    Your mind is just like a computer, once you have fed it, it will work.

    Then you can rest, you are not needed.

    You can now take a permanent holiday, fully lost in your imagination, unconsciously numb and fully sedated from reality!

    The robot is helpful as far as ordinary life is concerned, because without it you will not be able to function in many basic things, it is a necessary help.

    But as far as higher things are concerned, the robot becomes a problem.

    Your robot is doing everything for you.

    It has repeated the same thing so many times for you that it has become an expert; you are no longer needed.

    Yet the robot is a major impediment as far as spiritual progress is concerned.

    Take charge.

    Be conscious of all the things which have become automatic.

    Then, by and by, as you become more and more aware, the lower unconscious access will be closed.

    And when the higher opens, you need not do anything more, then the higher begins to do everything through you.

    That is what religious consciousness is: to be open to the higher and closed to the lower.

    That is why a religious individual cannot belong to any country or to any religion.

    They can belong only to existence, because that is the higher possibility, where there are no boundaries and no politics, where only No-Mind religiousness is needed.

    Humanity has survived in spite of this whole politics of war because there has been no total weapon.

    But now that we have total weapons we can destroy the whole world.

    And because of our animal tendencies, there seems to be no future for us.

    For the first time, true religiousness has become the only means of survival.

    Unless many, many consciousnesses become open through No-Mind to the divine existential source, there is no future for us.

    Only with religiousness, only with a religious consciousness, do you become human for the first time.

    Otherwise, everything is animal-like.

    This contact with the higher is deeply needed for humanity to survive as humanity.

    If the higher possibility does not happen, politics will become suicidal.


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