The Road to Totalitarianism (Revisited)

It feels like it’s finally over, doesn’t it, the whole “apocalyptic pandemic” thing? I mean, really, really over this time. Not like all those other times when you thought it was over, but it wasn’t over, and was like the end of those Alien movies, where it seems like Ripley has finally escaped, but the alien is hiding out in the shuttle, or the escape pod, or Ripley’s intestinal tract.

But this time doesn’t feel like that. This time it feels like it’s really, really over. Go out and take a look around. Hardly anyone is wearing masks anymore (except where masks are mandatory) or being coerced into submitting to “vaccinations” (except where “vaccination” is mandatory), and the hordes of hate-drunk New Normal fanatics who demanded that “the Unvaccinated” be segregated, censored, fired from their jobs, and otherwise demonized and persecuted, have all fallen silent (except for those who haven’t).

Everything is back to normal, right?

Wrong. Everything is not back to normal. Everything is absolutely New Normal. What is over is the “shock-and-awe” phase, which was never meant to go on forever. It was always only meant to get us here.

Where, you’re probably asking, is “here”? “Here” is a place where the new official ideology has been firmly established as our new “reality,” woven into the fabric of normal everyday life. No, not everywhere, just everywhere that matters. (Do you really think the global-capitalist ruling classes care what people in Lakeland, Florida, Elk River, Idaho, or some village in Sicily believe about “reality”?) Yes, most government restrictions have been lifted, mainly because they are no longer necessary, but in centers of power throughout the West, in political, corporate, and cultural spheres, in academia, the mainstream media, and so on, the New Normal has become “reality,” or, in other words, “just the way it is,” which is the ultimate goal of every ideology.

For example, I just happened upon this “important COVID-19 information,” which you need to be aware of (and strictly adhere to) if you want to attend a performance at this Off-Broadway theater in New York City, where “everything is back to normal.”

I could pull up countless further examples, but I don’t want to waste your time. At this point, it isn’t the mask and “vaccination” mandates themselves that are important. They are simply the symbols and rituals of the new official ideology, an ideology that has divided societies into two irreconcilable categories of people: (1) those who are prepared to conform their beliefs to the official narrative of the day, no matter how blatantly ridiculous it is, and otherwise click heels and follow the orders of the global-capitalist ruling establishment, no matter how destructive and fascistic they may be; and (2) those who are not prepared to do that.

Let’s go ahead and call them “Normals” and “Deviants.” I think you know which one you are.

This division of society into two opposing and irreconcilable classes of people cuts across and supersedes old political lines. There are Normals and Deviants on both the Left and the Right. The global-capitalist ruling establishment couldn’t care less whether you are a “progressive,” or a “conservative,” or a “libertarian,” or an “anarchist,” or whatever you call yourself. What they care about is whether you’re a Normal or a Deviant. What they care about is whether you will follow orders. What they care about is whether you are conforming your perceptions and behavior and thinking to their new “reality” … the hegemonic global-capitalist “reality” that has been gradually evolving for the last 30 years and is now entering its totalitarian stage.

I’ve been writing about the evolution of global capitalism in my essays since 2016 — and since the early 1990s in my stage plays — so I’m not going to reiterate the whole story here. Readers who have just tuned into my political satire and commentary during the last two years can go back and read the essays in Trumpocalypse (2016-2017) and The War on Populism (2018-2019).

The short version is, back in 2016, GloboCap was rolling along, destabilizing, restructuring, and privatizing the planet that it came into sole unchallenged possession of when the Soviet Union finally collapsed, and everything was hunky-dory, and then along came Brexit, Donald Trump, and the whole “populist” and neo-nationalist rebellion against globalism throughout the West. So, GloboCap needed to deal with that, which is what is has been doing for last six years … yes, the last six — not just two and a half — years.

The War on Dissent didn’t start with Covid and it isn’t going to end with Covid. GloboCap (or “the Corporatocracy” if you prefer) has been delegitimizing, demonizing, and disappearing dissent and increasingly imposing ideological uniformity on Western society since 2016. The New Normal is just the latest stage of it. Once it gets done quashing this “populist” rebellion and imposing ideological uniformity on urban society throughout the West, it will go back to destabilizing, restructuring, and privatizing the rest of the world, which is what it was doing with the “War on Terror” (and other “democracy”-promoting projects) from 2001 to 2016.

The goal of this global Gleichschaltung campaign is the goal of every totalitarian system, i.e., to render any and all deviance from its official ideology pathological. The nature of the deviance does not matter. The official ideology does not matter. (GloboCap has no fixed ideology. It can abruptly change its official “reality” from day to day, as we have experienced recently). What matters is one’s willingness or unwillingness to conform to whatever the official “reality” is, regardless of how ridiculous it is, and how many times it has been disproved, and sometimes even acknowledged as fiction by the very authorities who nonetheless continue to assert its “reality.”

I’ll give you one more concrete example.

After I happened upon the “Covid restrictions” (i.e., the social-segregation system) still being enforced by that Off-Broadway theater, I stumbled upon this article in Current Affairs about the oracle Yuval Noah Harari, the writer of which article mentions in passing that somewhere between 6 million and 12 million people have “died of Covid,” as if this were a fact, a fact that no one in their right mind would question. Which it is, officially, in our new “reality,” despite the fact (i.e., the actual fact) that — as even the “health authorities” have admitted — anyone who died of anything in a hospital after testing positive was recorded as a “Covid-19 death.”

This is how “reality” (i.e., official “reality,” consensus “reality”) is manufactured and policed. It is manufactured and policed, not only by the media, corporations, governments, and non-governmental governing entities, but also (and, ultimately, more effectively) by the constant repetition of official narratives as unquestionable axiomatic facts.

In our brave new totalitarian global-capitalist “reality,” anyone who questions or challenges such “facts” immediately renders oneself a “Deviant” and is excommunicated from “Normal” society. Seriously, just for fun, try to get a job at a corporation, or a university, or a part in a movie or a Broadway play, or a book deal, or a research grant, etc., while being honest about your beliefs about Covid. Or, if you’re a “respectable” journalist, you know, with literary and public-speaking agents, and book deals, and personal managers, and so on, go ahead, report the facts (i.e., the actual facts, which you know are there, but which you have been avoiding like the plague for the last two years), and watch your career get violently sucked down the drain like a turd in an airplane toilet.

That last bit was meant for “urban professionals,” who still have careers, or are aspiring to careers, or are otherwise still invested in remaining members in good standing of “Normal” society, i.e., not you folks in Florida and Idaho, or my fellow literary and artistic “Deviants.”

We have pretty much burned our bridges at this point. Unless you’re prepared to mindfuck yourself, and gaslight yourself, and confess, and convert, there’s no going back to “normal” society (which we couldn’t go back to anyway, on account of how it doesn’t exist anymore).

I realize that a lot of folks have probably been looking forward to that … to the day when the Normals finally “wake up” and face the facts, and truth prevails, and we return to something resembling normality. It’s not going to happen. We’re not going back. The Normals are never going to “wake up.” Because they’re not asleep. They’re not hypnotized. They’re not going to “come to their senses” one day and take responsibility for the damage they have done. Sure, they will apologize for their “mistakes,” and admit that possibly they “overreacted,” but the official narrative of the Covid pandemic and the new “reality” it has ushered into being will remain in force, and they will defend both with their lives.

Or, rather, they will defend both with our lives.

If you think I’m being hyperbolic, well, consider the epithets GloboCap has conditioned the Normals to use to demonize us … “conspiracy theorist,” “science denier,” “insurrectionist,” “extremist,” “violent domestic terrorist.” None of which signify a political ideology or any political or critical position whatsoever. They signify deviation from the norm. Any type of deviation from the norm. They are tactical terms, devoid of meaning, designed to erase the political character of the diverse opposition to global-capitalism (or “globalism,” if you are touchy about the word “capitalism”), to lump us all into one big bucket of “deviance.”

It is usually not a very good omen when nations — or totally unaccountable, supranational global-power systems — suddenly break out the “deviance bucket.” It is usually a sign that things are going to get ugly, ugly in a totalitarian fashion, which is precisely what has been happening for the past six years.

Back in July of 2021, at the height of the fascistic New Normal hate frenzy, with the military enforcing “Covid restrictions,” a global segregation system being implemented, and people threatening to decapitate me for refusing to get “vaccinated,” I published a piece called The Road to Totalitarianism. We are still on that road. Both the Normals and we Deviants. We’ve been on that road for quite some time, longer than most of us probably realize. The weather has improved, slightly. The scenery out the window has changed. The destination has not. I haven’t seen any exits. Let me know if you do, will you?


CJ Hopkins
November 13, 2022
Photo: W. Rospondek, Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp

DISCLAIMER: The preceding essay is entirely the work of our in-house satirist and self-appointed political pundit, CJ Hopkins, and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Consent Factory, Inc., or its staff, or any of its agents, subsidiaries, or assigns. If, for whatever inexplicable reason, you appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to support it, please go to his Substack page, or his Patreon page, or send a contribution to his PayPal account, so that maybe he’ll stop coming around our offices trying to hit our employees up for money. Alternatively, you could purchase his satirical dystopian sci-fi novel, Zone 23, or Volumes I, II, and III of his Consent Factory Essays, or any of his subversive stage plays, which won some awards in Great Britain and Australia. If you do not appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to write him an abusive email, feel free to contact him directly.

37 thoughts on “The Road to Totalitarianism (Revisited)

  1. I moved to Florida from California over ten years ago because it looked like the most obvious exit to me. I had no idea how true that observation was back then, but what do I know? I’m just some deviant living in some swamp in Florida. Even so, I honestly don’t really know what all the fuss is about Covid, vaccines, masks etc. primarily because I don’t watch television, read the newspaper, or pay much attention to the reports from the alternative media sites on how awful this all is supposed to be. It does sound bad, but it sounds bad like the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. sound bad. They’re bad, but there’s not really anything I can do about it except observe that it’s bad and I’m glad I’m not in the middle of that mess.

    My family stopped talking to me after telling me what a horrible heartless a hole I am. Now they’re getting sick and dying. it sucks, but it doesn’t suck as much as those who are dying right alongside those who persuaded them to stay or be ostracized for the rest of their lives.

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      1. I have some neighbors down the road who have television. When this Covid scam first began, I would see them in town wearing masks, face shields etc. One day while I was working on another neighbor’s car, he came over and announced that he had been given a date to get the Covid vaccine. He presented us with this announcement like he’d just won the lottery. They are the only two people I personally know who have been jabbed. They got two shots, and then proceeded to get sick. They then got two more boosters and were then hospitalized. They’ve both been in and out of the hospital a few times over the last year.

        My other neighbor sits on his porch all day long and smokes pot. He has Jimmy John’s sandwiches delivered to his house twice a day. That’s all he does. The Jimmy John’s garbage is tossed all over his front porch. The armadillos will sometimes drag it around his yard as well. He’s never gotten so much as a case of the sniffles.

        The next time you’re sitting in someone’s living room watching television, especially one of those situation comedies, or weekly dram shows like CSI Tupelo, about 30 seconds into the first commercial, ask them what they’re watching. Nine times out of ten, they can’t remember a damn thing. Not the name of any of the actors, not the plot, nothing.

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    1. Good place to move but the rising seas might get ya.
      Not watching television and avoiding the mainstream media remains a good move that increasing numbers seem to be taking.


      1. Tides are rising about one foot per 100 years which could result in problems for those who are living on the coast right now. I’m a good 20 miles from brackish water and over 30 miles from the open Gulf of Mexico. As flat as Florida is, there are some pretty immense low spots in between me and the ocean that have to fill up before getting to me.

        The hurricanes are more of an issue than flooding. I took a direct hit from Irma while she was still a category 1 hurricane. The trees in my neighbor’s front yard looked like they were doing yoga. I forget the name of the next one that wiped out the panhandle, but that one was also close. Ian barely blew down a few trees which were already dead anyways. I’ve been lucky, but I can see that the odds may be against me so I’m downsizing and getting rid of as much junk as possible so I can bug out before the next storm takes out my home.

        Nobody within fifteen miles of me has hurricane shutters. Sales reps cover only those living within five to ten miles of the coastline. I love the Florida coastline around here. I just wouldn’t live there.

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        1. Now is there just south of Miami the nuclear power generator with Cooling Towers down by the coast?

          Mean sea level rise is ,of course, one factor. Wind pressure forcing sea water inland is another.
          The consequences of the Cooling Towers being destroyed needs to explanation.

          Re hurricanes, I had a client whose CEO came from Miami.
          His confident description of home town to me, in China actually – “We live in paradise”!
          Really, I thought and kept my thoughts to myself.
          You are still in a better place than those in Germany, where the German Government conforms to the diktats of Washington. Washington sanctions have always been a Geo-Political Amusement Park.
          You guys still get Russian oil and gas (as far as I can see) and Germany gets (next to) nothing.
          Exceptionalist America – the strict application of that definition.


          1. The nuclear power plant south of Miami has been in operation for close to 50 years with no issues whatsoever due to the weather. There’s another one up the coast that has never had any problems either. The rest of them were shut down as soon as cracks developed. They will never come up with the funds necessary to rehabilitate those plants for nuclear power. I suspect this will be the case with those remaining plants as well. They’re all scheduled to be shut down once their useful life is reached. This will probably drive the price of electricity through the roof if inflation doesn’t beat them to it.

            I’ve already spent well over two decades living off grid so none of this is going to affect me in the slightest. Off grid solar voltaic systems pay for themselves within just a few short years. I have three 3’x3′ pieces of convex polished tin sheets which can boil water within minutes even on a cloudy day. This is third world technology and it’s superior to anything produced in the US or shipped from China, Lower Mongolia etc.


              1. I’m technologically challenged, but you can probably see what it looks like if you watch the documentary “Blindsight” which shows the one I copied mine from. It’s a great movie to watch anyways. Go to 1:03:50 Here’s the link:

                She used two bigger pieces. I went with what I had available.

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  2. We all see the same video all the time of criminals going in and taking what they want from stores – and read about innocent people getting pushed into oncoming subway trains. Inflation is insane – bread is around $6 for some brands at my national chain grocery store. They locked us down, kept kids out of school and wiped out businesses due to forced closures (so kind of them to let me go to Home Depot but not the small business hairdresser). Jobs were lost for not taking a vaccine that proved utterly useless and seemed to actually spread Covid. Polls say 75% of the country is on the wrong track. But I’m supposed to believe voters were more worried about “election deniers” than everything I just mentioned? And that Trump scared them? You’ve got to be kidding.

    Ballot harvesting was on the radar after the California 2018 midterms. I get that Republican leadership was happy to look the other way in order for it to take Trump out in 2020… but 2022??? Something is horribly awry.

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    1. You can probably see why they are so worked up about getting rid of the Second Amendment, can’t you?

      “A man’s rights rest in three boxes. The ballot box, jury box and the cartridge box”.
      – Frederick Douglass (speech, November 15, 1867)

      The ballot box has been abolished, the jury box isn’t too reliable…


    2. The Ds had a great ballot harvesting operation set up that targeted college campuses. That’s close to 100% D votes just sitting there in one place waiting to be harvested. And that was the demographic that carried the Ds to their victories. Puts the student loan forgiveness pitch in a whole new light doesn’t it. They knew exactly what they were doing. That’s also the demographic that eats up the BS about white terrorist militias and whatnot, why the Ds were hammering on about J6 and white supremacy. Like I said, they knew what they were doing. This is how the Ds held onto PA, MI, NY, some other places.

      Yes the Rs could play the same game, and in some places did, CA for instance, but the R party leadership was more concerned with putting down the MAGA candidates than they were with defeating the Ds. Mitch prefers the minority anyway, it’s more lucrative. But even if the Rs commit themselves to ballot harvesting in the future, there is no one stop shop reservoir of R votes waiting on them like the Ds have with the college campuses.

      Then there was just the plain old fashioned stealing like what they did to Lake in Arizona. The regime cannot, will not, tolerate a governor like that on the southern border.


      1. The powers that be want the unwashed masses to see that the political process is broken. The D’s are simply useful idiots while the R’s are just as bought off and blind to how ineffective the political process really is. By destroying the political process, the technocrats can rush in to save the day.

        Look at how much of what we’re already doing is never subject to a vote, referendum etc. Look at how much of the economy is subject to people filling out questionnaires so they can receive some sort of credit in a store or business.

        Look at how much of the market is simply based upon what people believe about a company and has practically nothing to do with what that company produces or used to produce. Companies go public with BILLIONS of dollars in debt and no income to speak of.

        For all practical intents and purposes, we’re being ruled by technocrats and their thugs in the so-called “hard sciences”. Fauci identifies himself as the personification of science and paradoxically cannot be questioned. He’s been doing this for decades with impunity. There is no real political or legal process for the elite. They are above the law, and we’ve seen this repeatedly admitted by the DOJ.

        At most, the unwashed masses will get a scapegoat and show trial. The elite know that is all that is needed to appease the masses and memory hole it before doing it all over again.

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  3. You are correct. In spite of what seems to be a lull and some general recognition of what is actually transpiring, businesses are putting up more substantial and permanent plexiglass barriers and continue to push out social distancing nonsense over their in-house speakers. The news continues to reinforce the official narrative, following the strategy of repeating the lie until the truth is ignored and forgotten. Thanks to the “vax” the zombiefied sheep will be substantially in the majority. Suddenly dropping dead will be completely normal, 1+1=2 will never cross their minds.


  4. Parallel institutions and noncompliance will have to be the way forward. France and Italy’s picnics in front of restaurants enforcing the passes is a small light hearted example. Perhaps street theater on the sidewalk outside the check point theater making fun of the absurdity.

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  5. Well, you ask for an advice, not only for you but for all.
    I found the solution in the bible, not only for believers but also for those who see the hypocrisy in all religions.
    By analysing and admitting the Creation into your mental/spiritual world view of life, you will get a true fix point which at least will help you to stay calm on the road and be dressed with the best shield this ideology cant penetrate.
    I read somewhere our oracle for WEF Mr. Harari had been boasting, that the lock down had pulled all worshippers out of their churches and made them pray in Zoom meetings into the flat-screen:
    “Dear God, you who are inside the Laptop, holy be your Microsoft name, give us today our daily e-money, bla bla bla, bla bla bla, in Bill Gates name, Amen”.
    See what I mean? If you know your own soul is connected directly between you and the universe/cosmos and to all living plants, animals, humans, you dont belong no more to the 2 dimensional flat screen techo world whatever they make up of cameras and antennas. You are with the physical third dimension and this is here we stay. “We are Spartans”, remember ;-).


  6. I don’t expect the “Normals” to wake up. All I can do at this point is to try to not revel too much in the schadenfreude that comes from their premature demise from “suddenly” and “unknown cause of death” and accept those as the salutary benefits of automatons failing a giant Darwinian Intelligence Test.

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  7. I remember being in an ICU unit and stopping looking for the light at the end of tunnel. U don’t give up hope, but you give up expectations that the big picture is gonna change. People in jail describe the same kind of thing. . You develop a kind of spirituality, whether religious or not. You look for kindred spirits. You can’t really watch mainstream shows anymore because it’s so deluded and you start to feel like Winston Smith. . Yet I can foresee the system failing. At the end of the Soviet Union, ppl describe not being able to read Pravda anymore. Even someone like Glenn Beck is being red pilled- listen to his recent interview with Whitney Webb. Or all the ppl here in the US who aren’t going to back to work. What all this means I haven’t got a clue. I’m living within these 4 walls.

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  8. I pulled the plug on mainstream media over 20 years ago. I can still remember the anxiety I felt wondering how I was going to entertain myself without the boob tube. Now I’m amazed that I was able to get anything done back then at all. Even more amazing is seeing the effects television has on the unwashed masses. I can immediately pick out someone who doesn’t watch television in a crowd. They’re the ones who don’t have that fearful look of impending doom in their eyes. They’re not masked up while driving alone in their cars.

    Whenever someone does refer to some mainstream news story I find myself stifling the urge to break down in hysterical laughter. It’s like being caught up in a cross between a Monty Python skit and an episode of the Twilight Zone. It’s tragic and creepy, but too ridiculous to be taken seriously.


  9. Despite being told often that Florida was “more free,” as a Floridian, I can assure you that we locked-down and just about everyone wore their stupid masks when they were told to. (Yes if you wore your mask in the store, you participated in covid. You didn’t “not” wear it because it was only 20 minutes). Even the RINO governor wore his for 2.5 years then pretended he was against them. Some places are still playing the games.

    We were very sad to see that, not only were we the only ones who tried to push back, everyone we knew on both sides of the aisle didn’t even resist. Again, this was in “free” Florida. We were thrown out of stores and people yelled obscenities at my children for being maskless. For over 2 years.

    My family has an exit, but we’re not interested in sharing it with anyone. Or sharing anything with anyone. Sorry. Very few people were with us during those dark years, and you can bet we won’t be there for anyone but them in the future. If I don’t know you personally and you didn’t resist…well, “fuck off” is about all I have to say to anyone anymore.

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    1. There’s no doubt that some of the more metropolitan areas of Florida probably exerted more pressure on people, but here in Citrus County I encountered only the mildest of queries as to why I wasn’t wearing a mask. These lasted no more than a few weeks before I was greeted with nods of disinterested apathy. There were signs on the walking/biking trails indicating that they were closed, and I did see people riding their bikes on the side of the highway (with no shoulder!) I kept on riding my trike on the trails along with everyone else who ignored these idiotic signs.

      I encountered one woman who yelled, “social distancing” at me in the meat section of the grocery store, but she was loitering there, so I ignored her as well. I also took one trip up to Maryland and had to enter the gas station mini mart to run my card. The manager mumbled a bunch of incoherent gibberish at me so once again I could only ignore these people living in The Twilight Zone. Other than that, there were no indications that a pandemic or lockdown was occurring anywhere around me. Some people got caught up in their sickness kabuki, but that’s about it, and I’m not obligated to pretend any of that nonsense happened.

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    2. I want to reply because I think many of us have the same anger against the sheeple. But we have all been stupid. We have all during our life time fumbled, when we learned a new language, when we believed in politics, m.m.
      Christ wisely advise us to forgive. “Let who never have sinned throw the first stone”.
      God has another one I love as deep intelligent: “If you want me your God to forgive all the times on earth you betrayed me, I want you first to forgive everybody who betrayed you, then you are welcome to ask me your God for forgiveness hereafter”.


  10. I used to post comments to pieces like this asking, What we should do? How can we fight back? How do we (the deviants) co-operate to defeat this evil?
    Waste of time. I have never read a single suggestion that held out even the slightest hope of being effective.
    There’s one thing I do agree with GloboCap about. Most people are sheep by nature.
    I mean, that’s the GloboCap fundamental assumption isn’t it? That they can introduce totalitarian rule to the whole world because the mass of the population, the proletariat, are sheep-like.
    It’s been proved time and time again, once the people have accepted a shepherd they will go where they are told. People walked like sheep (or cattle if you prefer Wilfred Owen’s description) into the trenches of the first world war, they provided the administration for the holocaust, they band together to shout for one ludicrous branded sports team against another, they hate being the odd one out, and so on.
    We raise a couple of lambs each year for our table. I don’t think much of them, they’re pretty when small but soon they are boring and smelly and we just dock their tails and clean their shit off them so they don’t get fly strike and worm them and otherwise care for them until it’s time to kill them.
    I’ve decided not to expend any more energy trying to save sheep.
    But I still enjoy reading CJ’s articles. You keep on writing them CJ. It won’t do any good except give your readers a bit of pleasure, but don’t let that stop you.


    1. I agree that there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of a solution presented. I’ve seen this among plenty of other authors as well who keep on blathering on about how people need to wake up, but what’s the point of waking up when people have no clue what to do when they do wake up?

      The first thing to do is to pretend that you’re still asleep. Don’t make waves. Don’t let on that you’re awake until you figure out how to walk talk like the rest of this zombified world.

      Zombies, like sheep are totally dependent upon their superiors so you slowly and innocuously extricate yourself from that system of dependency. Some may start by hoarding food, medical supplies, ammo etc. etc. That’s not going to cut it. That only allows you to survive. Survival isn’t what we want. We want to thrive in comfort, no?

      That’s not going to happen while one continues to purchase corporate amerika’s junk. There’s a parallel economy out there that is thriving. It doesn’t rely upon the internet or worthless dollars, or google or the latest technological advancements.

      The Great Reset requires that you adopt and adapt to their new digital ID. Rejecting their new ID isn’t enough. You have to abandon the one you’ve invested your whole life in as well. Waking up to the scam that is the new digital ID should also wake up people to the fact that the one you’ve been given along with your social security number is the same scam. They can’t control you if you don’t exist as a separate individual. If you didn’t know this already, a separate individual is an oxymoron.


      1. Funny that you said “people blah blah blahing about people waking up. Then you proceeded to blah blah blah about how people need to wake up.
        I know it tricky.
        I guess really you’d have to define first your terms. What do you mean by “people” and also “wake up”
        Then ask yourself why and if you care what anyone else is doing. And exactly how one of these “awaken” “people” look and act like, and how they behave.
        Then ask why, and if you actually do care if they are awake or not..
        Then I guess continue on with your day.
        Which I hope is a good one


        1. I’m not sure why you would say I need to ask myself what awakened people look and act like, or what I mean by “people” etc. I presented a number of examples of what people who have woken up from the elite’s matrix of lies are doing.

          I don’t really care what those who are still asleep are doing, nor do I care what people who are waking up to this global scam are doing on the other side of the planet or even in the next state. I don’t really deal with anyone other than those who are already awake and working within the local parallel economies.

          I think you’re reading what someone else wrote and replying to the wrong post. I never said that people need to wake up. I pointed out that most people don’t know what to do if they do wake up. I then pointed out the best way to proceed if one does wake up. I went into some detail as well.


          1. It is unreasonable to try and pin one definition on “waking up” that would cover everything. People wake up in stages. Some get the clear intuition they’re being bamboozled, but soon find another dogmatic belief system and latch onto it. Some gain wisdom and start to trust their intuition against literally everything, quit blindly trusting “authority” and start to peek behind the curtain. It’s good that people are questioning, even if they’re not all reaching the same conclusions. There’s a breakover point where a person states why they think they way they do rather than defending their position as if in a debate. The former is trying to learn from others and the latter is simply attempting to convince others they’re right.


            1. While I can see why you would say one can’t present one definition of waking up, the reason you put forth isn’t actually waking up.

              Let me see if I can clarify what I’m pointing out so as to alleviate your confusion. Have you ever been driving along the highway and suddenly realized that you don’t remember any of the scenery for the last 50 or 100 miles? It’s as if you were asleep or on autopilot. The fact is that this happens all the time. People are basically playing tapes in their head so much so that they’re essentially unconscious. I’m not speaking figuratively here. They’re literally unconscious.

              When someone wakes up they begin to live intentionally. They’re better able to focus or concentrate on goals. They don’t get caught up in mindless emotional narratives.

              It’s the difference between the Iliad and the Odyssey. The former depicts people who are unconscious while the latter depicts Odysseus using his conscious awareness to his advantage over those who are easily manipulated by his mere suggestions. This is what makes him “the great tactician”.

              The former speak to the gods while the latter have lost the ability to speak to the gods because the bicameral brain has broken down those pathways. Unfortunately, there are far too many people who are incapable of breaking the chains that still bind them to the former mindset.


              1. I think when one is “asleep” in the current context we mean unawares of something.
                So when you say awake you are being specific to the political and corporate control system? Non the less one has to assume that there never is a point of full wakefulness short of say god.
                Minus our nervous system I’d say we’d be asleep to quite a lot. So wakefulness refers to how awake one is within a given system to that system. And within that there would be many different levels of what could be called awake.
                Usually( and perhaps always) terms like awake or asleep can be thought stoppers.
                Which I guess is my point.


                1. Ultimately, being awake refers to enlightenment or self realization which is itself, as you say, a thought stopper. Some refer to it as god, but it’s essentially a point at which there are no mediators between you and reality, e.g. one’s own intellect, thoughts, emotions, etc. The most well-known examples being the mystic.


                  1. Ok. But. How do you know you are awake. Which you would have to assume by telling others that they are not. How do you know that you are not only awakened from one sleep only to be in another sleep.


                    1. I’m not claiming I’m enlightened. I’m simply pointing out that everything presented on the mainstream media, as well as quite a bit from the alternative media is nonsense if not outright lies. As others have pointed out, the schools teach ignorance. The medical establishment is making people sick or killing people. The government does not represent the people. The law protects thieves, murderers, conmen, etc. and destroys the lives of the innocent. The farmers and ranchers raise a product rather than food. Those who don’t see that are still asleep. Pretty simple.

                      As far as this being a dream. I’m quite aware of the fact that whatever one may know cannot be what is known. As long as one relies upon the intellect, they necessarily rely upon additional mediators, and reality doesn’t require additional mediators which can only separate one from reality.


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