Where’s the Hitler?

All right, that’s it. I’ve run out of patience. No more excuses. Where’s the Hitler?

Yes, you heard me. I’m talking to you. You respectable journalists and political pundits. You Intelligence officials and politicians. You fanatical liberals. You pseudo anti-fascists. All you members of the GloboCap “Resistance” who have been hysterically shrieking that “Trump is Hitler!” since he won the nomination back in 2016.

Well, OK, it’s December 2020. The show is almost over. When do we get Hitler?

No, do not tell me “any day now.” You’ve been telling us that for four straight years. Do we look like a bunch of gullible idiots that you can whip up into a four-year frenzy of mindless hatred and paranoia by screaming “Hitler!” over and over, and then not produce an actual Hitler?

Well, we’re not. We remember what you said. You promised us Hitler, and we want Hitler, or at least a decent facsimile of Hitler.

And don’t even think of trying to pretend that you didn’t actually promise us Hitler. You did. You want me to prove it? OK.

Remember back in 2016, when The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Guardian, the Washington Post, The Inquirer, and other such “leading respectable broadsheets,” and online magazines like Mother Jones, Forward, Slate, Salon, Vox, Alternet, and countless others, warned that Trump was sending secret anti-Semitic “dog whistle” signals to his underground army of Nazi terrorists by talking about “international banks,” “global elites,” the “political establishment,” and even “corporations” and “lobbyists” … all of which was supposedly code for “the Jews,” who he was going to exterminate if won the election?

I do. I remember that, distinctly.

How about after he won the election, when The Guardian reported that “white supremacy ha[d] triumphed!,” and The New York Times, NPR, Keith Olberman, and other verified news sources warned that America had descended into “racial Orwellianism,” or Zionist Anti-Semitism, or the “bottomless pit of fascism,” or whatever? Or when Michael Kinsley in the Washington Post confirmed that “Donald Trump is actually a fascist”?

Do you remember all that? Because I certainly do.

Remember Aaron Sorkin’s letter to his daughter warning her that millions of “Muslim-Americans, Mexican-Americans and African-Americans [were] shaking in their shoes” as they waited for Trump to round them all up and send them to the camps, along with the “Jewish Coastal Elites”?

And how about when Stern Magazine depicted Trump wrapped in the flag and heiling Hitler? Or when the Philadelphia Daily News also portayed him as Hitler on its cover?

What about when the corporate media reported that Trump had called those tiki torch Nazis in Charlottesville “very fine people” (despite the fact that he demonstrably did not)? Or when they caught Trump calling somebody a “globalist”? (That episode was particularly disturbing to me, personally, as I had no idea that I was literally a Nazi until the corporate media and the ADL explained that talking about “global capitalism,” or “neoliberalism,” or, God help me, “banks,” was just Nazi codespeak for “Kill the Jews!”)

Oh, and speaking of Nazi “dog whistles,” remember when the Department of Homeland Security embedded secret Nazi code in one of its official press releases? Or when that Jewish-Mexican-American law clerk signaled to Trump’s underground Nazi army that they had infiltrated the US Supreme Court, and thus the dreaded “Boogaloo” was probably imminent?

And who could forget when The New York Times published a full-blown dystopian fantasy in which Trump, Putin, Marine Le Pen, the AfD, and other notorious “globalist”-hating Hitler-alikes secretly formed an Evil Axis (the “Alliance of Authoritarian and Reactionary States”), dissolved the European Union and NATO, declared international martial law, and ethnically cleansed the world of immigrants? Or when they ran this propaganda film, “If You’re Not Scared About Fascism in the U.S., You Should Be!”

And the “emboldening”! I almost left out the “emboldening.” Surely, you remember when the corporate media reported that Trump was emboldening white-supremacist terrorism with his Hitlerian Tweets … as if homicidal racist psychopaths had been sitting around in their mother’s basements, semi-automatic rifles in one hand, smartphones tuned to Twitter in the other, just waiting to be “emboldened” by the president.

Oh, and the “concentration camps.” You know, the ones that Biden and Harris personally flew down and liberated the morning after they won the election. The ones where they put the kids in cages and forced all the prisoners to drink out of toilets. I couldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t mention them.

And those are just a few of the highlights.

Look, the point is, you “Resistance” people promised us Hitler for four years straight, and now you’re acting like you just defeated Hitler, and, I’m sorry, but that is not going to cut it. We’re going to need some actual Hitler before we transition to the Brave New Normal, or we might start to … you know, doubt your credibility.

I mean, come on. Lawsuits? Recounts? Audits? Angry tweets? Golf, for Christsakes? This is not remotely Hitlerian behavior. You people promised us an attempted coup, a Reichstag fire, Nazi militias occupying the halls of Congress, stadiums full of Sieg-heiling rednecks, white-supremacist terrorists terrorizing everyone … and now all we get is Rudy Giuliani sweating rivulets of hair dye, or something, on TV? All right, granted, that was pretty scary, but it’s not exactly Joseph Goebbels fanatically barking about “total war,” or legions of Hawaiian-shirt-wearing fascists goose-stepping up Pennsylvania Avenue.

The way I see it, you people have got another four or five weeks to goad Donald Trump into going full-Hitler and staging a coup, or gratuitously mass-murdering the Jews, or somebody, or the public is going to feel … well, bamboozled, and insulted, and even a little angry. They are going to feel like you “Resistance” people regard them as a bunch of total morons that you can manipulate, over and over again, with blatantly ridiculous propaganda that anyone with half a brain could see through … some of which, frankly, has been downright offensive.

Seriously, fascism, Hitler, the Holocaust … these are solemn, sensitive subjects. They’re not just convenient emotional buttons that you can press to whip folks into a frenzy of mindless paranoia and murderous hatred whenever you feel like demonizing some foreign leader or unauthorized president. The same goes for racism and anti-Semitism. These are real issues, which people care about. They’re not just glorified marketing buzz words that you can pull out of your bag of cheap tricks and slap onto your enemies like they don’t mean anything. If you spend four years accusing someone of literally being Adolf Hitler, or the resurrection of Adolf Hitler, and brainwash millions of credulous liberals into believing that America is on the brink of fascism, you can’t just suddenly say, “We were only kidding. We didn’t mean that he was actually Hitler, or that fascism was really on the rise.” People won’t stand for it. They’ll go ballistic. You’ll have some sort of revolt on your hands.

Or, all right, on second thought, maybe not. Maybe you can get away with pointing at some billionaire ass clown and howling “Hitler!” over and over, on a daily basis, for years and years, without ever providing any actual evidence that the ass clown in question resembles Hitler, or has done anything comparable to Hitler, or is in any way remotely similar to Hitler. Why not? You successfully Hitlerized Corbyn, not to mention Saddam, Gaddafi, and Milošević, and a long list of other “threats to democracy.” You’ll probably get away with Hitlerizing Trump.

After all, it appears you’ve convinced the public (or at least the vast majority of the public) that they are being attacked by an apocalyptic plague that causes mild to moderate flu-like symptoms (or, more commonly, no symptoms at all) in 95% of those infected and that over 99.7% survive, and thus we have to cancel constitutional rights, let government officials rule by decree, devastate the economy (or at least small businesses), have global corporations censor all dissent, force everyone to wear medical-looking masks, put whole societies under house arrest, psychologically terrorize children, and otherwise transform the planet into one big paranoid, totalitarian theme park.

If you can get people to go along with that … well, they’ll probably go along with anything.


CJ Hopkins
December 8, 2020
Photos: (1) The Mary Sue; (2) Stern Magazine

DISCLAIMER: The preceding essay is entirely the work of our in-house satirist and self-appointed political pundit, CJ Hopkins, and does not reflect the views and opinions of the Consent Factory, Inc., its staff, or any of its agents, subsidiaries, or assigns. If, for whatever inexplicable reason, you appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to support it, please go to his Patreon page (where you can contribute as little $1 per month), or send your contribution to his PayPal account, so that maybe he’ll stop coming around our offices trying to hit our staff up for money. Alternatively, you could purchase his satirical dystopian novel, Zone 23, or Volume I and II of his Consent Factory Essays, or any of his subversive stage plays, which won some awards in Great Britain and Australia. If you do not appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to write him an abusive email, feel free to contact him directly.

20 thoughts on “Where’s the Hitler?

  1. You forgot to mention the Hitlers in the EU, the ORBAN, the MORAWIECKI….

    I remember every time I mentioned to relatives: by calling those right of center guys that name, and invoke the pending holocaust of someone or other – you cheapen the real Holocaust and the real evil of a gangster organisation like the NDAP and it head honchos.
    But no, they had to persist and making fools out of themselves.

    It is after all a lot easier to label someone than discussing the state of global capitalism and the real thread of a “great Reset” which is the neo feudalist goal of the WEF.
    In this corporate Universe all property becomes productive and is used to either extract profit through the typical industrial capitalism or to extract rent and is owned by ac corporate elite.
    The plebs is just used to rent what it needs, is allowed a basic income to permit to rent all those goodies even when not gainfully employed (gainful of course for the further enrichment of the ruling elite) and basically is even more than in industrial and the present financial capitalism totally dependent on the goodwill of the corporate government how much it will dole out to keep the plebs alive.


    The Elite’s Great Reset Doctrine Is Considered an Advance Toward a New Type of Political Globalism and Fascism
    Not everyone is too keen on the great reset concept, and there’s a number of hit pieces against the idea trending on the web. For a case in point, an editorial published by the publication, Winter Oak, calls the new trend Schwab’s “fascist reset.”

    “This new fascism is today being advanced in the guise of global governance, biosecurity, the ‘New Normal,’ the ‘New Deal for Nature’ and the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution,’” explains the Winter Oak article.

    “The original fascist project, in Italy and Germany, was all about a merger of state and business. While communism envisages the take-over of business and industry by the government, which – theoretically – acts in the interests of the people, fascism was all about using the state to protect and advance the interests of the wealthy elite.”



  2. “The way I see it, you people have got another four or five weeks to goad Donald Trump into going full-Hitler and staging a coup, or gratuitously mass-murdering the Jews, or somebody…”

    Unlike the Democrats, who gratuitously mass-murdered Libyans and Iraqis and Surians and Afghans and Yemenis and Sudanese and Somalis.

    Thank goodness sanity is back at last.


  3. Grrrr. Syrians… That’s what happens when you get carried away by blissful enjoyment of gratuitous mass murder.

    Although actually “Surians” is phonetically correct.


    1. If it’s any consolation, I assumed that the Democrats’ gratuitous mass-murder of the “Surians” had been so thorough and comprehensive that the entire Surian people had vanished from memory.


  4. There’s a sinister brilliance to DNC operating procedure: seize control of Culture, thus ensuring that the vast majority of youth grow up in a televisual incubator that rams home a simple message: Democrats good, Republicans evil. Start from there, and you can convince your acolytes of anything. Should they ever get a peek behind the curtain of the Democrats’ soulless drive to wield absolute power, they’ll be able to comfort themselves with something along the lines of: “Well, we’re on the Right Side of History. That means we can’t be wrong!!!!”

    So depressing to watch all this Woke Youth convinced they’re changing the world, when they’re really just unthinking footsoldiers in Global Capital’s ever-morphing ability to remain in complete control.


  5. Mr. Hopkins needs to be reminded that sure Germans were following orders, as were the British, Americans, Canadians, French, Soviets and so on. You can’t run an army if they don’t follow orders Mr. Hopkins. This “just following orders” Red Herring came from the victors and their Kangaroo Nuremberg trials. He also needs to be reminded that only Adolf Hitler of all the world leaders was giving out peace proposals and perspective arms deals to prevent another world war. Mr. Hopkins also promotes the hoax of the holocaust with the statement, “I didn’t know where the trains were going”. Tell me Mr. Hopkins, were the American guards at the Eisenhower death camps at wars end just following orders to not assist starving German POW’s?
    The “the warm, fuzzy, pussified, peace-loving, post-war Germans”, exactly Mr. Hopkins, and that’s why Germany, an occupied country, is in so much trouble today. And not just Germany, the entire occupied West.


    1. “He also needs to be reminded that only Adolf Hitler of all the world leaders was giving out peace proposals and perspective arms deals to prevent another world war.”

      And your next line would have been: and Hitler only invaded Russia because the Russian had planned and were ready to invade Germany…a wonder than that Hitler was so successful with his operation Barbarossa to encounter the Russians that should have been oh so ready “invading” rather unprepared with their army.
      Any further discussion with one of your ilk is fruitless, and as an expat German I find guys like you too odious to engage with .


  6. CJ, you need to refer to the Resistance as the McResistance. Covid enthusiasts are Branch Covidians.

    I wish you lived in NRW around Cologne/or Duesseldorf, man. Things are tough here. Many dead brains.


  7. “You people promised us an attempted coup, a Reichstag fire, Nazi militias occupying the halls of Congress”

    Looks like you got what you asked for? It may have been a shitty failed version, but a version nonetheless.


  8. Barb, you beat me to it BUT this was a Reichstag fire …for the “Democrats”! It is very scary how all the DEMS plus all the usual suspects in the media (including most MSM in UK etc as well) were using “coup”. insurrection” etc. That language is simply ridiculous but it sets the stage for their impeachemnt attempt (again, ridiculous). The Reichstag fire was used to get what led to a one-party state. Soon in the USA you will have that: the sinister lying media, all the big tech giants, all the security acronyms, and all the Democrat politicians will be in total control. Schummer’s speech in the street was exactly what happened in the 30s Germany and it will lead to a crackdown on “domestic terrorists” meaning in this era anyone – but mainly conservatives – who don’t tow the line. Scary times. Where’s the Hitler? It certainly isn’t or wasn’t Donald Trump and it won’t be Biden…but…


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