Greetings from “New Normal” Germany!

On April 1, 1933, shortly after Hitler was appointed chancellor, the Nazis staged a boycott of Jewish businesses in Germany. Members of the Storm Troopers (“die Sturmabteilung,” or the “Storm Department,” as I like to think of them) stood around outside of Jewish-owned stores with Gothic-lettered placards reading “Germans! Defend yourselves! Do not buy from Jews!” The boycott itself was a total disaster — most Germans ignored it and just went on with their lives — but it was the beginning of the official persecution of the Jews and totalitarianism in Nazi Germany.

Last week, here in “New Normal” Germany, the government (which, it goes without saying, bears no resemblance to the Nazi regime, or any other totalitarian regime) implemented a social-segregation system that bans anyone who refuses to publicly conform to the official “New Normal” ideology from participating in German society. From now on, only those who have an official “vaccination pass” or proof of a negative PCR test are allowed to sit down and eat at restaurants, shop at “non-essential” stores, or go to bars, or the cinema, or wherever.

Here’s a notice from the website of Prater, a popular beer garden in Berlin:

Of course, there is absolutely no valid comparison to be made between these two events, or between Nazi Germany and “New Normal” Germany, nor would I ever imply that there was. That would be illegal in “New Normal” Germany, as it would be considered “relativizing the Holocaust,” not to mention being “anti-democratic and/or delegitimizing the state in a way that endangers security,” or whatever. Plus, it’s not like there are SA goons standing outside shops and restaurants with signs reading “Germans! Defend yourselves! Don’t sell to the Unvaccinated and Untested!” It’s just that it’s now illegal to do that, i.e., sell anything to those of us whom the media and the government have systematically stigmatized as “Covid deniers” because we haven’t converted to the new official ideology and submitted to being “vaccinated” or “tested.”

Protesting the new official ideology is also illegal in “New Normal” Germany. OK, I think I should probably rephrase that. I certainly don’t want to misinform anyone. Protesting the “New Normal” isn’t outlawed per se. You’re totally allowed to apply for a permit to protest against the “Covid restrictions” on the condition that everyone taking part in your protest wears a medical-looking N95 mask and maintains a distance of 1.5 meters from every other medical-masked protester … which is kind of like permitting anti-racism protests as long as the protesters all wear Ku Klux Klan robes and perform a choreographed karaoke of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama.

Who says the Germans don’t have a sense of humor?

I don’t mean to single out the Germans. There is nothing inherently totalitarian, or fascist, or robotically authoritarian and hyper-conformist about the Germans, as a people. The fact that the vast majority of Germans clicked their heels and started mindlessly following orders, like they did in Nazi Germany, the moment the “New Normal” was introduced last year doesn’t mean that all Germans are fascists by nature. Most Americans did the same thing. So did the British, the Australians, the Spanish, the French, the Canadians, and a long list of others. It’s just that, well, I happen to live here, so I’ve watched as Germany has been transformed into “New Normal Germany” up close and personal, and it has definitely made an impression on me.

The ease with which the German authorities implemented the new official ideology, and how fanatically it has been embraced by the majority of Germans, came as something of a shock. I had naively believed that, in light of their history, the Germans would be among the first to recognize a nascent totalitarian movement predicated on textbook Goebbelsian Big Lies (i.e., manipulated Covid “case” and “death” statistics), and would resist it en masse, or at least take a moment to question the lies their leaders were hysterically barking at them.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Here we are, over a year later, and waiters and shop clerks are “checking papers” to enforce compliance with the new official ideology. (And, yes, the “New Normal” is an official ideology. When you strip away the illusion of an apocalyptic plague, there isn’t any other description for it). Perfectly healthy, medical-masked people are lining up in the streets to be experimentally “vaccinated.” Lockdown-bankrupted shops and restaurants have been converted into walk-in “PCR-test stations.” The government is debating mandatory “vaccination” of children in kindergarten. Goon squads are arresting octogenarians for picnicking on the sidewalk without permission. And so on. At this point, I’m just sitting here waiting for the news that mass “disinfection camps” are being set up to solve the “Unvaccinated Question.”

Whoops … there I go again, “relativizing the Holocaust.” I really need to stop doing that. The Germans take this stuff very seriously, especially with Israel under relentless attack by the desperately impoverished people it has locked inside an enormous walled ghetto, and is self-defensively ethnically cleansing.

But, seriously, there is no similarity whatsoever between Nazi Germany and “New Normal” Germany. Sure, both systems suspended the constitution, declared a national “state of emergency” enabling the government to rule by decree, inundated the masses with insane propaganda and manipulated “scientific facts,” outlawed protests, criminalized dissent, implemented a variety of public rituals, and symbols, and a social segregation system, to enforce compliance with their official ideologies, and demonized anyone who refused to comply … but, other than that, there’s no similarity, and anyone who suggests there is is a dangerous social-deviant extremist who probably needs to be quarantined somewhere, or perhaps dealt with in some other “special” way.

Plus, the two ideologies are completely different. One was a fanatical totalitarian ideology based on imaginary racial superiority and the other is a fanatical totalitarian ideology based on an imaginary “apocalyptic plague” … so what the hell am I even talking about? On top of which, no swastikas, right? No swastikas, no totalitarianism! And nobody’s mass murdering the Jews, that I know of, and that’s the critical thing, after all!

So, never mind. Just ignore all that crazy stuff I just told you about “New Normal” Germany. Don’t worry about “New Normal” America, either. Or “New Normal” Great Britain. Or “New Normal” wherever. Get experimentally “vaccinated.” Experimentally “vaccinate” your kids. Prove your loyalty to the Reich … sorry, I meant to global capitalism. Ignore those reports of people dying and suffering horrible adverse effects. Wear your mask. Wear it forever. God knows what other viruses are out there, just waiting to defile your bodily fluids and cause you to experience a flu-like illness, or cut you down in the prime of your seventies or eighties … and, Jesus, I almost forgot “long Covid.” That in itself is certainly enough to justify radically restructuring society so that it resembles an upscale hospital theme park staffed by paranoid, smiley-faced fascists in fanciful designer Hazmat suits.

Oh, and keep your “vaccination papers” in order. You never know when you’re going to have to show them to some official at the airport, or a shop, or restaurant, or to your boss, or your landlord, or the police, or your bank, or your ISP, or your Tinder date … or some other “New Normal” authority figure. I mean, you don’t want to be mistaken for a “Covid denier,” or an “anti-vaxxer,” or a “conspiracy theorist,” or some other type of ideological deviant, and be banished from society, do you?


CJ Hopkins
May 24, 2021
Photo: Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-14468, Georg Pahl, CC-BY-SA 3.0

DISCLAIMER: DISCLAIMER: The preceding essay is entirely the work of our in-house satirist and self-appointed political pundit, CJ Hopkins, and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Consent Factory, Inc., its staff, or any of its agents, subsidiaries, or assigns. If, for whatever inexplicable reason, you appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to support it, please go to his Substack page, or his Patreon page, or send your contribution to his PayPal account, so that maybe he’ll stop coming around our offices trying to hit our staff up for money. Alternatively, you could purchase his satirical dystopian sci-fi novel, Zone 23, or Volume I and II of his Consent Factory Essays, or any of his subversive stage plays, which won some awards in Great Britain and Australia. If you do not appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to write him an abusive email, feel free to contact him directly.

100 thoughts on “Greetings from “New Normal” Germany!

  1. What this scamdemic has revealed to me is the gloomy realization that humanity
    has a deep, psychological (likely genetic) predilection for episodic mass hysteria.

    Your writing and much other reading and analysis of various historically similar
    phenomena – the multitude of racial/ethnic/religious pogroms, ideological pogroms
    such as witchcraft in past epochs or McCarthyism more recently, economic hysteria
    such as the infamous Dutch Tulip mania, and many pseudo-scientific mass hysteria
    incidents such as repressed memory, facilitated communication (bizarre and amazing
    story), a wave of daycare satanic cult child abuse stories, and of course, the current
    Covidian Cult episode that the world is currently being subjected to – have made this

    These things seem to sweep over humanity time and time again, like a virus.

    If only we had an experimental vaccine for this.


    1. Para-phrazing FDR’s caustic rebuke of Martin Dies, chairman of the committee on un-American activities of the federal house of representatives on being informed of numerous credibly suspected communists in new deal executive offices: McCarthyism, McCarthyism, McCarthyism! I am sick & tired of hearing of McCarthyism! Why, some of my best friends embrace McCarthyism! Seriously, find another example of ideologic perfidy to hurl in people’s faces. Most are stupid enough to take what you claim uncritically despite American history since the muck raking era being 1 long record of domestic communist subversion, infiltration, espionage, agitation, sabotage & treason. Give me new Palmer raids or give me death! with apologies to Patrick Henry.


      1. Sat.. Cultsand daycare workers is a true issue.No,all of them were not Proven to be s.nist pedos,but given the widespread info. About the Rampant,same issue worldwide Today,Now,not hard to believe it was very much a real problem in the -80-s.Communism was widespread in the twenties,thirties,and beyond.It never died.Look around you,it is alive and spreading from china to America.Does this mean cease all logical,analytical function?No,even more Logic,Reasoning,and caution are needed.


    2. I would say it was talk of Mccarthyism that was the mass hysteria. Thus the term “Mccarthyism” Mccarthy himself has been proven spot on.


      1. Ha ha – good one.

        With the passage of three quarters of a century there may well be many younger
        people who do not viscerally comprehend the sheer manic and oppressive hysteria of
        the times. Thousands of ordinary people reported to the “authorities” for holding or
        suspected of holding unorthodox political views. A state imposed domestic terrorism
        hanging over ordinary citizens who understandably became paranoid and afraid to speak
        out. Friends reporting friends, family members turning in family members. Invasion of
        The Sanity Snatchers could be a documentary title.

        Careers/jobs lost, social and often familial isolation often leading to personal and
        financial ruin, not unusually, suicide.

        The tentacles of this rabid totalitarian medusa reached into all echelons of
        society and the arts. Some well known artists blacklisted under this insanity:
        – Orson Welles, actor/director/writer
        – Arthur Miller, playwright
        – Dashiel Hamett, writer
        – William L. Shirer, writer, author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
        – Leonard Bernstein, conductor and composer
        – Edward G. Robinson, actor
        – Henry Morgan, actor (Dragnet, Mash)
        – Harry Belafonte, actor, singer

        etc. etc.

        Following is my favorite synopsis of McCarthyism by Diana Johnstone in
        Circle in the Darkness, p30, Kindle (great read). She was a citizen and journalist
        who lived through this dark period in American history. The most shocking part
        is the cowardly, indolent, complicit, two-faced and amoral part played by the
        mainstream press (plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose):
        “For several years, Senator Joseph McCarthy and mainstream media had used
        each other with perfect cynicism. McCarthy knew that the press would gobble
        up his revelations of communist infiltration of everything, without bothering
        to find out whether they were true or false [ed. note: classic propaganda] because
        red-baiting was a ‘good story’ and nobody wanted to be accused of aiding the
        enemy. Reporters who knew perfectly well that McCarthy’s allegations were
        unfounded emanations of inebriated fantasies nevertheless wrote them up
        without comment. For years, almost the entire Washington press corps was
        active in this charade, treating McCarthy as a joke off duty and solemnly relaying
        his accusations to the public with straight faces.”


          1. Absolutely. And I hear rumours that Bernstein was a filthy…VEGAN !
            All vegans should be spit-roasted and served up medium rare.
            You wanna EAT like meat on the hoof,
            I’m gonna TREAT you like meat on the hoof.


        1. The problem with most reactionaries is they are too nice. Thus you getting away with yammering all that League of Women Voters drivel. I want to live to see all that change to my benefit.


    3. @ Wayne Janis

      Re: “What this scamdemic has revealed to me is the gloomy realization that humanity has a deep, psychological (likely genetic) predilection for episodic mass hysteria.”

      Humans are wired to handle certain kinds of stresses and threats very well, i.e., the kind which our ancestral forbearers faced as the earliest humans. Immediate threats to survival, such as an enemy attacking one’s settlement or a predatory animal, that sort of thing.

      Humans are not as well-evolved to handle many of the diffuse threats of the kind we so often face in the modern world. And we certainly didn’t evolve mechanisms by which to reduce the impact of mass propaganda, physiological warfare, or brainwashing of the kind which have been in evidence in the covid event. We have our intellectual resources and gifts as individual humans, our ability to reason and see patterns, but those are sometimes scant protection against the 24-7-365 din of the modern networked world.

      While it is tempting to feel a sense of scorn or contempt for people who have succumbed to the hysteria, perhaps our respective outlooks ought to be tempered with the knowledge that the great mass of people have been victims of a coordinated and potent psychological warfare campaign waged against them by certain parties with an agenda. Extremely wealthy, ambitious and influential parties. People like Bill Gates, George Soros, and the other globalists, to name two prominent examples. Plus quite possibly the communist Chinese government, acting independently or in concert with prominent globalists inside the western world.

      The networked world has incredible potential for educating and entertaining people, but the last eighteen months have also shown us the incredible potential of that same entity as a weapon if it is not used within the bounds of civilized and ethical behavior.

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      1. I agree.

        My comment was clearly the pessimist perception of the current situation.

        There is no doubt that this has been a long and deliberate conditioning by the power elite. Decades of Jerry Springer, Big Brother and other vitriolic “reality” shows have produced a culture of binary thinkers who see life as a comic book rather than a novel which many probably have not read (I have seen polls showing as little as 1% are regular book readers).

        There has been a debasement of civil discourse and the invidiousness of current culture, an us versus them, take no prisoners and allow no nuance mentality. People do not have alternative opinions, they are “the enemy”. I have personally experienced people ghosting my argument in mid sentence, censoring me (selectively) on social media threads and of
        course the always popular ad hominem type rants.

        Most disturbing is the completely egoistic form of intellectualism that has taken root. By this I mean an absolute unwillingness to consider any questioning once a position is taken. Let me give a personal example. I recently engaged in a debate on social
        media with a person who had posted a comment about a British pol who was to serve on an “equity” committee and allegedly in the past posted “sexist” remarks online. Fine. But her post began: “Everyone knows how integral (sic) it is to have an older, white dude’s perspective on a committee tasked with holding government to account on equality law and policy.” I commented that regardless of the validity of the criticism of this INDIVIDUAL her comment was racist, sexist and ageist and against black letter Facebook policy (Ialso added I am an absolutist in terms of free speech and would not be reporting her comment).

        This led to a long exchange on Critical Race Theory which she defended and added that she agreed with a comment by BLM activist Didi Delgado: “All white people are racist. Start from this reference point, or you’ve already failed” who was suspended from FB. I pointed out with citations that CRT rejects classic liberal values such as democracy, legal equality, and freedom of speech, as well as the “heteropatriarchal intellectual regime” (i.e., objective reasoning and the scientific method) that has led to knowledge about the furthest reaches of space and the invisible dimensions of the quanta.

        My point here is not that I am absolutely correct in my criticism of CRT, but rather in her form of “argument”.

        She completely ignored all points and references I had supplied, excepting only a video on YT by journalist Dave Rubin about a professor hounded from his position for allowing students to question CRT (shockingly he had recorded the Head of School saying he knew CRT “demonized” white students – his word). The professor described a climate of oppression & hostility expressed to him by students (including many BIPOC) and that students were being micro-surveilled & kids flagged and bullied on social media. I had previously engaged each of her arguments, point by point and naively expected her to return the courtesy. Instead, she addressed none of the points I had raised other than to dismiss the Rubin video as just more blather from “another white guy”, and in bold, block caps said she did not want to receive any more info from same. Her argument was a generalized, blue pill style defense to the effect that there may be “imperfections” in the “implementation” of CRT but it is a valid “lens” by which to examine inherent white racism/privilege.

        When I responded that the dismissal of Rubin was again racist/sexist, and that Rubin was gay, Jewish and had relatives who died in the holocaust and may know something of marginalized and oppressed groups she replied curtly that she had “wasted enough bandwith” on this discussion – and deleted my last post.

        I had known this woman personally for many years in a work context. She had seemed intelligent, is university educated and older like myself. I will not accept the defense that she too is a “victim” and must be coddled and forgiven for her racist and anti-social behavior.

        You and I somehow managed to break free of the iron grip of the matrix. We considered it our personal responsibility to maintain crucial principles of political and intellectual freedom and civility in discourse and are able to engage in same (BTW – thank you).

        Possible remedies ?

        We should roundly criticize people engaged in the above type of anti-intellectual and antisocial behaviors. We must extirpate the current extreme authoritarian and cult like academic ideology that has infested our institutions of education. We need to incorporate required critical thinking/anti-propaganda courses into curricula. We need to fight the current totalitarian trends of censorship and deplatforming in our media – social, corporate and alternative, preferably by legislative protection specifically addressing these issues within the context of current forms of information and communication technologies.

        Just a few thoughts. Thanks again for the exchange of ideas.

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  2. I too, am amazed how people so easily give up their rights. I actually sent an email to my uniparty representative here in the states asking him to change the “bill of rights” to the “bill of privileges” as rights can’t be taken away.
    When I went into the store here in Indiana yesterday I would estimate only 15% of the people had masks on. A month ago it was 90%.
    So maybe some movement here but if you think the uniparty will give up this power I have a beer garden to sell you in Berlin.
    I have not worn a mask now for 6 months, when I went into a superstore I would wear it if they had a mask checker who was usually some kid so I had it in on to not get them in trouble but took it right off when inside. At first it felt strange but then when I realized that it was, in fact empowering and someone else saw me and then took off their mask!
    If people think BLM, Covid, mass censorship, etc are not related they are dreaming.
    So for all those that believe masks work and make you safe, you need three masks! or maybe a ziplock bag over your head with duct tape around your neck,If you do this you will never get covid! which is a deadly disease with only a 99.97% survival rate!, Then the shot! one is good, two is better and three is even better. So get your Moderna,Phizer, J+J, and also the Astro zeneca vaccine too!
    You will be really safe then and don”t forget the boosters!
    CJ, If you get too fed up over in new normalstan, you can come back here and try Texas or Florida or Indiana, (we could use a good playwright)


  3. ” … as the protesters all wear Ku Klux Klan robes and perform a choreographed karaoke of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama.”
    Sir, you are blessed with Southern birth and should know better. Thou shalt not besmirch Lynyrd Skynyrd.
    Apart from that one thing, your article is spot on. Sorry to be a bitch but, damn… I expect to be trashed by Yankee libtards not, a fellow Southerner. Like I said, you ought to know better.


  4. […] today (or in the United States, live in the wrong state), your in for some big trouble. Read what CJ Hopkins writes comparing Nazi Germany to what is happening now in too many places in the […]


  5. […] today (or in the United States, live in the wrong state), your in for some big trouble. Read what CJ Hopkins writes comparing Nazi Germany to what is happening now in too many places in the […]


  6. best line ;
    Plus, the two ideologies are completely different. One was a fanatical totalitarian ideology based on imaginary racial superiority and the other is a fanatical totalitarian ideology based on an imaginary “apocalyptic plague”

    posted your article in
    (the events of Revelation are to start , beware :
    ‘let no one steal your crown'[=corona]


  7. My family and I are seriously considering leaving Germany to head back to the States. I realize the future is murky, but there is at least resistance in select places.

    The vaxx cards, excuse me, European IDs have been in planning for well over a year (I know because I saw the prototypes on several occasions). Germany is being run by a cadre of WEF nutbars and their willing servants. If Baerbock wins the election (which I suspect will be stolen, given the trend in other countries in which WEF-approved leaders have been installed), then they are going for a full court press.

    Any individual participating in this psychopathy should be on the dock at Nuremberg II, if we get that far.


  8. […] – DE hier oder auch hier (es scheint in Mode, bereits übersetzte Artikel nochmal zu übersetzen, während eine viel gscheitere Mode wäre, wenn die Leute endlich vernünftig Englisch lernen würden, aber das ist ja Arbeit, Gott bewahre…) […]


  9. It is no surprise that ground zero for the “new normal” should be Germany. Not because of its era of national socialism, but because Germany is one of the largest and most-powerful nations on the continent. A trend-setter, if you will. France is the same. More often than not, how these two powerhouses go shows the direction the Euro-elites want to steer all of the European Union. It also because Frau Merkel is one of the foremost proponents of globalism in its European guise as the EU.

    It hasn’t yet been even a century since the WWII generation defeated fascism, but the same old aspirants to tyranny are busy bottling that same old wine in shiny new bottles, and attempting to “sell” it to the people of Germany and of Europe. Perhaps is now germane to ask if the alleged victors actually won the war, given the ease with which the supposedly defeated forces of darkness have regrouped and counter-attacked.

    Europe is merely further down the same road that the globalists intend that we all should follow. The very same playbook being there will be employed elsewhere, i.e., North America, South America, etc. when the time comes. Rather than mocking ordinary Germans, Frenchmen, Swedes, etc. – the people of other nations ought to begin thinking – and thinking hard – about ways in which the beleaguered people of the EU can be helped to defend themselves against this madness. Tyrants seldom relinquish control willingly; those who would be free must seize their liberty from those who threaten it. That is the lesson of history.


  10. G7 Politics Is The Last Shelter Of The Criminally Retarded
    The criminal and the politician are the same type of people.
    If the criminal becomes politically successful they are a great leader.
    If the politician cannot succeed in being in power they become a criminal.
    Politicians are destructive people, their whole effort is to dominate others.
    This desire to dominate others is ugly, it is violence, pure violence and nothing else.
    To reduce people to slaves is the greatest violence possible.
    And that is the desire of every politician, to dominate, and to dominate absolutely.
    All of these psychopaths are hungry for power, they are power-mad.
    Their only joy is to dominate.
    They talk about great service only to then dominate people.
    You can look at the world, you can look at the history, and you will find proofs in abundance.
    What they have done to humanity, just watch it, and what they continuously go on doing.
    Just look at their games, just look at all their lies.
    They are keeping the whole world in stupidity.
    And they are not only stupid, they are stupidly cunning.
    Remember, only stupid people are cunning.
    You may not have thought of it that way.
    An intelligent person is never cunning, intelligence is enough, they need not have any cunningness.
    The stupid person has to substitute for their lack of intelligence, they have to become cunning.
    By the time politician’s reach the highest posts, any intelligence has already withered away.
    People who have gone beyond the age of sixty, seventy, eighty, then become prime ministers and presidents.
    This is dangerous for the world, because they have so much power and so little intelligence left, if any?
    In fact most people choose them to be prime ministers and presidents because they are no longer intelligent.
    People don’t like intelligent persons.
    Most people like people who look like them, who are retarded like them, then they feel they are not strangers.
    Intelligent people will always be strangers.
    People only choose dull dead persons to be in power because they can be safe with them.
    Countries choose mediocre people to be in power, because they will save their tradition, their conventions, their prejudices.
    They will protect their poisons.
    Instead of destroying them, they will enhance them and strengthen them.
    It is certainly dangerous to have unintelligent people in powerful posts.
    And it is becoming more and more dangerous, because they have more and more power and less and less intelligence.
    Once a politician is in power, they become a totalitarian, they become dictatorial.
    They talk about democracy, but behind the democracy is dictatorship.
    It is always so.
    When the politician is not in power he is democratic, when he is in power all democracy disappears.
    Look at the world, look what these criminal politicians have done to it.
    In three thousand years, over five thousand wars, it seems as if we are here only to fight, only to destroy each other.
    This rotten society has to be destroyed completely, only then can a new society be created.
    Renovation is not going to help.
    We have been renovating the same old ruins for centuries.
    No more props, no more renovations, no more whitewash!
    All that is needed is to demolish it, and let us create a new society.
    If the world wants to be at peace, politicians should disappear entirely from this planet.
    They are the enemies of humanity.
    Humanity has to be freed from their chains and their presence.
    A totally new kind of awareness is needed in the world.
    A fire in which the whole political game is finished.
    A few authentic enlightened people have to bring this fire to every heart.
    And with the political game finished, the politician will disappear.
    We just need a few authentic intelligent people, not priests, not professionals but people who have experienced consciousness itself.
    They will become burning torches in the darkness of the night.
    They will not become politicians, but they can destroy the whole political structure of the world, and that’s what is needed.
    They will not be interested in politics, but they will certainly be interested in the humanity that the politicians have been exploiting for centuries.
    They will not take power in their hands, they will simply destroy these parasites and let the power be with everybody.
    In fact, power should be distributed to everybody.
    It should be decentralized, there is no need for power to be centralized.
    Centralized, power is bound to corrupt.
    With power decentralized, everybody is powerful in their own way.
    So what is the need of having politicians?


  11. The picture really shows what is going on since two years: FASCISM.

    Globalism is fascism.

    The coup that is now permanent is a fascist coup.

    let’s not forget that Hitler suspended constitutional rights because of an ’emeregenyc’ that never existed. Same here.

    The bolsheviks did the same with their censorship, tyranny, gulags and mock trials.

    This is exactly what happens in Europe and Germany since 2 years.

    Only the stupid pretend not to see that.


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