The Consent Factory

So this is that initial blog post explaining who we are and what we think we want to do at this point, which probably no one is ever going to read. Let’s get it over with …

Who we are is the Consent Factory, Inc., a market-leading provider of post-ideological consulting services to our private and public sector clients throughout the developed (and in some cases developing) world. You can read more about us on our About page. Basically, we’re one of those creepy half-think tank/half-consulting operations that strategically assist the informal network of transnational corporations, governments and obscenely wealthy individuals that already own and control just about everything.

What we want to do, on this blog at least, is share some of our knowledge and expertise with (a) anyone we think may want to retain us down the road at our exorbitant hourly rates, (b) the general (i.e. non-affluent) public, who we secretly have nothing but contempt for and want to continue to encourage to believe that someday, if they just keep working really, really hard and servicing the debts they owe us, they can get as rich and powerful as we and our clients are, and maybe even hang around with us on our super yachts hobnobbing with celebrities and so on.

How we want to do this all this “sharing” is … well, for one thing, we’re going to publish abridged versions of some of the standard advice we provide to our global corporatist clients (not the secret, proprietary stuff … you need to pay through the nose for that). For another thing, we want to get some of our unpaid interns to follow the news, and point out how our clients are successfully manipulating people into believing and doing what they want (i.e. what our clients want, not what they want). Also, we hope to provoke some of the more volatile “anti-corporatist” types out there (as well as anyone even slightly to the left of wherever we say the center is) to join in the fake “discussion” we want to foster, and to “engage” in the simulation of community we plan to project and tightly control, and to otherwise respond to whatever stimuli we post to get them all worked up and frothing at the mouth. That’s pretty much it, for starters, but we’ll likely think up even more evil stuff to do as time goes by, so do stay tuned.

One thought on “The Consent Factory

  1. What?! No comments here?!?! Well, that never stopped me. No one cares, understands, or listens to, what I say or write, but that’s just because I’m not rich and beautiful, or tall with big tits and legs up to my armpits. And worst of all I have an IQ. But none of those things ever stopped me either. This morning, due to the lack of intelligent news, oxymoron or not, in an attempt to better comprehend the Covidite Cult, aka, the Mask Monsters, I followed a promising link, which led me to here: first , and me being me, here second. So, this first is my second. Now there is a comment here. And that’s my story. And I’m sticking to it.


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