The “Unvaccinated” Question

So, the New Normals are discussing the Unvaccinated Question. What is to be done with us? No, not those who haven’t been “vaccinated” yet. Us. The “Covidiots.” The “Covid deniers.” The “science deniers.” The “reality deniers.” Those who refuse to get “vaccinated,” ever.

There is no place for us in New Normal society. The New Normals know this and so do we. To them, we are a suspicious, alien tribe of people. We do not share their ideological beliefs. We do not perform their loyalty rituals, or we do so only grudgingly, because they force us to do so. We traffic in arcane “conspiracy theories,” like “pre-March-2020 science,” “natural herd immunity,” “population-adjusted death rates,” “Sweden,” “Florida,” and other heresies.

They do not trust us. We are strangers among them. They suspect we feel superior to them. They believe we are conspiring against them, that we want to deceive them, confuse them, cheat them, pervert their culture, abuse their children, contaminate their precious bodily fluids, and perpetrate God knows what other horrors.

So they are discussing the need to segregate us, how to segregate us, when to segregate us, in order to protect society from us. In their eyes, we are no more than criminals, or, worse, a plague, an infestation. In the words of someone (I can’t quite recall who), “getting rid of the Unvaccinated is not a question of ideology. It is a question of cleanliness,” or something like that. (I’ll have to hunt down and fact-check that quote. I might have taken it out of context.)

In Israel, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, the USA, and other New Normal countries, they have already begun the segregation process. In the UK, it’s just a matter of time. The WEF, WHO, EU, and other transnational entities are helping to streamline the new segregation system, which, according to the WEF, “will need to be harmonized by a normative body, such as the WHO, to ensure that is ethical.”

Here in Germany, the government is considering banning us from working outside our homes. We are already banned from flying on commercial airlines. (We can still use the trains, if we dress up like New Normals.) In the village of Potsdam, just down the road from Wannsee (which name you might recall from your 20th-Century history lessons), we are banned from entering shops and restaurants. (I’m not sure whether we can still use the sidewalks, or whether we have to walk in the gutters.) In Saxony, we are forbidden from attending schools. At the Berliner Ensemble (the theater founded by Bertolt Brecht and Helene Weigel, lifelong opponents of totalitarianism and fascism), we are banned from attending New Normal performances.

In the USA, we are being banned by universities. Our children are being banned from public schools. In New York, the new “Excelsior Pass” will allow New Normals to attend cultural and sports events (and patronize bars and restaurants, eventually) secure in the knowledge that the Unvaccinated have been prevented from entering or segregated in an “Unvaccinated Only” section. The pass system, designed by IBM, which, if history is any guide, is pretty good at designing such systems (OK, technically, it was Deutsche Hollerith Maschinen Gesellschaft, IBM’s Nazi-Germany subsidiary), was launched this past weekend to considerable fanfare.

And this is only the very beginning.

Israel’s “Green Pass” is the model for the future, which makes sense, in a sick, fascistic kind of way. When you’re already an apartheid state, what’s a little more apartheid? Here’s a peek at what that looks like …

OK, I know what the New Normals are thinking. They’re thinking I’m “misleading” people again. That I’m exaggerating. That this isn’t really segregation, and certainly nothing like “medical apartheid.”

After all (as the New Normals will sternly remind me), no one is forcing us to get “vaccinated.” If we choose not to, or can’t for medical reasons, all we have to do is submit to a “test” — you know, the one where they ram that 9-inch swab up into your sinus cavities — within 24 hours before we want to go out to dinner, or attend the theater or a sports event, or visit a museum, or attend a university, or take our children to school or a playground, and our test results will serve as our “vaccine passports!” We just present them to the appropriate Covid Compliance Officer, and (assuming the results are negative, of course) we will be allowed to take part in New Normal society just as if we’d been “vaccinated.”

Either way, “vaccine” or “test,” the New Normal officials will be satisfied, because the tests and passes are really just stage props. The point is the display of mindless obedience. Even if you take the New Normals at their word, if you are under 65 and in relatively good health, getting “vaccinated” is more or less pointless, except as a public display of compliance and belief in the official Covid-19 narrative (the foundation stone of the New Normal ideology). Even the high priests of their “Science” confess that it doesn’t prevent you spreading the “plague.” And the PCR tests are virtually meaningless, as even the WHO finally admitted. (You can positive-PCR-test a pawpaw fruit … but you might want to be careful who you tell if you do that.)

In contrast to the “vaccine” and the “test” themselves, the forced choice between them is not at all meaningless. It is no accident that both alternatives involve the violation of our bodies, literally the penetration of our bodies. It doesn’t really matter what is in the “vaccines” or what “results” the “tests” produce. The ritual is a demonstration of power, the power of the New Normals (i.e., global capitalism’s new face) to control our bodies, to dominate them, to violate them, psychologically and physically.

Now, don’t get all excited, my “conspiracy theorist” friends. I haven’t gone full QAnon just yet. Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are not sitting around together, sipping adrenochrome on George Soros’ yacht, dreaming up ways to rape people’s noses. This stuff is built into the structure of the system. It is a standard feature of totalitarian societies, cults, churches, self-help groups, and … well, human society, generally.

Being forced to repeat a physical action which only makes sense within a specific ideology reifies that ideology within us. There is nothing inherently diabolical about this. It is a basic socialization technology. It is how we socialize our children. It is why we conduct weddings, baptisms, and bar mitzvahs. It is how we turn young men and women into soldiers. It is how actors learn their blocking and their lines. It is why the Nazis held all those rallies. It is why our “democracies” hold elections. It is also basic ceremonial magic … but that’s a topic for a different column.

The issue, at the moment, is the Unvaccinated Question, and the public rituals that are being performed to make the New Normal ideology “reality,” and what to do about those of us who refuse to participate in those rituals, who refuse to forswear “old normal” reality and convert to New Normalism so that we can function in society without being segregated, criminalized, or “diagnosed” as “sociopathic” or otherwise psychiatrically disordered.

For us “conspiracy-theorizing reality deniers,” there is no getting around this dilemma. This isn’t Europe in the 1930s. There isn’t anywhere to emigrate to … OK, there is, temporarily, in some of the US states that have been staging rebellions, and other such “old normal” oases, but how long do you think that will last? They’re already rolling out the “mutant variants,” and God only knows what will happen when the long-term effects of the “vaccines” kick in.

No, for most of us denizens of the global capitalist empire, it looks like the New Normal is here to stay. So, unless we are prepared to become New Normals, we are going to have to stand and fight. It is going to get rather ugly, and personal, but there isn’t any way to avoid that. Given that many New Normals are our friends and colleagues, or even members of our families, it is tempting to believe that they will “come to their senses,” that “this is all just a hysterical overreaction,” and that “everything will go back to normal soon.”

This would be a monumental error on our parts … very possibly a fatal error.

Totalitarian movements, when they reach this stage, do not simply stop on their own. They continue to advance toward their full expressions, ultimately transforming entire societies into monstrous mirror-images of themselves, unless they are opposed by serious resistance. There is a window at the beginning when such resistance has a chance. That window is still open, but it is closing, fast. I can’t tell you how best to resist, but I can tell you it starts with seeing things clearly, and calling things, and people, exactly what they are.

Let’s not make the same mistake that other minorities have made throughout history when confronted with a new totalitarian ideology. See the New Normals for what they are, maybe not deep down in their hearts, but what they have collectively become a part of, because it is the movement that is in control now, not the rational individuals they used to be. Above all, recognize where this is headed, where totalitarian movements are always headed. (See. e.g., Milton Mayer’s They Thought They Were Free: The Germans 1933-45.)

No, the Unvaccinated are not the Jews and the New Normals are not flying big Swastika flags, but totalitarianism is totalitarianism, regardless of which Goebbelsian Big Lies, and ideology, and official enemies it is selling. The historical context and costumes change, but its ruthless trajectory remains the same.

Today, the New Normals are presenting us with a “choice,” (a) conform to their New Normal ideology or (b) social segregation. What do you imagine they have planned for us tomorrow?


CJ Hopkins
March 29, 2021
Photos: (header) Tel Aviv Municipal Government; (gallery, clockwise from lower left) Freedom Israel (x2), The National, CBS News, The Spectator

DISCLAIMER: DISCLAIMER: The preceding essay is entirely the work of our in-house satirist and self-appointed political pundit, CJ Hopkins, and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Consent Factory, Inc., its staff, or any of its agents, subsidiaries, or assigns. If, for whatever inexplicable reason, you appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to support it, please go to his Substack page, or his Patreon page, or send your contribution to his PayPal account, so that maybe he’ll stop coming around our offices trying to hit our staff up for money. Alternatively, you could purchase his satirical dystopian sci-fi novel, Zone 23, or Volume I and II of his Consent Factory Essays, or any of his subversive stage plays, which won some awards in Great Britain and Australia. If you do not appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to write him an abusive email, feel free to contact him directly.

79 thoughts on “The “Unvaccinated” Question

  1. Uncomfortably close to the truth, I feel. Feeling is about all I’m allowed to do these days without breaking some rule or other. I am old fashioned by the New Normal’s definition and am isolated in my own home (mentally not physically) but it’s good to know others feel the same as me, otherwise I would have to retire to a nunnery to find solace!

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  2. The new normal represents the “new pigs on the block”: “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

    George Orwell

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  3. Brilliant I imagined this is where we would end up from the beginning, but in the end all you can do is stand your ground its gonna be a fight alright.


  4. Maybe two things are both right: there is a pandemic caused by a virus we don’t know much about and also that the globalists are using it for their own means – “let no disaster go to waste.” A pandemic is an opportunity for the totalitarians; with an ever-increasing human population, they will become more frequent.


    1. I have no idea how the virus originated, but I have no doubt that it is quite feasible to create such a virus of more or less any degree of infectiousness and deadliness.

      One objection (quite reasonably) made to such ideas is that “if this is a bioweapon, it’s not very effective”. That’s very true.

      But what if it’s just a prototype – or a calibrating shot?


  5. Excellent, excellent article!!

    Keep your eyes open and tread lightly when walking through the borderlands— you never know what you might step in.     Jesus is the ONLY way the ONLY truth and the ONLY life.

     NO one gets to the Father’s Heaven except through








  6. Watch Event 201–plans don’t develop overnight. Contrived crises are designed over decades and are kept on the back-burner until the ghouls decide to “pull the trigger.”

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  7. Clearly! what we need is a FINAL SOLUTION. It seems you, CJ, are in the perfect place, near that lake, what was it now . . . oh yes, Wannsee. Put out the call for an international ‘conference’ to rid humanity (or maybe it’s inhumanity, I’m never sure) of this infestation. I hear there is a most effective disinfectant. I believe it’s called Zyklon B.
    Anyway, thanks for the ‘heads up’ as if we we are all just playing baseball (opening day April 1!).

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  8. For some reason, I’m generally just not comfortable with unconditional positive regard. But when I read Hopkins, it just kind of wells up in a way that’s vaguely embarrassing.

    Perhaps I’m subconsciously afraid that some knowing observer will finally expose him as “controlled opposition”, or maybe even a “crisis actor”. I kid, I kid– those terms have been done to death in online comments threads; they are almost always used as blackballs to denounce or discredit public figures (or other commenters) who reveal so much as a toenail of clay.

    Anyway, as usual beyond applause I just can’t think of much to add to Hopkins’ usual trenchant, if sobering, insightful analysis. But I do wonder how the once-were, or have-been, or would-be leftists who buy into the scamdemic– I’ve dubbed this group the “Left Behind”– might respond to it.

    They came to mind when I read the passage beginning “They do not trust us. We are strangers among them. […]” They also believe that scamdemic skeptics and resisters superciliously and ruthlessly despise and disrespect them, especially those with serious chronic health problems, for giving the authorities the benefit of the doubt and following their “public-health measures” in perpetuity as a matter of taking necessary sensible precautions.

    Sadly, they are outraged and incensed at the skeptical analysis, exactly as one might react to a friend who scoffs at the claim that one has received credible death threats.

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  9. “Left behind” is an apt description for a devolved political ideology. Simply put, they’re totally opposite of anything remotely considered independent thinkers who’ll critically analyze data before blindly accepting the official narrative.

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  10. I can’t tell you how best to resist, but I can tell you it starts with seeing things clearly, and calling things, and people, exactly what they are.

    Having done that for my whole life, never seen it bring about anything but clashes, at least verbal.
    You know when in the Karamàzov the Grand Inquisitor observes one in ten thousand men is capable of being free. Let’s say that was a stretch, by a factor of 100 if you wish. Even one in a hundred will be powerless, he/she, together with all the freedom he/she may vaunt, and all the truth-orientated names they can call whatever they please (or feel the urge) to.

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  11. The irony of the human condition is that to resist group-think, our inclination is to form and join a resistive group…. then define and defend this new group’s creed, and the cycle continues. Vanity vanity.

    I am reminded of a gem (on of hundreds) by C.S. Lewis:
    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.” C.S. Lewis “God in the Dock”

    For me, resisting this globalism BS as one, is pure joy.
    It somehow affirms that I am a human, created by God to think and breathe without asking permission, getting in line, or inside the lines, etc.

    Please join me in supporting Mr. Hopkins as he continues his thinking and writing. I also pray that he will be preserved. He would be better off in Miami rather than Berlin, I’m afraid.

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  12. Why does every commentator these days go to great pains to qualify what they are about to say, by disclaiming that they are a “conspiracy” theorist? I don’t mean CJ necessarily (he’s just being funny), but just about everyone these days. People do conspire, people have always conspired and people are conspiring right now, for all manner of things. Demonizing and ridiculing the analyses of a plan or plot by 2 or more persons (ie. a conspiracy) is a means by which analyses is shut down. Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are indeed major players in this Covid hysteria, vaccinating the world, centralizing the worlds economy etc etc etc. Must we pretend otherwise at this point? Both men were present in NYC in October 2019 for Event 201, a couple of months before the first outbreak of Coronavirus, war-gaming in excruciating detail what the world’s response to a possible Coronavirus would be …
    Conspiracy theory or outrageous coincidence acceptance?


  13. I cannot express how filled I am with hope and joy after reading this article and these comments here. I have already vowed to resist the vaccine and any other actions put forward by those who wish to be our overlords. I will keep saying, No!”, just as in the 4th season Babylon 5 episode (“Intersections in Real Time”) Captain Sheridan said to a being about to face probable torture. That statement grabbed me then and has stayed with me ever since. Just keep telling them, “No!” I pray I am strong enough.

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  14. CJ great article as always and thank you for your sacrifice.

    Some (I’ve heard) are TIRED of hearing about the window. They will…They want to…but not to be the poor bastard in ‘89 standing in front of that tank in Tianenmen.

    Florida is a “nice” story it really is but i need divisions of Texans and theyre defending their own lines.


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