The Vaccine (Dis)Information War

So, good news, folks! It appears that GloboCap’s Genetic Modification Division has come up with a miracle vaccine for Covid! It’s an absolutely safe, non-experimental, messenger-RNA vaccine that teaches your cells to produce a protein that triggers an immune response, just like your body’s immune-system response, only better, because it’s made by corporations!

OK, technically, it hasn’t been approved for use — that process normally takes several years — so I guess it’s slightly “experimental,” but the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency have issued “Emergency Use Authorizations,” and it has been “tested extensively for safety and effectiveness,” according to Facebook’s anonymous “fact checkers,” so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

This non-experimental experimental vaccine is truly a historic development, because apart from saving the world from a virus that causes mild to moderate flu-like symptoms (or, more commonly, no symptoms whatsoever) in roughly 95% of those infected, and that over 99% of those infected survive, the possibilities for future applications of messenger-RNA technology, and the genetic modification of humans, generally, is virtually unlimited at this point.

Imagine all the diseases we can cure, and all the genetic “mistakes” we can fix, now that we can reprogram people’s genes to do whatever we want … cancer, heart disease, dementia, blindness, not to mention the common cold! We could even cure psychiatric disorders, like “antisocial personality disorder,” “oppositional defiant disorder,” and other “conduct disorders” and “personality disorders.” Who knows? In another hundred years, we will probably be able to genetically cleanse the human species of age-old scourges, like racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia, etcetera, by reprogramming everyone’s defective alleles, or implanting some kind of nanotechnological neurosynaptic chips into our brains. The only thing standing in our way is people’s totally irrational resistance to letting corporations redesign the human organism, which, clearly, was rather poorly designed, and thus is vulnerable to all these horrible diseases, and emotional and behavioral disorders.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. The important thing at the moment is to defeat this common-flu-like pestilence that has no significant effect on age-adjusted death rates, and the mortality profile of which is more or less identical to the normal mortality profile, but which has nonetheless left the global corporatocracy no choice but to “lock down” the entire planet, plunge millions into desperate poverty, order everyone to wear medical-looking masks, unleash armed goon squads to raid people’s homes, and otherwise transform society into a pathologized-totalitarian nightmare. And, of course, the only way to do that (i.e., save humanity from a flu-like bug) is to coercively vaccinate every single human being on the planet Earth!

OK, you’re probably thinking that doesn’t make much sense, this crusade to vaccinate the entire species against a relatively standard respiratory virus, but that’s just because you are still thinking critically. You really need to stop thinking like that. As The New York Times just pointed out, “critical thinking isn’t helping.” In fact, it might be symptomatic of one of those “disorders” I just mentioned above. Critical thinking leads to “vaccine hesitancy,” which is why corporations are working with governments to immediately censor any and all content that deviates from the official Covid-19 narrative and deplatform the authors of such content, or discredit them as “anti-vax disinformationists.”

For example, Children’s Health Defense, which has been reporting on so-called “adverse events” and deaths in connection with the Covid vaccines, despite the fact that, according to the authorities, “there are no safety problems with the vaccines” and “there is no link between Covid-19 vaccines and those who die after receiving them.” In fact, according to the “fact-checkers” at Reuters, these purported “reports of adverse events” “may contain information that is incomplete, inaccurate, coincidental, or unverifiable!”

Yes, you’re reading between the lines right. The corporate media can’t come right out and say it, but it appears the “anti-vax disinformationists” are fabricating “adverse events” out of whole cloth and hacking them into the VAERS database and other such systems around the world. Worse, they are somehow infiltrating these made-up stories into the mainstream media in order to lure people into “vaccine hesitancy” and stop us from vaccinating every man, woman, and child in the physical universe, repeatedly, on an ongoing basis, for as long as the “medical experts” deem necessary.

Here are just a few examples of their handiwork …

  • In California, a 60-year-old X-ray technologist received a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. A few hours later he had trouble breathing. He was hospitalized and died four days later. His widow says she’s not ready at this point to link her husband’s death to the vaccine. “I’m not putting any blame on Pfizer,” she said, “or on any other pharmaceutical company.” So, probably just another coincidence.
  • A 78-year-old woman in California died immediately after being vaccinated, but her death was not related to the vaccine, health officials assured the public. “(She) received an injection of the Covid-19 vaccine manufactured by Pfizer around noon. While seated in the observation area after the injection, [she] complained of feeling discomfort and while being evaluated by medical personnel she lost consciousness.” Despite the sudden death of his wife, her husband intends to receive a second dose.
  • Also in Michigan, a 90-year-old man died the day after receiving the vaccine, but, again, this was just a tragic coincidence. As Dr. David Gorski explained, “the baseline death rate of 90-year-olds is high because they’re 90 years old,” which makes perfect sense … unless, of course, they died of Covid, in which case their age and underlying conditions make absolutely no difference whatsoever.

And then there are all the people on Facebook sharing their stories of loved ones who have died shortly after receiving the Covid vaccine, who the Facebook “fact checkers” are doing their utmost to discredit with their official-looking “fact-check notices.” For example …

OK, I realize it’s uncomfortable to have to face things like that (i.e., global corporations like Facebook implying that these people are lying or are using the sudden deaths of their loved ones to discourage others from getting vaccinated), especially if you’re just trying to follow orders and parrot official propaganda … even the most fanatical Covidian Cultists probably still have a shred of human empathy buried deep in their cold little hearts. But there’s an information war on, folks! You’re either with the Corporatocracy or against it! This is no time to get squeamish, or, you know, publicly exhibit an ounce of compassion. What would your friends and colleagues think of you?!

No, report these anti-vaxxers to the authorities, shout them down on social media, switch off your critical-thinking faculties, and get in line to get your vaccination! The fate of the human species depends on it! And, if you’re lucky, maybe GloboCap will even give you one of these nifty numerical Covid-vaccine tattoos for free!


CJ Hopkins
February 23, 2021
Photos: (1) UNICEF; (2) WTKR; (3) Facebook post (with permission); (4) thegrabill/Twitter

DISCLAIMER: The preceding essay is entirely the work of our in-house satirist and self-appointed political pundit, CJ Hopkins, and does not reflect the views and opinions of the Consent Factory, Inc., its staff, or any of its agents, subsidiaries, or assigns. If, for whatever inexplicable reason, you appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to support it, please go to his Patreon page (where you can contribute as little $1 per month), or send your contribution to his PayPal account, so that maybe he’ll stop coming around our offices trying to hit our staff up for money. Alternatively, you could purchase his satirical dystopian sci-fi novel, Zone 23, or Volume I and II of his Consent Factory Essays, or any of his subversive stage plays, which won some awards in Great Britain and Australia. If you do not appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to write him an abusive email, feel free to contact him directly.

83 thoughts on “The Vaccine (Dis)Information War

  1. Love (not) how the Farcebook “fact checkers” are allowed to lie outright on COVID-19 and vaccine related posts. “Approved” is an outright lie. They are NOT FDA approved – only made available under the dubious EUA. This is at the very least a strategic omission of important context.

    BigPharma can’t advertise these experimental mRNA biotechnologies because they’re not FDA approved. They are only available under the dubious FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) so all the mainstream media, BigTech, and government hacks “advertise” for them – it’s unaccountable / unregulated “advertising by proxy” and it’s criminal. 😡 Our tax dollars (USA) – to the tune of $1B in the new stimulus package (not counting that of the past legislation) – are being used to generate / finance massive propaganda for the benefit of BigPharma.

    Kinda makes me think that the FDA EUA was / is a strategy – because if these were FDA approved drugs, they’d be relying-upon their “Old Model” of (regulated) advertising. This way they’re not constrained by legal / regulatory roadblocks. They’ve successfully off-loaded the “advertising” to their unregulated, unaccountable sycophants. 😡

    How can any critically thinking person NOT see the PsyOp? 😡

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    1. “How can any critically thinking person NOT see the PsyOp?”

      Read Chapter 6 (12 pages) of Mein Kampf to learn about the incredible power of this “spiritual weapon” called war propaganda, which can lead to “results that are almost beyond our understanding”.

      Read it and weep.

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  2. Yet… the “believers” will persevere on….

    Unrelated, but related: The “pandemic” really is a religion of sorts for Democrats – particularly the godless sector of them. Given that, the masks are their equivalent of Rosary Beads. You can hold them, you feel that they provide protection and you want to lash out at anyone that questions your faith in them. In the bigger picture, the “pandemic” gives their day purpose and structure that they may have not had before (formally known to others as “church”).

    For all these reasons, I think it is going to be a long time, if ever, that a sizable percentage of the population lets go of this insanity.

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  3. Thanks for another trenchant commentary, CJ. You may be aware that this one is particularly well-timed, since today the US is consumed by an orgy of hand-wringing, pearl-clutching, handkerchief-soaking grief and horror occasioned by this once-vibrant nation reaching a memorable reported Megadeath Virus of Doom death total.

    Here are just a handful of headlines memorializing this grim milestone:

    The New York Times: U.S. Reaches 500,000 Covid Deaths

    CBS News: Biden commemorates 500,000 U.S. lives lost to COVID-19

    Washington Post: 500,000 people should not have died in a country as ‘rich and sophisticated’ as U.S., Fauci says

    Associated Press: Biden mourns 500000 dead, balancing nation’s grief and hope 500,000 Covid deaths means 500,000 families like mine denied a proper goodbye

    NPR: US Surpasses 500,000 Deaths From COVID-19

    Yahoo News: Biden marks grim milestone of 500,000 COVID-19 deaths, but promises ‘America will smile again’

    But, hell, we’ll lick this thing yet with a one-two punch of mass vaccination and mass Stockholm Syndrome!

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      1. Hey, I thought you said in that TED talk that a 15% global reduction was your goal, you know, “that’s the kind of Eugenics we can all believe in”? Now you have to try to one-up ol’ Shicklegruber? Seems like some hubris has crept in there. Did you binge watch the new “Utopia” season too many times, get a little Cusack “mad-scientist” envy? Sharing those 33 / 57 numbers with him, and all those other weird connections in the article below – maybe you decided to go for all 6 billion marbles.

        Hey if you get a chance, go to the calculator at and type in “mind control”, hit Enter. Then type in “toilet paper” and hit Enter again. The guys over at The Company thought that one was a hoot, they couldn’t wait to push the button and make it so, back in April. Baaaaah. Baaaaah.


        1. “Well… That goal had to be updated due to our CLIMATE EMERGENCY”!

          That’s why modern moron slaves LOVE toilet paper so much… It provides them a sense of mind comfort!


          1. Not to celebrate misanthropy but if you go to the site and
            type in “mind control” – hit Enter
            type in “toilet paper” – hit Enter
            The very low probability coincidence{?} that you will see displayed was well known in top MaXonic circles prior to 2020.
            But that didn’t stop them from using the media last Spring to mock the rest of us with it.
            As CJ might agree, modern media are a very potent instrument of mind control, or as some call it, propaganda.
            The word “Government” alludes to a similar elite insight: Govern~control + ment[ation]~mental activity~minds

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  4. Yip my friend a “bit ahead of yourself” as the medical experimentation( injection of mrna and toxins) is for no real disease/virus.
    .Covid 19 is just a thought form just a collective mental infection.
    The injections are unlawful which is why they can’t force them /make them mandatory .
    Remain or rather become calm and say ” No”


  5. People may survive the shot, in fact most will. But that’s not the real trouble: “The animal studies conducted in the past on MERS and SARS vaccines show unequivocally that vaccines against members of this clade of coronaviruses caused DISEASE ENHANCEMENT, mostly in the older animals, meaning more severe COVID upon exposure to the virus following vaccines. The two studies conducted by Moderna and Pfizer on the leading vaccines failed to measure for enhanced immunopathology in any organ site other than the lung – and they failed to measure a key indicator of disease enhancement (IL-5). Pfizer removed an outlier from their small study, which is not accepted practice in the statistical analysis of studies such as these.
    My own research shows that all immunogenic epitopes in the SARS-CoV-2 virus except one have high potential for pathogenic priming due to homology to human proteins in a wide variety of human tissues (Lyons-Weiler, 2020). Since no animal studies were conducted on older animals, we have no idea of the COVID19 vaccines being considered will cause pathogenic priming leading to disease enhancement in the liver, pancreas, spleen, brain, intestines, and central nervous system. Unqualified recommendations of COVID19 vaccines could lead to a public health crisis due to disease enhancement that makes 2020 look like a walk in the park.
    The vaccine should be sent back to the drawing board for proper translational studies. Unsafe epitopes should be removed. I have peer reviewed three COVID19 vaccine studies and the authors of those studies all agreed to remove the unsafe epitope found easily by computational search.
    I urge with every ounce of my scientific background that you specifically exclude the elderly from recommendation until autoimmune and immune reactogenicity is fully studied in older animals. Further, given the head-spinning pace at which the vaccine studies have been conducted, especially given the combination of Phase2/3, the lack of screening for prior exposure, the dubious interpretations of efficacy published in press-releases without rigorous peer-review, I strongly recommend that you caveat any recommendation of COVID19 vaccines for any population “without mandate” and similarly for any future and past ACIP-recommended vaccine. This at the very least would help stop any insurrection or rioting that will occur if millions of people experience more serious COVID19 symptoms or mass deaths following infection following vaccination.”

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    1. These health terrorists are not morons, unlike the sheeple… They will never deploy a “vaccine” that causes immediate large numbers of deaths. The goal is to deploy a mRNA that will start to CULL SILENTLY. Since the synthetic engineered protein is very similar to a protein that our organism also produces this will cause our immune system (I.S.) to start to attack our organism (autoimmune disorders), from the brain, heart and sexual organs… and a few other key regions will be targeted by the I.S. since this mRNA is forcing our own cells to produce that foreign protein. ULTRA SMART SOLUTION to cull the herd of modern moron slaves!

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  6. Vitamin D supplements and sunshine plus zinc supplements would’ve shut down the need for any lock down, but as unpatentable natural products not made anything for Big Pharma who effectively own the CDC, WHO and many governments.


  7. All of these people dying after getting the injections are clearly dying from COVID according to the criteria that’s been in place for a year now. Better hurry and inject everyone else as quickly as possible, many times too, because some people have “gotten COVID” (another discussion altogether) after having already had two or three shots. Apparently the “vaccine” doesn’t always work the first time. … or the second. … or the third for that matter. Funny how that works.


  8. CJ helps keep me somewhat sane. This recent article had me laughing aloud. (must be a law against that).
    But then, I went back and clicked on the links (I encourage you to do this too) and just got a bit angry like this one about anti social behavior.

    “Antisocial personality disorder, like other personality disorders, is a longstanding pattern of behavior and experience that impairs functioning and causes distress.
    By definition, people with antisocial personality disorder don’t follow society’s norms, are deceitful and intimidating in relationships, and are inconsiderate of the rights of others. People with this type of personality may take part in criminal activity. But if they do, they are not sorry for their hurtful deeds. They can be impulsive, reckless and sometimes violent. This disorder is far more common and more apparent in men than women.”

    The first thing that sprang to my mind is that these people with this disease are the western worlds leaders! I kid you not and the sooner you start to see that the sooner you will be open to truth in that these leaders HATE YOU!
    They want, as Hillary said “an unaware and compliant citizenry”
    Do you really think that they brought in “refuges” because they wanted to help humanity? First they cause the problem in Syria, then they use that to destabilize the west.In the US we don’t need no crisis, we just open up the border and let it flow!
    I mean shit, if I lived in Mexico and my area was overrun with gangs and cartels I would want to come here too, at least the criminals here wear suits and are “elected” to there positions of power. So our leaders change the demographics of countries and if anyone says a word they are RACIST! So using the logic of “diversity” we need to import Millions of Africans to China as they are really not too diverse, and of course millions of Chinese to Africa. And how about New Zealand, Lets get ship them 5 million Latinos,a few million Africans and Chinese too. Think of all the countries that need this! Canada, for sure, Europe already done, Russia,that could be a problem! Aussie land for sure! Think about the phrase “people of color” what does that mean? Black, no matter where from, yes, Latino, no matter where from, yes again, Chinese, Asian, Arab? yes, yes ,yes. WHITE, no, no , no. You are the problem and everyone else is a person of color. divide,conquer and this was working out well but it was talking a bit too long for our overlords so what happens next.
    A GLOBAL PANDEMIC!!!! Wow, never let a crisis go to waste and the Globocaps are working overtime on this and not even being covert anymore in regards to what they are doing. We can crush small business, get people to wear masks, lock themselves down with some just loving it and wanting more. free speech, right to assemble, due process, all gone in a few years. Takes thousands of years to build western civilization and gone like that. I am not so optimistic anymore. Some people like to use the phrase “our WWII” but this is a chance for us boomers to stand up and say FUCK YOU! Hard to believe that not wearing a face diaper is looked at with scorn and is a sign of rebellion. After I stopped wearing mine I thought about young men going to Omaha beach and thought how pathetic I am if all I can do is take off a mask to show my courage. More must be done. Resist while you can, time is of the essence.


  9. Thank you so much for describing the disinformation techniques of anti-vaxxers by demonstrating them in action.

    For anyone taking this article seriously: vaccines are obviously safer than your own immune system reacting to the disease because a vaccine isn’t a virus, so it simply does not have the capacity of replicating inside your body to the point that it overwhelms your immune system. A vaccine is far, far less likely to kill you than a virus. If the coronavirus itself doesn’t worry you because of low mortality rates, then a vaccine clearly should worry you a lot less, because it has a much lower mortality rate.


  10. Hahaha disinformation technique energywatchers.

    Few glaring problems with your indoctrinated PC Woke BS:
    1) No new deadly virus” sars cvo2 ” has been isolated.

    2)Sars cov2 was 100% computer generated which means you’ve got a bad case of a mental virus..

    3)The injection is not a “vaccine” its unlawful medical experimentation.
    Oh and many have died after being injected with it.


  11. I pray to Andrew Cuomo every night that he put an end to this hideous plague of covidiots and anti vaxxers. This hateful cabal of conspiracy nut jobs backed by the full weight of countries like India insinuating themselves into our society at every turn. Please Jeff Zuckerberg I pray you make them stop spreading their hurtful lies about Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. The shot is sent to us from Bill Gates himself to save us from our own faulty immune systems. Thank you CJ for assuring us of the safety of this shot. Please continue your noble work of exposing these dangerous anti vax conspiracy nut jobs who are well financed by hate groups such as the Children’s Health Defense and that Robert Kennedy guy. It is completely selfish of them that they refuse to get medical procedures that will help all of us. We are all in this together.


  12. Given the number of face diapered obedient morons out there ready for any and every humiliation, surrender, comliance to any insane, absurd and fascist ‘order’ from their corrupt ‘leaders’, the future looks bleak.

    It seems that aorund 50 millions Americans accepted already to get poisoned by untested, usanfe, unnaproved mRNA gene ‘therapy’.

    Einstein famously said that he knew of two thing sthat were infinite, the universe and human stupidity, although he wasn’t sure for the former.

    They’d rather have their children enslaved, miserable and killed than move from their little comfort zones to defend their rights.

    It’s so easy to pretend to believe the official lies so they can sleep at night.

    We saw the same happening in the 20th century, were genocides were common (from the Armenian genocide to Rwanda). Everybody knew, it took decades to just recognize it.

    As usual the fight will be done by small but motivated minorities and if they win, the morons, as usual, will pretend they, too, were part of the resistance .

    This time, who is going to save us from fascism?


  13. They are not singing and dancing in heaven.
    The earth is filled with covid madness and irrationality and on the brink of massive population murder.


  14. Personally I’m worried that winter 2021 may well see the undertakers being busy. Many of us could be mourning the passing of older relatives if the concerns about the jab are true


  15. Too many rational thinkers using logic here. We all know whats going on. The faster the unraveling and implosion the sooner the counter-revolution can begin.

    This is outstanding writing CJ


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