Are You Ready for Total (Ideological) War?

So, welcome to 2021! If last week was any indication, it is going to be quite an exciting year. It is going to be the year in which GloboCap reminds everyone who is actually in charge and restores “normality” throughout the world, or at least attempts to restore “normality,” or the “New Normality,” or the “Great Normal Reset,” or “The New Normal War on Domestic Terror” … or whatever they eventually decide to call it.

In any event, whatever they call it, GloboCap is done playing grab-ass. They have had it with all this “populism” malarkey that has been going on for the last four years. Yes, that’s right, the party is over, you Russian-backed white supremacist terrorists! You Trump-loving, anti-mask grandmother killers! You anti-vax, election-fraud-conspiracy theorists! You deviants who refuse to follow orders, wear your damn masks, vote for who they tell you, and believe whatever completely nonsensical official propaganda they pour into your heads!

Oh, yes, you really did it this time! You stormed the goddamned US Capitol. You and your racist, Russia-backed army of bison-hat wearing half-naked actors have meddled with the primal forces of GloboCap, and now, by God, you will atone! No, do not try to minimize your crimes. You entered a building without permission! The building where America simulates democracy! You walked around in there waving silly flags! You went into the Chamber, into people’s offices! One of you actually put his filthy populist feet up on Pelosi’s desk … ON HER DESK! This aggression will not stand!

OK, before I go any further with this essay, I need to explain to my regular readers (in case it wasn’t already clear) that I’ve decided to forswear every word I’ve ever written, and all my principles, and my common sense, and join the remainder of my old leftist and liberal friends in the orgy of online hate and outrage they are currently mindlessly indulging in.

Yes, I realize this comes as a shock, but I have seen the GloboCap writing on the wall, and I don’t want to … you know, get ideologically “cleansed,” or charged with “extremism,” or “insurrectionism,” or “domestic terrorism,” or “populism,” or whatever. I’m already in enough trouble as it is for not playing ball with their “apocalyptic plague,” and whatever else I am, I am certainly no martyr, and I have a career in the arts to consider, so I have decided to listen to my inner coward and join the goose-stepping global-capitalist mob, which is why this column sounds slightly out of character.

See, back in the old days, before my conversion, I would have made fun of my liberal friends for calling this “storming” of the Capitol a “coup,” or an “insurrection,” and for demanding that the protesters be prosecuted as “domestic terrorists.” I probably would have scolded them a bit for taking to the Internet and spewing their hatred at the unarmed woman shot dead by the police like a pack of soulless, totalitarian jackals. I might have even made a reference to that infamous scene in Schindler’s List where the crowd of “normal” German citizens all laugh and jeer as the Jews are marched away to the ghetto by the Nazi goons.

But, now that I have seen the light, I see how bad and wrong that would have been. Clearly, trespassing in the US Capitol is a crime that should be punishable by death. And comparing contemporary American liberals to the “good Germans” during the Nazi era is so outrageous that … well, it should probably be censored. So, good thing I decided not to do that! Plus, the woman was a “devoted conspiracy theorist,” so she got what she deserved, right? (“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes” was the official liberal shibboleth, I believe.)

In fact (and I hope my liberal friends are still reading this), the police should have shot the entire lot of them! All these Russian-backed Nazi insurrectionists should have been gunned down right there on the spot, preferably by muscle-bound corporate mercenaries and CIA snipers in Black Hawk helicopters with big Facebook and Twitter logos on them! Actually, anyone who trespassed in the Capitol Building (which is like a cathedral), or just came to the protest wearing a MAGA hat, should be hunted down by federal authorities, charged as a “domestic white-supremacist terrorist,” frog-marched out onto Black Lives Matter Plaza, and shot, in the face, live, on TV, so that everyone can watch and howl at their screens like the Two Minutes Hate in 1984. That would teach these “insurrectionists” a lesson!

Or they could shoot them in one of those corporate-branded stadiums! We could make it a weekly televised event. It’s not like there is any shortage of Trump-supporting “domestic terrorists.” They could use a different stadium every week, deck the place out with big “New Normal” banners, play music, make speeches, the whole nine yards. Everyone would have to wear masks, of course, and strictly adhere to social distancing. Folks could bring the kids, make a day of it.

How am I doing so far, leftist and liberal friends? No? Not fanatical and hateful enough?

OK, so what is it going to take to convince you that I have changed my tune, got my mind right, and am totally on board with the New Normal totalitarianism? Trump? Sure, I can do Trump. I hate him! He’s Hitler! He’s Russian Hitler! He’s Russian White Supremacist Hitler! Yes, I know I’ve spent the last four years pointing out that he isn’t actually Hitler, or a Russian agent, and that he’s really just the same ridiculous, narcissistic ass clown that he has always been, but I was wrong. He’s definitely Hitler, and a Russian agent! He is certainly not just a pathetic old huckster without a single powerful ally in Washington who could not stage an actual coup if Putin nuked every blue state on the map.

No, I soil myself in fear before his awesome power. Never mind that he’s just been banned by Facebook, Twitter, and numerous other corporate platforms, and made a fool of by the corporate media, the international political establishment, the Intelligence agencies, and the rest of GloboCap since the day he took the oath of office. Forget the fact that, although he holds the nuclear launch codes in his tiny little hands and is Commander in Chief of the US military, the most he could do to challenge his removal was file a buttload of hopeless lawsuits and sit around in the Oval Office eating cheeseburgers and tweeting into the night. No, none of that means a thing, not when he still has the power to “embolden” a few dozen pissed-off Americans to storm (or calmly walk) into the Capitol and take selfies sitting in the Vice President’s Chair!

Look, the point is, I hate him. And I hate his supporters. I hate everyone who doesn’t hate him and his supporters. I hate everyone who won’t wear a mask. I hate the Republicans. I hate the Russians. I hate everyone who won’t get the vaccine. My God do I hate them! I am so full of hatred and mindless rage that it is making me crazy. I am so consumed with self-righteous hatred, propaganda, and manufactured hysteria that, if Rachel Maddow, or Chris Hayes, or whoever, told me that it was time to round them all up, these “domestic terrorists,” these “insurrectionists,” these “conspiracy theorists,” these “anti-mask extremists” (and anyone else who won’t obey us), and put them on trains and send them to camps, I’d probably be OK with that.

How am I doing, liberals? Am I back in the club? Because, I get it. I swear! I’m cured! Praise God! I’m ready to pitch in and do my part. I believe in GloboCap’s final victory! I’m willing to work, if our leaders order me, ten, twelve, or fourteen hours a day, and give all I have for GloboCap victory! I am ready for total ideological war … an ideological war more total and radical than anything I can even imagine!

Sure, our imaginary enemies are formidable (and this war will probably last forever … or at least until the end of global capitalism), but, in the words of one our greatest liberal heroes, George W. Bush, “bring it on!”


CJ Hopkins
January 11, 2021
Photos: (1) 1930s German film footage; (2) CNN

DISCLAIMER: The preceding essay is entirely the work of our in-house satirist and self-appointed political pundit, CJ Hopkins, and does not reflect the views and opinions of the Consent Factory, Inc., its staff, or any of its agents, subsidiaries, or assigns. If, for whatever inexplicable reason, you appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to support it, please go to his Patreon page (where you can contribute as little $1 per month), or send your contribution to his PayPal account, so that maybe he’ll stop coming around our offices trying to hit our staff up for money. Alternatively, you could purchase his satirical dystopian novel, Zone 23, or Volume I and II of his Consent Factory Essays, or any of his subversive stage plays, which won some awards in Great Britain and Australia. If you do not appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to write him an abusive email, feel free to contact him directly.

64 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Total (Ideological) War?

  1. Beautiful! However, do you realize there are actual leftists out there who will read this and actually think you are being serious??


    1. Jung had foreseen this a long time ago, and wasn’t particularly happy about it.

      He called it Enantiodromia, and it seems that we’re going through it on a collective level. The Bible called it the Antichrist.


    2. No, this is not the case. Sadly, psychiatry & its offshoots (eg clinical psychology) long ago retreated from TRUTH. All one needs do is to look at the denial of reality in “Tranny World.” Ideology opposed to the basic design of man consisting of “complementary opposites,” shows an utter abandonment of reality. I never realized we as physicians ASSIGNED a gender at birth, rather than OBSERVING the physical equipment of the baby & made the obvious binary choice.

      Delusions about one’s body does not contribute to reality, they feed a retreat from reality. Sadly, positing that this delusional belief system will be rejected in the future appears out of step with decades of cognitive & moral rot, the purpose of “the long march.”


    3. Maybe the lawyers and political science professors too…

      [video src="" /]

      I love CJH’s sense of humor, and there’s certainly a lot of de-corporatizing and de-corrupting that needs to happen to make the world a better and safer and more just place. But he’s wrong about Trump. Compared to the Blue Fascists who are acting out currently, threatening to vaporize the Constitution, Trump is just a freedom loving pussy cat. But my 6th sense is telling me that they about to feel The Claws, just long and hard enough to set things right and “bring balance to the force”, so to speak. We’ll know by the 20th if I was prophetic, or pathetic.


  2. You the only fellow leftist person I know (of) who expresses so well these times’ mad unconscious hypocrisy and terror. And helps me from going mad myself. Carry on, brother.

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    1. Damn that is an outstanding quote and observation. Caitlin is certainly another truthteller for our age. There aren’t that many though.


  3. Reblogged. Brilliant! Using the term “good German’s” I interpreted you to mean that was the normal and good thing to do from the Nazi perspective. I’m mindful of the Hollywood named movie The Good German to mean that “Good” were those who resisted the Nazi program and helped rescue the Jews. By this lenses the normal or average German’s were bad by not speaking up and allowing their society, culture, mindset to become evil. By the same view then the American liberals, by largely accepting Globocaps nazification of society they too are normal, average and “bad”. The “good” people are like you CJ. Maybe one day they’ll make a movie about you… The Good Literalist! ;-)

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    1. In no way justifying the weird occult NAZI ideology, especially the eugenics they picked up from American thought trend setters like Margaret Sanger, but I have to observe, the Germans got a truly raw deal out of WW One, they were kind of winning and hoping for a truce in 1916, but Britain promised the Jews Palestine if they would support a renewed push for victory over England’s main commercial and colonial rival. So the Jews, well treated in Germany to that point, turned on a dime worldwide against Germany. Then after the end in Nov. 1918, the reparations regime that was imposed on the Germans was cruel and draconian, destroying their economy well before the 1929 “Crash”. Hitler had all that history to play against as he and his old money German industrial family backers – and some wealthy Americans and their corporations (look up Sen. Prescott Bush) – sought to invest and rebuild. The “Good Germans” were ordinary people who watched Hitler’s early economic successes, the way unemployment ended in a couple years, and as a result kind of looked the other way as the heat was turned up, very gradually. Schools were turned into socialist ideological venues, family morals purposefully loosened, churches pushed to include statist friendly messages, informers proliferated, and pretty soon, there was no sacred space left, and fear took care of the rest. Only a few small clear eyed groups of people like Deitrich Bonhoffer remained to say “No”.

      And THAT is why the moderate left is crazy to sit idly by and allow censoring and cancelling of Trumper populists, even making threats of a serious Pogrom against them, even with the Trumpers’ baggage of suspicion and frankly truthful objections to the latest UN/Globalist/Bankster agendas, like CV as tool of statist control. Because you really DO NOT KNOW from whence the next major wave of totalitarian impulses will arise. It probably would not be the American populist right, as I think CJ is at pains to explain to them. Once those precedents are set, you’re replaying Germany 1919-1939 with the “official” roles reversed, albeit with more Stalineque than Nationalist overtones.


  4. Excellent as always, C.J.; and a fitting reminder to Leftists that their new ideological platforms only make sense when read as satire. If they could switch off the hive mind for a minute, it might give them pause…


  5. Along these lines, I propose the following 5 million people gathering in Wash DC:
    – Everyone wear a Joe Biden blue hat (OK to have horns sticking out the side)
    – Everyone wear a Joe Biden blue T-shirt
    – Everyone carry an umbrella
    – For 2 hours, Rock the Nation with a Viking war chant: Joe.. Bi-Den (stamp, stamp), Joe.. Bi-Den (stamp, stamp), Joe .. Bi-Den (stamp, stamp).
    – I think that would literally create an earthquake.


  6. Herr Haupkintz,

    Welcome to THE NEW NORMAN!

    I am so pleased to see that you have seen the light (have you been vaccinated?) and are now prepared to join THE GREAT RESENT. Your description of how these scheming and barbarous anti-democratic insurrectionists should have been dealt with “right there on the spot” is admirable (if a little restrained). The weekly TV / stadium shows are an excellent suggestion. The kids would love it!

    These fanatical and bloodthirsty terrorists were quite clearly carrying out an extremely well-planned and highly disciplined attempt (devised and organised by the evil Trump-handling genius Putin himself) to capture the universally worshipped, incorruptible, and peace-loving Supreme Temple of Freedom and Democracy – that Glorious Beacon of Eternal Hope for all who happily humble themselves to receive its blessings and bounteous favours.

    With a bit of luck your exemplary willingness to serve GloboCrap will come to the attention of Koupenfuhrer Victory Nuland and she will reach out to you to join her victorious peace-loving ranks of regime-changers who proudly carry the (strictly legal, non-violent, anti-racist, anti-sexist, LGBTQuibble, pro-immigrant, etc.) Torch of Democracy to all nations that are still under the heel of Russian-loving Nationalist Fascist Dictators who deny and defy the benevolent God-given Glory and Manifest Destiny of Western (see John Wayne) Democracy and Absolutely-No-Strings-or-Arms-Attached-Financial Services. I’m sure you would be a most valuable asset in the making of the completely spontaneous and uplifting “Colour” revolutions (see Ukraine) of the future. This could be it – The Big Break – the one you’ve been waiting for. (I’ll bet you never thought it would be so easy to “see the light” and publicly repent for your past mistakes.)

    Good luck! (And remember to make sure you’ve been certifiably vaccinated before the Koupenfuhrer calls!)


    1. PS. Pay no attention to the comment posted on January 11, 2021 at 11:19 by ddahl67
      He wrote, “Beautiful! However, do you realize there are actual leftists out there who will read this and actually think you are being serious??” He’s obviously not with the program because he’s implying that you are not serious (when any damn fool can see that you are sincerely penitent about your past and deeply committed to working in the total ideological war). ddahl67 might well be a Trumpy troll or a Russki bot trying to plant a seed of doubt in the overworked minds of all the upstanding liberals who acknowledge the bravery of your turnaround and welcome you with open arms.


  7. Crackdown on anti-globalists in the USA? No tears for Americans from the world community. I wonder why. Some of it is schadenfreude and human brotherhood. We other earthlings have it far worse, as your US Tech companies, finance and media control global politics, economies and our helpless, demoralized societies permanently. Globalists and their minions don’t care about 70 million American mostly white Trump supporters being humiliated, mass-censored and disenfranchised. Finally, many disillusioned Americans, once believing they were special or exceptional, can now at least sympathize with the pain and subversion the world had to endure under US total dominance and hegemony. My god, how many countries have the globalists disabled, bombed and enslaved. You thought they couldn’t handle internal dissent? You are nothing special, Americans. You protest, your tyrants will take you out. Millions of you Americans, no problem. You don’t matter. See that.

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  8. You might think the loneliest person is now a Trump supporter but you are wrong. The loneliest person is now me, who what used to be called a liberal. A person who thinks free speech is a great thing, civil liberties, 4th amendment stuff like that. When i tried to explain to a young progressive that it might not be a good thing to censor the orange man he couldn’t believe it. He was fine as could be with it.
    Amazing how all those multinationals were outraged at Trump and his supporters but sent millions of dollars to BLM after they had their mostly peaceful protests.
    I am going to write my story how it was like to grow up in the 70’s, out till dark,no cell phones,internet,twitter,google etc
    I will bury it in a bottle and perhaps someone will find it and say something like, “I cant believe someone could live like that”
    this as they get their internal warning from their implant that it’s time for their mandatory monthly vaccine .

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  9. LOL also the way they used the world CAPITOL in the MSM somehow teleleported my brain in the Hunger Games Movie it’s somewhat puzzeling how reality and fiction start to get mixed up. Thanks for this rant made me laugh hard


  10. Loved it. What a great way to start the day. Reality and laughs. As an old leftist. I’m disappointed at the lack of skepticism on the left about all that has transpired over the last year. I have lost old friends, been attacked by people in a “radical” left organization that I’ve been part of for decades for questioning corporate narratives, and at the same time made new friends across the political spectrum. The propaganda gets stranger by the day. I sometimes feel like I’ve woken up in an insane asylum. So glad I discovered you CJ.

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  11. It seems to me your ironic (not REALLY satiric, is it) stance provides you with plausible deniability for nearly any opinion, reasonable or un, that a person could hold about the recent events in the Capitol. And it provides you with cover to laugh at ANYONE, not only your liberal friends. But “liberal” is just an ad hominem label, like “crank,” I suppose. And while you’re laughing at these so-called friends, I expect they’re just shaking their heads at you.


  12. The most frightening thing about this essay is that I actually know Leftists who think and speak this way. Some of them are even Jewish which makes it even weirder for them to think about frog marching and shooting people in the face after they condemn anything written with the word holocaust in it. Seriously, there are people who think this way. That lady at Harvard is one of them!


  13. ” I’m cured! Praise God! ”
    I’m not sure you are truly committed to our cause, Comrade. You can not be devoted to the “truth” if you still invoke loyalty to a racist, supremacist deity. Please come this way, and dress warm. It is a little chilly in the boxcar.

    Whitehall, NY


  14. My feelings, too. Although I would not have described myself as a full-on leftist, I was in the indie music scene and art community both in college and for some 15 years afterward, prior to moving to Germany some 10 years ago. What I have witnessed in the past four years has been nothing short of insane.

    I have to admit I have a soft spot for Trump. The man is so maligned and the amount of utterly provable fake news spit out by the corporate media so voluminous that I dare say I have a bit of respect for his ability to weather it, too. Tho I have to admit, TwoScoopsGate was truly the greatest scandal in US history prior to those Midwestern MAGA families storming the Capitol, selfie sticks in hand.

    Anyways, there is no other resistance to the Purple Revolution New Normalist Branch Covidians, outside of a few flaccid pockets here and there, and the odd government in Eastern Europe.

    Discovering this blog has been a breath of fresh air; don’t let the Ordnungsamt know I am maskless.

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  15. Wow the echo chamber is quite resonant in here. Kissing CJ’a ass won’t get you into heaven. Admitting that trump is a narcissistic ass I might put you in favor with the Pope though. Seeing what happened in the Capitol as an offshoot of trumpist dogma and a precursor to greater civil unrest would’ve actually been clever and prescient but you failed at doing that. Painting all liberals with a ridiculous ideologically unsound brush is good for selling dramas but not for conveying facts. I stopped being a Republican when I realized that self serving cronyism is the name of your game. Good luck in your Randian utopia. Maybe CJ is John Galt.


    1. I ran across this article a year or two back, it really helps explain how the public is manipulated, through news and heavy handed levels of production and staging at “crime scenes” like the Capital Building of late, followed by Full Spectrum Information Dominance, in ways that most people would never imagine were plausible, or possible. Deception is really an art form, and the scale of the production will generally match the value of the desired end state, the goals, of those pulling the strings. And they will not have any qualms, ethical or otherwise, about yanking them as hard as needed if casualties can be kept down to acceptable levels. Many of the scarier events that are consequential for discourse and action around the 2nd Amendment throw off similar kinds of clues and “tells”, if you know what to look for. GlobalCap: “Boo you whore”.

      Click to access tate.pdf


  16. Last comment, I promise. Overlook the URL/site – I know people have a knee jerk reaction to AJ.
    In return for overcoming that reaction, programmed or genuine, you will receive the gift of Advance Knowledge.
    I have a hunch, confirmed by lots of back channel data sources, that it isn’t as impossible as you think.

    [video src="" /]

    And on this one point, I will disagree with CJH – Trump may sound like an “Ass Clown”, but in fact, he is not, although he certainly has been gifted with an abundance of ego. Yes, he is an actor on some levels, but on others, he might as well be the reincarnation of Sun Tzu, as much as the mainstream does not want to see that.
    I believe this will be a great day for freedom, for both left and right libertarians, not the triump of Corporatism.


  17. @ No One

    “I stopped being a Republican when I realized that self serving cronyism is the name of your game.”

    Apparently you have failed to grasp the fact that “GloboCap” (as CJ calls it) is the epitome of self-serving crony capitalism.

    Whether that is masquerading as “left” or “right”, is irrelevant. Look no further than Mitch and Nancy for proof of that reality.

    That is why the crony capitalists on the left and the right are terrified of populism. The good news? They’re terrified.


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