The Minneapolis Putsch

Well, it looks like the Resistance’s long-anticipated “Second Civil War” has finally begun … more or less exactly on cue. Rioting has broken out across the nation. People are looting and burning stores and attacking each other in the streets. Robocops are beating, tear-gassing, and shooting people with non-lethal projectiles. State National Guards have been deployed, curfews imposed, “emergencies” declared. Secret Servicemen are fighting back angry hordes attempting to storm the White House. Trump is tweeting from an “underground bunker.” Opportunist social media pundits on both sides of the political spectrum are whipping people up into white-eyed frenzies. Americans are at each other’s throats, divided by identity politics, consumed by rage, hatred, and fear.

Things couldn’t be going better for the Resistance if they had scripted it themselves.

Actually, they did kind of script it themselves. Not the murder of poor George Floyd, of course. Racist police have been murdering Black people for as long as there have been racist police. No, the Resistance didn’t manufacture racism. They just spent the majority of the last four years creating and promoting an official narrative which casts most Americans as “white supremacists” who literally elected Hitler president, and who want to turn the country into a racist dictatorship.

According to this official narrative, which has been relentlessly disseminated by the corporate media, the neoliberal intelligentsia, the culture industry, and countless hysterical, Trump-hating loonies, the Russians put Donald Trump in office with those DNC emails they never hacked and some division-sowing Facebook ads that supposedly hypnotized Black Americans into refusing to come out and vote for Clinton. Putin purportedly ordered this personally, as part of his plot to “destroy democracy.” The plan was always for President Hitler to embolden his white-supremacist followers into launching the “RaHoWa,” or the “Boogaloo,” after which Trump would declare martial law, dissolve the legislature, and pronounce himself Führer. Then they would start rounding up and murdering the Jews, and the Blacks, and Mexicans, and other minorities, according to this twisted liberal fantasy.

I’ve been covering the roll-out and dissemination of this official narrative since 2016, and have documented much of it in my essays, so I won’t reiterate all that here. Let’s just say, I’m not exaggerating, much. After four years of more or less constant conditioning, millions of Americans believe this fairy tale, despite the fact that there is absolutely zero evidence whatsoever to support it. Which is not exactly a mystery or anything. It would be rather surprising if they didn’t believe it. We’re talking about the most formidable official propaganda machine in the history of official propaganda machines.

And now the propaganda is paying off. The protesting and rioting that typically follows the murder of an unarmed Black person by the cops has mushroomed into “an international uprising” cheered on by the corporate media, corporations, and the liberal establishment, who don’t normally tend to support such uprisings, but they’ve all had a sudden change of heart, or spiritual or political awakening, and are down for some serious property damage, and looting, and preventative self-defense, if that’s what it takes to bring about justice, and to restore America to the peaceful, prosperous, non-white-supremacist paradise it was until the Russians put Donald Trump in office.

In any event, the Resistance media have now dropped their breathless coverage of the non-existent Corona-Holocaust to breathlessly cover the “revolution.” The American police, who just last week were national heroes for risking their lives to beat up, arrest, and generally intimidate mask-less “lockdown violators” are now the fascist foot soldiers of the Trumpian Reich. The Nike corporation produced a commercial urging people to smash the windows of their Nike stores and steal their sneakers. Liberal journalists took to Twitter, calling on rioters to “burn that shit down!” … until the rioters reached their gated community and started burning down their local Starbucks. Hollywood celebrities are masking up and going full-black bloc, and doing legal support. Chelsea Clinton is teaching children about David and the Racist Goliath. John Cusack’s bicycle was attacked by the pigs. I haven’t checked on Rob Reiner yet, but I assume he is assembling Molotov cocktails in the basement of a Resistance safe house somewhere in Hollywood Hills.

Look, I’m not saying the neoliberal Resistance orchestrated or staged these riots, or “denying the agency” of the folks in the streets. Whatever else is happening out there, a lot of very angry Black people are taking their frustration out on the cops, and on anyone and anything else that represents racism and injustice to them.

This happens in America from time to time. America is still a racist society. Most African-Americans are descended from slaves. Legal racial discrimination was not abolished until the 1960s, which isn’t that long ago in historical terms. I was born in the segregated American South, with the segregated schools, and all the rest of it. I don’t remember it — I was born in 1961 — but I do remember the years right after it. The South didn’t magically change overnight in July of 1964. Nor did the North’s variety of racism, which, yes, is subtler, but no less racist.

So I have no illusions about racism in America. But I’m not really talking about racism in America. I’m talking about how racism in America has been cynically instrumentalized, not by the Russians, but by the so-called Resistance, in order to delegitimize Trump and, more importantly, everyone who voted for him, as a bunch of white supremacists and racists.

Fomenting racial division has been the Resistance’s strategy from the beginning. A quote attributed to Joseph Goebbels, “accuse the other side of that which you are guilty,” is particularly apropos in this case. From the moment Trump won the Republican nomination, the corporate media and the rest of the Resistance have been telling us the man is literally Hitler, and that his plan is to foment racial hatred among his “white supremacist base,” and eventually stage some “Reichstag” event, declare martial law and pronounce himself dictator. They’ve been telling us this story over and over, on television, in the liberal press, on social media, in books, movies, and everywhere else they could possibly tell it.

So, before you go out and join the “uprising,” take a look at the headlines today, turn on CNN or MSNBC, and think about that for just a minute. I don’t mean to spoil the party, but they’ve preparing you for this for the last four years.

Not you Black folks. I’m not talking to you. I wouldn’t presume to tell you what to do. I’m talking to white folks like myself, who are cheering on the rioting and looting, and are coming out to “help” you with it, but who will be back home in their gated communities when the ashes have cooled, and the corporate media are gone, and the cops return to “police” your neighborhoods.

OK, and this is where I have to restate (for the benefit of my partisan readers) that I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, and that I think he’s a narcissistic ass clown, and a glorified con man, and … blah blah blah, because so many people have been so polarized by insane propaganda and mass hysteria that they can’t even read or think anymore, and so just scan whatever articles they encounter to see whose “side” the author is on and then mindlessly celebrate or excoriate it.

If you’re doing that, let me help you out … whichever side you’re on, I’m not on it.

I realize that’s extremely difficult for a lot of folks to comprehend these days, which is part of the point I’ve been trying to make. I’ll try again, as plainly as I can.

America is still a racist country, but America is no more racist today than it was when Barack Obama was president. A lot of American police are brutal, but no more brutal than when Obama was president. America didn’t radically change the day Donald Trump was sworn into office. All that has changed is the official narrative. And it will change back as soon as Trump is gone and the ruling classes have no further use for it.

And that will be the end of the War on Populism, and we will switch back to the War on Terror, or maybe the Brave New Pathologized Normal … or whatever Orwellian official narrative the folks at GloboCap have in store for us.


CJ Hopkins
June 1, 2020
Photo: Nike (George Floyd commercial)

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50 thoughts on “The Minneapolis Putsch

      1. It is not what Faux News said – it is what the former Obama National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama said that will be taken seriously by enough idiots of the natural ruling party….not that it matters, the Russian thing is like one of the formulaic prayers said in the catholic church….or a Tibetan prayer wheel, you spin it and it prays for you….

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  1. “Things couldn’t be going better for the Resistance if they had scripted it themselves”.

    The “Resistance”? But surely you mean “the Russians”?

    It’s common knowledge that the Russians have been behind every increase in racial and political tension in the USA, going back to… well, before it was the USA. Then it was all the fault of the lousy British.

    The slave trade was run by Russians, with a long-term plan to destabilize a US president 300 years later. The Civil War was organized by the Russians, led by that insidious sleeper Avram Lincolnov. The loser complaints about the “robber barons”? Russians. Great Depression? Russians. And don’t even get me started on those rotten commies.

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  2. The big business funded liberal media loves identity politics.

    If the young ‘uns are hating on racism, they ain’t questioning inequality, demanding unions, protesting about pollution or trying to stop our great armed forces doing their jobs like those good for nothing hippies back in the 60’s and 70’s.

    It’s been a long struggle but we finally own them.


  3. Its more fearmongering chaos porn.
    A False Flag carried out by bused in out of state X men( X formally known as Blackwater).
    Floyd’s another brick in the NWO wall.
    These are not peaceful genuine 60’s gathering of protests with love behind them they are violent fearful orchestrated X-shows.
    Its a choice everyone has to make acting out of fear or love. Time to chose fear which creates tyranny and oppression or love.

    Its good not to buy into the msm Trump obsessional narrative as he is just a Banking cabal( UN New World Order ) puppet like all Central bank nation’s PM & Presidents. If you believe Biden( with Hellary as a 2cd for when he “dies”) would change anything you are so politically naive.


  4. Hey, it’s a business. The liberal Identity racket. You get yourself some aggrieved constituency and furiously beat the drums. Raise your profile big time. The, proceed to sell out. Go for the funding. From environmentalist to eco capitalist. Workplace militant to union boss. Women’s rights to designer clad feminazi.

    Always talk loud but shill for the Democratic establishment. Take up your role of pissing on any true believers, radicals. Get a cushy job as a ‘consultant’, ‘policy aide’ or ‘advisor’. Build up your franchise. Never be found at night, in winter on a picket line for losers.

    When the uber-rats with the money tell you to go on a Russia rant or hype some two bit virus well, fall in line. Welcome to your own Tammany Hall, take your place in the machine, do your bit and get fat.


  5. “I was born in the segregated American South, with the segregated schools, and all the rest of it. I don’t remember it — I was born in 1961 — but I do remember the years right after it.”

    I was born in ’59, in the segregated semi-South (Los Angeles) and moved with family to Chicago (the segregated Midwest) pretty much in time to become legally human, in American terms, at the age of five. My experience has been a surrealist kaleidoscope of Felliniesque set-pieces of day-glo Racism in every flavor, from patronizing compliments on my ability to speak English to friendly concern over my inability to play basketball to spittle-flecking hatred delivered from a curly-haired teen-ginger named “Gallagher,” from atop his horse, thankyouverymuch, in the middle of the desert, in Vegas, in c. 1974 (I was walking home from high school at the time) and though that one was the funniest, it was far from the worst. The complicating twist being that I’m quite “mixed,” demographically, and looked a little too ethnically ambiguous, as a kid and so I took as much shit from the “Black” side of America’s psychotic, phenotype-obsessed divide as I took from the “White”. Which helped me to develop a rather balanced view of things. Which I can encapsulate…

    The next time a well-meaning American hand-wringer sighs, “O whatever shall we do about racism?” say this: HAVE YOU CONSIDERED ENDING SEGREGATION, EINSTEIN? MIGHT HELP!

    It’s a little like the formerly-trendy Eating Disorder Issue of the later early-2000s. American hand-wringers were sighing “O what shall we do about eating disorders among our young girls?” while strangely and conveniently ignoring the fact that young girls are the targets of a precision assault of 24/7/365 Media Commands to gorge and guzzle salty/ sugary/ super-rich chemical snacks in order to be FUN and COOL and YOUNG and BELONG while also being hit with 24/7/365 Media Commands to be Competitive Sex Objects (aka Skinny and Fit) in order to be FUN and COOL and YOUNG and BELONG. No Cog Diss mindfuck there.

    Well, you get the Analogy with the mixed virtue-signals Liberalish America has been broadcasting since the Murrkkan People made a show of pretending to absorb its former cattle into the greater body of its citizenry. Right?


    Like, explain, please, the General White American attitude that a Black Male who is polite, clever, punctual, well-educated, literate and constitutionally averse to violence or crime is *Inauthentic* or (demotically speaking) a Tom or an Oreo or maybe just Gay (which, of course, there’s nothing wrong in being but maybe some sexually insecure adolescent males wouldn’t want to read that way) …?

    (Shit: too complicated.)

    (Maybe it would help if this were read in Sam Jackson’s most cartoonishly black-phallus-prosthetic, post-antebellum, MF voice…?)

    I mean: keep on making a fetish of Othering us if it makes you happy but…


  6. Great post C.J. Given some of the bat-shit crazy speculation going on at some otherwise more nuanced and measured progressive media sites I frequent – you don’t have to worry about being “funny” C.J. – just keep writing with your usual clarity of insight and your contributions will continue to be deeply appreciated. Thanks.


    1. trash. a useful parody would build a case for a particular party or position. History does take a stand and point in a certain direction. The satirist, to be a winner, would write in that fashion. parody or sarcasm, etc. and can point to, pardon me…truth and not just wander around laughing at all comers. This kind of trash is a symptom of degeneration. NO RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY…there is Authority around but it is waiting for the race war to exhaust the weakest of the contenders. which are the utopian dreamers of race equality ,,,,seized by self-righteousness and childlike innocence about what they are doing. They are killers, especially the ladies…clacking their knitting needles to the swish of the guillotine. Man Thinks, God laughs, but then The Jewish God always was a killer and /Christ was a bit unrealistic.

      Show me who to kill….the Equality police…

      Trash. Joe Webb


  7. […] America’s history of psychological warfare against its citizens runs deep. Surreal, mind-bending fodder for military consumption fits a pattern of seeding useful narratives. Meanwhile on both sides of the Atlantic the embedded media have spent the last four years promoting an official, fact-free narrative that Trump – and his supporters-  are the font of US racism. CJ Hopkins writes: […]


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