The Road to Totalitarianism

People can tell themselves that they didn’t see where things have been heading for the last 17 months, but they did. They saw all the signs along the way. The signs were all written in big, bold letters, some of them in scary-looking Germanic script. They read …


I’m not going to show you all those signs out again. People like me have been pointing them out, and reading them out loud, for 17 months now. Anyone who knows anything about the history of totalitarianism, how it incrementally transforms society into a monstrous mirror image of itself, has known since the beginning what the “New Normal” is, and we have been shouting from the rooftops about it.

We have watched as the New Normal transformed our societies into paranoid, pathologized, authoritarian dystopias where people now have to show their “papers” to see a movie or get a cup of coffee and publicly display their ideological conformity to enter a supermarket and buy their groceries.

We have watched as the New Normal transformed the majority of the masses into hate-drunk, hysterical mobs that are openly persecuting “the Unvaccinated,” the official “Untermenschen” of the New Normal ideology.

We have watched as the New Normal has done precisely what every totalitarian movement in history has done before it, right by the numbers. We pointed all this out, each step of the way. I’m not going to reiterate all that again.

I am, however, going to document where we are at the moment, and how we got here … for the record, so that the people who will tell you later that they “had no clue where the trains were going” will understand why we no longer trust them, and why we regard them as cowards and collaborators, or worse.

Yes, that’s harsh, but this is not a game. It isn’t a difference of opinion. The global-capitalist ruling establishment is implementing a new, more openly totalitarian structure of society and method of rule. They are revoking our constitutional and human rights, transferring power out of sovereign governments and democratic institutions into unaccountable global entities that have no allegiance to any nation or its people.

That is what is happening … right now. It isn’t a TV show. It’s actually happening.

The time for people to “wake up” is over. At this point, you either join the fight to preserve what is left of those rights, and that sovereignty, or you surrender to the “New Normal,” to global-capitalist totalitarianism. I couldn’t care less what you believe about the virus, or its mutant variants, or the experimental “vaccines.” This isn’t an abstract argument over “the science.” It is a fight … a political, ideological fight. On one side is democracy, on the other is totalitarianism. Pick a fucking side, and live with it.

Anyway, here’s where we are at the moment, and how we got here, just the broad strokes.

It’s August 2021, and Germany has officially banned demonstrations against the “New Normal” official ideology. Other public assemblies, like the Christopher Street Day demo (pictured below), one week ago, are still allowed. The outlawing of political opposition is a classic hallmark of totalitarian systems. It’s also a classic move by the German authorities, which will give them the pretext they need to unleash the New Normal goon squads on the demonstrators tomorrow.


In Australia, the military has been deployed to enforce total compliance with government decrees … lockdowns, mandatory public obedience rituals, etc. In other words, it is de facto martial law. This is another classic hallmark of totalitarian systems.

In France, restaurant and other business owners who serve “the Unvaccinated” will now be imprisoned, as will, of course, “the Unvaccinated.” The scapegoating, demonizing, and segregating of “the Unvaccinated” is happening in countries all over the world. France is just an extreme example. The scapegoating, dehumanizing, and segregating of minorities — particularly the regime’s political opponents — is another classic hallmark of totalitarian systems.

In the UK, Italy, Greece, and numerous other countries throughout the world, this pseudo-medical social-segregation system is also being introduced, in order to divide societies into “good people” (i.e., compliant) and “bad” (i.e., non-compliant). The “good people” are being given license and encouraged by the authorities and the corporate media to unleash their rage on the “the Unvaccinated,” to demand our segregation in internment camps, to openly threaten to viciously murder us. This is also a hallmark of totalitarian systems.

And that, my friends, is where we are.

We didn’t get here overnight. Here are just a few of the unmistakable signs along the road to totalitarianism that I have pointed out over the last 17 months.

June 2020 … The New (Pathologized) Totalitarianism.

August 2020 … The Invasion of the New Normals.

October 2020 … The Covidian Cult.

November 2020 … The Germans Are Back!

March 2021 … The New Normal (Phase 2).

March 2021 … The “Unvaccinated” Question.

May 2021 … The Criminalization of Dissent.

June 2021 … Manufacturing New Normal “Reality.

And now, here we are, where we have been heading all along, clearly, unmistakably heading … directly into The Approaching Storm, or possibly global civil war. This isn’t the end of the road to totalitarianism, but I’m pretty sure we are in the home stretch. It feels like things are about to get ugly. Very ugly. Extremely ugly. Those of us who are fighting to preserve our rights, and some basic semblance of democracy, are outnumbered, but we haven’t had our final say yet … and there are millions of us, and we are wide awake.

So pick a side, if you haven’t already. But, before you do, maybe look back at the history of totalitarian systems, which, for some reason, never seem to work out for the totalitarians, at least not in the long run. I’m not a professional philosopher or anything, but I suspect that might have something to do with some people’s inextinguishable desire for freedom, and our willingness to fight for it, sometimes to the death.

This kind of feels like one of those times.

Sorry for going all “Braveheart” on you, but I’m psyching myself up to go get the snot beat out of me by the New Normal goon squads tomorrow, so I’m a little … you know, overly emotional.

Seriously, though, pick a side … now … or a side will be picked for you.


CJ Hopkins
July 31, 2021
Photos: Auschwitz: public domain, Christopher Street Day demo: Der Tagesspiegel

DISCLAIMER: The preceding essay is entirely the work of our in-house satirist and self-appointed political pundit, CJ Hopkins, and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Consent Factory, Inc., its staff, or any of its agents, subsidiaries, or assigns. If, for whatever inexplicable reason, you appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to support it, please go to his Substack page, or his Patreon page, or send your contribution to his PayPal account, so that maybe he’ll stop coming around our offices trying to hit our staff up for money. Alternatively, you could purchase his satirical dystopian sci-fi novel, Zone 23, or Volume I and II of his Consent Factory Essays, or any of his subversive stage plays, which won some awards in Great Britain and Australia. If you do not appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to write him an abusive email, feel free to contact him directly.

116 thoughts on “The Road to Totalitarianism

    1. CJ, I think you are missing the big picture. Globocap is a temporary group who don’t want to enslave us.
      Why? they already own us, they’re already on permanent vacation, they’re too lazy to want the responsibilty of ruling.
      What the fuck are they doing then? They are doing what has to be done. What pisses you off the most, CJ? Is it the dumbed down brain dead masses… hordes of dumkuntz too stupid to tell Covid is a hoax perhaps? They will take the vaccines without question.
      They will get sick and die in their hundreds of millions or more. RESULT!
      Let it play out. If I’m wrong and they really are Nazis, I will join with you and anyone else back on the tools and we will hound them down and properly hurt them.
      Until we know this, let them do the dirty work.
      State sanctioned mass genocide, or death by stupidity, you might say.
      “Brave New World” with the average I.Q. much improved.
      Too be honest I don’t want to live surrounded by idiots so I’m prepared to accept this genocide knowing I cannot stop it.

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        1. I’ve been all over this since the first hint of the virus.
          Within 2 days I called it as a hoax and enthusiastically attacked it.
          18 months later, I realise that I am surrounded by brain dead dumb cunts who WILL accept the hoax and WILL be vaccinated.
          I say, we the dissenters are a weak- kneed 30% who will not stand up to this onslaught.
          The 70% remaining, accept the hoax and, even worse constantly report anything the 30% do contrary to “Covid Orthodoxy”
          We are massively outnumbered and it is naive in the extreme to think we can somehow turn this around.
          I now am resigned to being an observer, taking satisfaction in the deadly blunder committed by the 70% who are going willingly to sickness and probably death.
          What exactly have you done to help other than look down your self righteous nose?

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      1. Adam, they are not on “vacation”, nor are they “lazy”.

        And they enthusiastically embrace the “responsibility of ruling”, the same way a heroine addict embraces another fix.


        1. Mate if you want a bit of similar but more of it, go to
          Mainstream Media 20% truth 80% bull shit propaganda.
          SOTN is 65% truth but there are a few fringe nutters to be avoided.

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          1. last one from SOTN!

            Will the human race permit the ongoing global GENOCIDE via Covid ‘vaccines’ to continue?

            Clearly they are confusing “human race” with “human herd”!

            And the honest and simple reply to that one is that… YES the human herd (98% at least) will keep pretending that the MIRACLE JABS are awesome.


              1. There is no way to know unless you can have access to a vial with the substance and the equipment to test it.

                But for me that doesn’t even matter. That crap will never enter my Organism.


      2. Sounds like Jeff Berwick and Lucy at Dollar Vigilante, Bitchute. Only problem is why would their evil four-legged bacon not hunt us down and make sure that the bad sheep are consigned to the mass graves as well as the already dying death pricked mutton? Our only chance is in the coming winter collap$€, when the furious poisoned herd stampedes. We need to reject the fiat filth system that has enslaved us. Say no to their worthless digi scrip (Bitcon, Fedcon, €urocon etc. etc.) and everything else they “require”. Anyone still using their tracking devices, aka “smart” phone needs to kill it with a hammer and get off the matrix, the same for their puke box TeeeeVeeeee. We will need to topple their electro death towers and escape their microwaved gulag and get back to self reliance, where politicians and their psychopathy will be treated as the criminal pedovore scum that they are.


  1. […] Ik ga je niet al die borden weer laten zien. Mensen zoals ik wijzen ze al 17 maanden lang aan, en lezen ze hardop voor. Iedereen die ook maar iets weet over de geschiedenis van het totalitarisme, hoe het de samenleving stapsgewijs verandert in een monsterlijk spiegelbeeld van zichzelf, heeft vanaf het begin geweten wat het “Nieuwe Normaal” is, en we hebben het van de daken geschreeuwd, schrijft CJ Hopkins. […]


  2. all this hate , targeting and doxing has a very scary parallel to history past .
    The Demonization of a particular Targeted class by the ones who hope to obtain absolute power lead to only one place , a place called Auschwitz

    “.All the Dachaus must remain standing. The Dachaus, the Belsens, the Buchenwalds, the Auschwitzes — all of them. They must remain standing because they are a monument to a moment in time when some men decided to turn the Earth into a graveyard. Into it they shoveled all of their reason, their logic, their knowledge, but worst of all, their conscience. And the moment we forget this, the moment we cease to be haunted by its remembrance, then we become the gravediggers.”

    Never Forget


    1. The so called jews have turned Palestine into a NAZI death camp since the anglozionazi garbage set up their Rothschild criminal rump entity back in 1948 and the daily slaughter of the real Semites has gone on under our noses ever since and yet the masses whine on cue when the holy hollowcost of khazar freeloaders is mentioned. Forget all the fake gas stories and smell the carnage of Gaza. It is happening every day in real time…our time.


  3. I’ve been writing this little phrase to my fellow modern slaves since the end of August 2020 (when I had to admit to myself that no amount of Information about the FRAUD & SCAM OPERATION COVIDIUS is would make a difference in the little empty brains of the huge herds of democratic slaves):

    At this point reality is very SIMPLE: It’s either KILL or be culled.
    Until several Jedburgh’s actions aren’t executed nothing will change except the things the SRF & Billionaires via jesters want to CHANGE!

    Clearly that was also useless! Like CJH says from “cowards and collaborators, or worse” we can’t expect a reaction/fight against Totalitarianism.

    I can only hope that the MIRACLE JABS do start to CULL these millions of modern moron slaves in the approaching Winter Season (specially the military and the copigs) because it will make it easier for me to start the FUN PARTY with the SRF & Billionaires.

    So lets CROSS FINGERS and wait… In the meantime NEVER FORGET REALITY!


  4. Thank you, CJ. I’m also totally disillusioned. Yes, we’ re de facto under (medical) martial law, but for the vast majority this seems to be a minor problem, if one at all. On the contrary: The problem is us, the ones who see this as a problem. They are the proud heroes of their cult, feeling empowered in fighting this war against being human.

    So of course – if »we« are gone, eliminated, the »uncool« nuisance to their worldview will also be gone, and they will go totalitarian all the way – without any further thought: They know they are on the right side. Even thoughts questioning this are heresy already.

    So, as long as they can dance in front of the mirror and »on stage« to show off their narcissistic »greatness« and »specialness« everything will be okay for them. And if things become ugly – well, it’s never their fault. Who could ever have thought of this? Then the next group of scapegoats will be »dealt with«, and that will be it.

    »The other side«, the WEF and all their cronies, have had many decades of patient preparation – changing people’s consciousness towards an ultra hip version of the neoliberal worldview, aka the cult of »coolness«, the step preceding the cult of the »New Normal«, and infiltrating almost all important institutions with »their« folks – worldwide.

    Now is the time for them to harvest. On the other hand, we the people – or what’s left of it (that is to say, the opposition) – are just beginning to understand the sweet mental poison that has been administered to us for a very long time. We’re caught in the middle of this process, whereas the globalists can rely on a vast majority of people who will go where they want them to go …

    Hope we all manage to save out asses in time, even if it may just be for a couple of years …


    1. > »The other side«, the WEF and all their cronies, have had many decades of patient preparation – changing people’s consciousness towards»The other side«, the WEF and all their cronies, have had many decades of patient preparation – changing people’s consciousness towards an ultra hip version of the neoliberal worldview, aka the cult of »coolness«, the step preceding the cult of the »New Normal«, and infiltrating almost all important institutions with »their« folks – worldwide. an ultra hip version of the neoliberal worldview, aka the cult of »coolness«, the step preceding the cult of the »New Normal«, and infiltrating almost all important institutions with »their« folks – worldwide. <

      Well and accurately said. This thing has been in preparation for a long, long time, I think.
      What's been a surprise is seeing how many are apparently OK with what amounts to a
      *living death* under the blank-faced technocratic machine. Also- less surprising- the
      total capitulation (and careful spinning!) of the "left" to the elite narrative last March..


  5. This morning on Ruptly, I watched the demonstrations in France against vaccine passports and was angry none of these protests are ever televised by US mainstream media news. The US population is kept in the dark by state-run news carefully crafting messages about how all those who refuse vaccinations are idiotic anti-science right-wing white supremacists living under the grip of an Orangeman Cult. That’s how the virus is politicized by MSNBC AND CNN. The nincompoop security state refuses to acknowledge millions are reticent not because they’re following a cult, but because they do NOT want to be a lab rat for big pharma, the security state, or big tech.

    With 330 million and fifty states the security state must divide and conquer using every “psyops tool” in the CIA book balkanizing the demoralized population. Identity politics is a big favorite, and then it’s the “Trump lightning rod syndrome” galvanizing liberals and the pseudo Left. It appears the security state is itching for a showdown but they’re not yet taking “giant European steps.”

    Please keep fighting, keep protesting, give it all you’ve got! Your resistance might cause the “WEF ghouls” to pause or reconsider pursuing a “global civil war.” These psychopaths are greedy power seekers, but have no desire to trigger their own demise, inasmuch, as they only released a flu–nothing too deadly which would threaten their own self-obsessed existence.

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    1. Exactly. 150,000 demonstrators throughout France today. No headlines on CNN. Glanced at the Sunday Morning Herald this morning and, surprise, surprise: lockdown protesters are being labeled “far right agitators.”

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    2. What is the point of resisting? It’s largely over and the number of vaccinated is maybe 6 weeks away from over 50% planet wide.
      The virus is fake and simply the carrot to scare us into the real game plan … The toxic and deadly vaccines.
      I have stopped my vicious criticism of the Covid Hoax and am now just counting the numbers who are suckered into being jabbed.
      They will get sick at best, die at worst. I think the globocapitalists will disappear into the ether once the number is around 80%.
      They will have presided over the single greatest mass genocide in human history.
      What we think about it is irrelevant.
      The simple goal for any dissenter should be to avoid the jab at all costs… live to fight another day.
      Simple proof that I am right is already arriving.
      The complicit media will lie through their teeth about vaccine deaths, downplaying them and calling them covid deaths.
      When, as I expect to happen.. more and more famous people die suddenly, they will be the statistical anomaly and there will be many more of these deaths compared to usual.
      This is true and happening every other day.
      The media are forced to report the death because it is high profile.
      Most of these new celebrity deaths will be vaccine deaths.


  6. Good essay, but there is so much more. It’s subject for a book, and I wrote one: it took me 500 pages for just one aspect and just 5-years of it: the war of the world’s “progressive” NWO ruling machine against Poland, Hungary, and to a lesser extent their kin nations in the Central/Eastern part of Europe. Since Poland and Germany are the main subjects — five chapters on the suicide of Germany, etc. — Auschwitz could not have gone unaddressed either. US review here:; Danish review here:

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  7. In my state we organize protests, people show up, people (mostly working class–a lot of truckers) drive by and honk in agreement. But there aren’t many of us. And unfortunately I think Claus is right–the people buying into this DO NOT CARE that it’s totalitarianism. They don’t care. It has been made cool. Or “woke” is the better term. But it really is divide and conquer, so I keep trying to reach that side of the fence.


  8. So the ‘plutocracy’ {which, through its control of the media and the political process [eg J. Corbyn in the UK?], remains unchallenged?} deliberately, {or at the request of W.H.G.?}, makes ‘000’s of young unemployed and threatens food supplies?
    Insurrection anyone?


  9. It’s time to organize resistance at local level.
    You know only 2 or 3 persons you totally trust that share your viees? That’s a resistance cell.
    Let’s talk about the current situation and what you could do at a local level.
    It could be graffiti like RESIST or COVID1984 to tell others that there is a resistance and bring others to start a cell.
    Just my 2 cents


  10. Hard to disagree with any of this, but how do you get through to the 80% of us who have been “captured” and held prisoner by the msm?
    Like someone here who mentioned “culling”, I suspect the Darwin Awards will be swamped this year by the millions of pro-vaccine “collaborators”.


  11. Nothing has been made “woke” or “cool”, or we wouldn’t be seeing toecurling “incentives”. The media’s narrative of everyone enthusiastically lining up for their shot is entirely contradicted by the idea that “incentives must be offered”.
    What we’re seeing is the obvious result of years of non-science. The mental gymnastics required to keep believing that “every year is hotter than the last”, when it clearly is not, nor is any such assertion supported by science, has bred the perfect environment for nonsense like COVID. People don’t know, and they don’t know that they don’t know. Life in the mainstream media is a steady drip feed of idiotic lies, scare stories and groveling at the feet of wealth. Actual facts and actual science are nowhere to be seen. The problem is way worse than you imagine and even if we could have a revolution today and successfully removed all engaged in working towards this nightmare future, it would still take 2-3 generations before we were back to where we were prior to 9/11 (and that was bad enough).
    Humanity has slit its own throat.
    Brave New World for the obedient. 1984 for dissenters.


  12. RE: Adam Bennett’s comment on what the point of resisting is.

    I am an American expat in Germany. Over here, they are ramping up the pressure to force the frankenshots on kids. I have a 7 year-old-child who attends school in a mask and will (as of this coming school year) be forced to undergo testing 3x a week for the “virus.” We have to drive him to a testing site. Furthermore, they now want to make tests Kostenpflichtig, which means we pay.

    And in the background there is the constant ever-louder chorus of WEF-backed psychopaths calling for mandatory vaccination for children.

    What is the point of resisting? Really? Fuck you.


    1. so…you complied? Thanks for perpetuating this hell. Hope you know the CRISPR tech and graphene oxyde is also on the ‘test’ swabs.
      Youre kiling your kid.


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