The Cult of Authority

On a recent episode of “Intercepted,” Glenn Greenwald, James Risen, and Jeremy Scahill, three millionaire celebrity journalists employed by a billionaire to provide the masses with fearless, adversarial journalism, debated, for approximately fifty-seven minutes, whether Donald Trump might be guilty of treason. This debate was prompted by the negative response to Risen’s first investigative piece… Read More The Cult of Authority

The Normals

Our in-house satirist and award-winning playwright, CJ Hopkins, has written this novel, which, if all goes to plan, we’ll be publishing in April. The name of the book is ZONE 23. Apparently, it’s some kind of post-Orwellian “Atwood-meets-Pynchon meets-Vonnegut” type thing. There’s a cover blurb, a synopsis, and so on, on our official Consent Factory… Read More The Normals

The Blood-Dimmed Tide of Neo-nationalism and Other Scary Simulacra

Well, it’s shaping up to be a long, hot Summer, or year, or possibly decade or two, what with all the global political chaos, racial tensions, social unrest, and the blood-dimmed tide of Neo-nationalism rising inexorably out of Spiritus Mundi like the contents of a backed-up toilet. Whatever is actually going on — which is… Read More The Blood-Dimmed Tide of Neo-nationalism and Other Scary Simulacra