Putin-Nazi Paranoia

They’re out there. Trump-loving, Assad-apologist, Putin-Nazi sleeper agents, posing as regular normal Americans. They could be anyone. They could be your neighbors, the guys in the copy room, your Uber drivers, even some of your Twitter followers. They’re sitting there, right now, glued to their televisions, waiting for Jewish Nazi law clerks to perform a series of secret hand signs, blinks, hiccups, sneezes, coughs, and almost undetectable, low-frequency flatulence that will signal the launch of the “Attack on America.” It could come at any moment now.

Zina Bash is definitely one of them. Don’t let her Mexican-Jewish ancestry, or the fact that her grandparents were Holocaust survivors, fool you into thinking otherwise. She made that “OK” sign at the Kavanaugh hearings, which, all right, apparently wasn’t the cue for the millions of American Putin-Nazis to rip off their rubbery masks of normality and storm into the streets in their polo shirts singing Tomorrow Belongs to Me … but it was some kind of secret Nazi code.

Certainly, Alex Jones is one of them. Why else would patriotic global corporations like Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube suddenly ban him from all their platforms after allowing him to spew his bile there for years? It’s probably only a matter of time until Google’s “algorithms” unperson him entirely (at which point I’ll receive instructions to delete any reference to him in this essay, or risk being further deranked myself. I will, of course, comply immediately, as no one despises Alex Jones more than I, even though, oddly, I’ve never watched him. Thank God for that, as who knows how my mind could have been permanently warped by whatever Nazi content he’s been forcing less fortunate Americans to consume!)

And then, God help us, there’s Jeremy Corbyn and his genocidal communist Nazi Death Cult! If he isn’t one of them, no one is. If you haven’t been following the British media, the story is, basically, that Jeremy Corbyn is a terrorist-loving, anti-Semitic, conspiracy theorizing, racist traitor to everything the British ruling classes stand for, and has transformed the UK Labour Party into a homicidal mob of Jew-hating brownshirts. Gangs of slavering Corbyn-Nazis are roving the lanes of Kensington and Knightsbridge accusing Jews of lacking irony and saying mean things about the State of Israel. British Jews have been advised to flee the country or to shelter in place until the tabloids, The Guardian, the ruling classes, and Tony Blair can hound this Hitlerian devil out of office, which, the way things are going, should be any day now.

Meanwhile, the British soldier on under the imminent threat of Putin-Nazi Novichok perfume assassin hit squads, which Putin could send at any moment directly from Moscow to Gatwick Airport to incompetently attempt to murder their targets by spraying the deadliest nerve agent in existence onto the doorknobs of their suburban homes and then stroll around getting filmed by every CCTV camera in Britain. As far as I know, the British tabloids haven’t yet published surveillance photos of Corbyn welcoming the Skripal assassins at Gatwick with a wreath, or a bottle of Stolichnaya (and wearing his Russian-stooge hat, of course), but I won’t be terribly shocked when they do.

And the Putin-Nazis are not just on the march in the United States and Great Britain. They’re coming out of the woodwork in Europe! As I’m sure you’re aware, here in Germany, in a city called Chemnitz in the Free State of Saxony, which has never had any kind of Nazi problems (except for the fact that the entire region has been infested with neo-Nazis for decades and is generally known here as Neo-Nazi Central), thousands of just regular foreigner-hating “Volk” joined a few hundred neo-Nazis in marching around with German flags, barking xenophobic slogans, heiling Hitler, harassing assorted “non-German-looking” human beings, and various other forms of “protest.” Such unprecedented eruptions of Nazism occur on a regular basis in Saxony, albeit on a smaller scale, so it was rather awkward for the corporate media to link the events in Chemnitz to Trump, but nevertheless they managed to sneak a few references to his “emboldenment” in. The best they could do to tie in to Putin was to publish a lot of photos of skinheads hanging around that humongous statue of Marx in the center of Chemnitz’s central square, because, you know, Putin, Trump, Marx, Stalin, Assad, Saddam, Gaddafi … whoever, they’re all just different brands of Hitler!

Seriously, though, all comedy aside … I have to hand it to David Brock, or Jennifer Palmieri, or whoever it was that came up with the Putin-Nazi narrative. OK, granted, the Putin part hasn’t quite worked, except on die-hard Obama disciples, Hillary-worshippers, and other bull-goose loonies, but the Nazi stuff is going gangbusters … and not just with the liberal public (because that has always been an easy sell), but also with the more leftist left. It has taken a while, but we’ve arrived at the stage where even “hardcore anti-capitalist leftists” are dedicating most of their time and energy to calling Donald Trump a fascist, and likening him to Hitler, and so on, over and over, and over again, in increasingly exasperated tones. Why, in Marx’s name, these leftists want to know, won’t other leftists join the chorus of voices screaming, “TRUMP IS A FASCIST!” in all caps on a daily basis? How could these other leftists not see that this is not the time to attack the corporate media, the “intelligence community,” global corporations, or anyone other than DONALD TRUMP, who is LITERALLY ADOLF FUCKING HITLER?

Anthony DiMaggio’s recent essay in CounterPunch is a prime example of the effect the Putin-Nazi paranoia is having on leftists. According to DiMaggio, Donald Trump, by tweeting mean things about Attorney General Sessions and bombastically threatening The New York Times, is no longer just a normal fascist. He is now officially a “full-on fascist,” or a “real world fascist,” or a super duper fascist! DiMaggio doesn’t have any qualms about the deep state, or rather, the steady state, sabotaging an elected president (or at least pretending to be doing do so in print), because, well, you know, “the stakes are far higher” than mere democracy, what with Hitler in the White House. William Kristol would agree wholeheartedly.

But calling Trump a fascist again is just an overture for DiMaggio’s main theme, which is that it’s time to unite the left against the growing Putin-Nazi threat. See, the problem is not just the Putin-Nazis. It is also the fellow Putin-Nazi travellers, and the Assadists, and the Red-Brown infiltrators! Yes, you know who we are, do you not? Glenn Greenwald is our leader, naturally, but Caitlin Johnstone is second-in-command. We refer to her in our secret meetings as “Caity, Queen of the Putin-Nazis.” DiMaggio links to a helpful list of other traitorous Strasserist spies compiled by the crackpot Louis Proyect, folks like Norman Finkelstein, Mike Whitney, Diana Johnstone, Patrick Cockburn, Tom Engelhardt, and Michael Hudson, whose essays have been published in The Unz Review, which also publishes a lot of “alt-right,” racist, and anti-Semitic essays. (Full disclosure: Proyect contacted me, demanding to know how I can allow my work to appear on a Nazi website like Unz, but I ignored him, as I assumed he was just trolling me, again, but it appears he was fishing for incriminating comments for his groundbreaking piece of investigative journalism. In any event, I seem to have escaped inclusion on his Red-Brown blacklist. For the record, I’m with Norman Finkelstein. I don’t stop anyone from reposting my essays, no matter what I think of their other contributors. I wouldn’t even stop The New York Times from publishing my stuff, though, of course, they never would, and they publish actual mass murdering war criminals.)

Anyway, according to Anthony DiMaggio, “leftists who focus on the propagandistic nature of the corporate media, while shilling for the far right and failing to condemn right-wing fascism, provide comfort to the reactionary right’s efforts to suppress journalistic freedom.” Well, Jesus, I wouldn’t want to do anything like that. I hope DiMaggio will follow up with a breakdown of exactly how many times I need to call Donald Trump a fascist before I am allowed to criticize the propagandistic nature of the corporate media, or the global capitalist ruling classes, or any type of “full-on fascism” that doesn’t neatly fit into his simplistic category … like the type that seeks to impose a regime of anus-puckering ideological conformity on those it determines are members of its camp, and that gets off punishing deviations from its norms.

Look, the truth is, I don’t like Donald Trump. I haven’t liked him for about thirty years. I have no problem whatsoever with leftists like DiMaggio calling him names until they’re blue in the face if that makes them happy. What I do find troubling is the growing atmosphere of neo-McCarthyite paranoia which has been gradually spreading into leftist quarters, and the witch-hunting, and the Putin-Nazi-baiting, and the compiling and distributing of pseudo-blacklists, and the cheering on of global corporations as they ideologically sterilize the Internet. We get enough of that from the corporate media. So how about we lighten up on the paranoia, let the global capitalist ruling classes finish destroying Donald Trump, and maybe think about what the left has to offer as an alternative to the global-corporate, post-“fascist,” neo-feudal future. While it might not feel like it at the moment, it’s coming … we’ll be there before you know it.

CJ Hopkins
September 13, 2018
Photo: Walter Wanger Productions

CJ Hopkins Summer 2018 thumbnailDISCLAIMER: The preceding essay is entirely the work of our in-house satirist and self-appointed political pundit, CJ Hopkins, and does not reflect the views and opinions of the Consent Factory, Inc., its staff, or any of its agents, subsidiaries, or assigns. If, for whatever inexplicable reason, you appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to support it, please go to his Patreon page (where you can contribute as little $1 per month), or send your contribution to his PayPal account, so that maybe he’ll stop coming around our offices trying to hit our staff up for money. Alternatively, you could purchase his satirical dystopian novel, Zone 23, which we understand is pretty gosh darn funny, or any of his subversive stage plays, which won some awards in Great Britain and Australia. If you do not appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to write him an abusive email, please feel free to contact him directly.

8 thoughts on “Putin-Nazi Paranoia

  1. I mark people. I’m giving you negative 10% for this That’s not as bad as the likes of Unz, who you refer to. He’s on negative 99%. I hope you like my new system. If you want a higher mark it costs $100 per point.


  2. Well, much as I like all your work, I think this article is just magnificent! You write so very well, and you pull off that difficult trick of adding a dash of humour even when dealing with very serious matters.

    And (best of all) you know how to spell “Adolf”. God bless you!

    I have tried and tried, I have thunk until my poor apology for a brain was aching all over, and I still cannot work out why people think Trump is worse than other US presidents.

    Actually, how would that even be possible?

    Tuli Kupferberg nailed it (in “The Postmodern Nothing”): “Johnson, Nixon – humongous pricks – and Reagan (the War Star), Nothing…”

    I think the contrast between Obama and Trump says it all. For my money Obama is a slimier, far more dishonest, cruel, violent, amoral, self-serving, money-grubbing creep. But he goes to the trouble of working hard to conceal his loathsome nature. Not that anyone who is willing to put two and two together has the slightest difficulty seeing through his disguise – his demagogy is just as hypnotic, silver-tongued and utterly false as Alkibiades’, making people fall in love with his voice, his gestures, his posture, his hair, his teeth, his tie, but wholly lacking in content. Left in power a bit longer, he would no doubt have done as much for the USA as Alkibiades did for Athens.

    I can only conclude that the huge majority of Americans are perfectly happy to be fooled and led around by the nose, as long as none of their friends calls them on it.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. What evidence are you demanding?
        Have you never stumbled upon a very largely known book where they say — roughly cited — In the beginning was the Will, and the Will made the world?

        Of course people think all the time. They think what their will wills them to think.


  3. I quite agree with the comments by Tom Welsh. This is an absolutely superb piece CJ, even by your typically high standards!

    I’m sure you know it already, but you’re treading on some very thin ice when critiquing the “rainbow flag on a reaper drone left” as Caitlin Johnstone calls them, especially those publishing and editing at Counterpunch. CP has unceremoniously dismissed two of my favorite writers, Diana Johnstone and Andre Vltchek, both serious anti-imperialists “first” – and “Trump haters” only “second” and apparently lacking proper enthusiasm at that. No coincidence I’m sure. So I fear for your future at CP especially if you displease the odious Louis Proyect and the other war shilling “leftists” there by actually continuing to think critically and rationally.

    At this point I only go to CP only to see if you, and/or John Steppling, have posted. There is only so much “rainbow flag on a reaper drone” drivel I can take these days without starting to twitch.. I have a feeling that if you fail to have a proper “come to jesus moment”, err, rather “come to hitler moment,” and fail to begin publicly and loudly stating that Trump is a “Hitler Nazi Nazi Fascist,” well, I think it likely I’ll be reading your posts here at your site in the future rather than at CP.

    That said, I can’t tell you how much I respect your integrity for speaking the truth and continuing to challenge the complete nonsense being peddled as “reality” these days. You have my sincere admiration. Thanks.

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  4. — Who are you?
    — Hayim the coachman.
    — You, Hayim, will be the horse this time. You’ll pull freight from Ibitza to Kransnistaw.
    — Has the road been fixed?
    — It’s as muddy as it was, but a little bumpier.
    — If that’s so, there is no God.
    — And suppose there isn’t. Will that make pulling the wagon any easier? Anyway, you’ll only last three years. Zelig tye Red will whip you to death.
    — That happened thirty years ago. I was swindled myself. I got the horse from a gypsy.
    — We know that. It’s all on record here. The gypsy is now a stallion, and the stallion a gypsy. But the whip remains what it was and still has seven knots.
    — The higher your position, the less work you do.He created the world in six short winter days and has been resting ever since. There are those that are of the opinion that He didn’t even work that hard.
    — Do you mean by that that He wasn’t even the First Cause?, the philosopher demanded
    — Who else is the First Cause? He is a jealous God. He would never delegate such power. But being the cause and keeping order are different things altogether.

    Maybe I and you were the NYT’s owner and its chief foreign policy editor in a past cycle; maybe we’ll be in a future one.
    Perhaps the thoughest thing to come to terms with is that… well I don’t want to spell it out.

    Also, since comedy is brought up in this blog post — I have always disbelieved the partition between comedy amd tragedy; I believe they belong in a unity.

    As for Caitlin John., perhaps you do not know her well enough or have not read her well enough.
    E.G.: in a debate on determinism and free will and the question whether activism is important needed and based on grounds of purpose, she said that who answered all that in the negative did so “to feel smug and superior”.
    I don’t expect to find the name of yours and hers on the same list often, frankly.


  5. Trump/”Trumpism” is sometimes compared to Hitler/Nazism because the two do overlap in some ways on basic fascist ideology, and unfortunately a lot of people are familiar mostly (and some only) with Hitler as an example of fascism, and so they make the leap to a complete equivalency because they don’t have enough knowledge of other examples of fascist ideologues. A little more knowledge of history would remind them that in important ways, Mussolini was Hitler’s inspiration (some understand this), and would also give them a broader understanding of fascist ideology in more of its forms, so that they could see that fascism wasn’t the invention of Hitler/the Nazis. But while saying “Trump is just like Hitler” is hyperbolic, saying “Trump borrows from Hitler” isn’t altogether inaccurate, though it’s a clumsy/lazy shorthand way of saying “Trump borrows from fascist ideology”. It would be more helpful when discussing Trump’s motivations, if people were specific about what he borrows from Hitler, or better yet fascism in general, since otherwise it seems like one is saying Trump is trying to do literally what Hitler/the Nazis did, including gas chambers, blitzkrieg, etc.

    Also missing from an accurate understanding of Trump/Trumpism is one of his main motivations for aligning with many fascist ideas, particularly those that the Kremlin favors: his documented lust for money and respect, and lack of compunction for cutting corners to get those things, which inevitably led to his decades-long involvement with like-minded organized crime syndicates, including the Russian government mob that took over on the US East Coast a few years after the Soviet Union collapsed. Trump’s “politics” are motivated more by that, than by any real affiliation with a particular ideology. Before Trump fell in totally with the Russian mob, he was more centrist and in some ways liberal (or at least he claimed to be), but he easily abandoned that once he aligned himself with the Russian mob. Though the current Russian government mob has some seemingly genuine Russian nationalist beliefs, another motivation they had for figuring out highly efficient ways of putting themselves in power was so they could steal huge amounts of money and largely get away with it, so Trump was a natural fit.

    Also worth studying is Trump’s obsession with Norman Vincent Peale’s “always see yourself as winning” life strategy.


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