The Covidian Cult (Part III)

In The Covidian Cult (Part I) and (Part II), I characterized the so-called “New Normal” as a “global totalitarian ideological movement.” Since I published those essays, more and more people have come to see it for what it is, not “insanity” or “an overreaction,” but, in fact, a new form of totalitarianism, a globalized, pathologized, depoliticized form, which is being systematically implemented under the guise of “protecting the public health.”

In order to oppose this new form of totalitarianism, we need to understand how it both resembles and differs from earlier totalitarian systems. The similarities are fairly obvious — the suspension of constitutional rights, governments ruling by decree, official propaganda, public loyalty rituals, the outlawing of political opposition, censorship, social segregation, goon squads terrorizing the public, and so on — but the differences are not as obvious.

Whereas 20th-Century totalitarianism (i.e., the form most people are generally familiar with) was more or less national and overtly political, New Normal totalitarianism is supranational, and its ideology is much more subtle. The New Normal is not Nazism or Stalinism. It is global-capitalist totalitarianism, and global capitalism doesn’t have an ideology, technically, or, rather, its ideology is “reality.” When you are an unrivaled global ideological hegemon, as global capitalism has been for the last 30 years or so, your ideology automatically becomes “reality,” because there are no competing ideologies. Actually, there is no ideology at all … there is only “reality” and “unreality,” “normality” and “deviations from the norm.”

Yes, I know, reality is reality … that’s why I’m putting all these terms in scare quotes, so, please, spare me the lengthy emails conclusively proving the reality of reality and try to understand how this works.

There is reality (whatever you believe it is), and there is “reality,” which dictates how our societies function. “Reality” is constructed (i.e., simulated), collectively, according to the ideology of whatever system controls society. In the past, “reality” was openly ideological, regardless of which “reality” you lived in, because there were other competing “realities” out there. There aren’t anymore. There is only the one “reality,” because the entire planet — yes, including China, Russia, North Korea, and wherever — is controlled by one globally hegemonic system.

A globally hegemonic system has no need for ideology, because it doesn’t have to compete with rival ideologies. So it erases ideology and replaces it with “reality.” Reality (whatever you personally believe it is, which of course is what it really is) is not actually erased. It just doesn’t matter, because you do not get to dictate “reality.” Global capitalism gets to dictate “reality,” or, more accurately, it simulates “reality,” and in so doing simulates the opposite of “reality,” which is equally if not more important.

This global-capitalist-manufactured “reality” is a depoliticized, ahistorical “reality,” which forms an invisible ideological boundary establishing the limits of what is “real.” In this way, global capitalism (a) conceals its ideological nature, and (b) renders any and all ideological opposition automatically illegitimate, or, more accurately, non-existent. Ideology as we knew it disappears. Political, ethical, and moral arguments are reduced to the question of what is “real” or “factual,” which the GloboCap “experts” and “fact checkers” dictate.

Also, because this “reality” is not a cohesive ideological system with fundamental values, core principles, and so on, it can be drastically revised or completely replaced more or less at a moment’s notice. Global capitalism has no fundamental values — other than exchange value, of course — and thus it is free to manufacture any kind of “reality” it wants, and replace one “reality” with a new “reality” any time that serves its purposes, like stagehands changing a theatrical set.

For example, the “Global War on Terror,” which was the official “reality” from 2001 until it was canceled in the Summer of 2016, when the “War on Populism” was officially launched. Or, now, the “New Normal,” which replaced the “War on Populism” in the Spring of 2020. Each of which new simulations of “reality” was rolled out abruptly, clumsily even, like that scene in 1984 where the Party switches official enemies right in the middle of a Hate Week speech.

Seriously, think about where we are currently, 18 months into our new “reality,” then go back and review how GloboCap blatantly rolled out the New Normal in the Spring of 2020 … and the majority of the masses didn’t even blink. They seamlessly transitioned to the new “reality” in which a virus, rather than “white supremacists,” or “Russian agents,” or “Islamic terrorists,” had become the new official enemy. They put away the scripts they had been reciting verbatim from for the previous four years, and the scripts they had been reciting from for the previous 15 years before that, and started frantically jabbering Covid cult-speak like they were auditioning for an over-the-top Orwell parody.


Which brings us to the problem of the Covidian cult … how to get through to them, which, make no mistake, we have to do, one way or another, or the New Normal will become our permanent “reality.”

I called the New Normals a “Covidian Cult,” not to gratuitously insult or mock them, but because that is what totalitarianism is … a cult writ large, on a societal scale. Anyone who has tried to get through to them can confirm the accuracy of that analogy. You can show them the facts until you’re blue in the face. It will not make the slightest difference. You think you are having a debate over facts, but you are not. You are threatening their new “reality.” You think you are struggling to get them to think rationally. You are not. What you are is a heretic, an agent of demonic forces, an enemy of all that is “real” and “true.”

The Scientologists would label you a “suppressive person.” The New Normals call you a “conspiracy theorist,” an “anti-vaxxer,” or a “virus denier.” The specific epithets don’t really matter. They are just labels that cult members and totalitarians use to demonize those they perceive as “enemies” … anyone challenging the “reality” of the cult, or the “reality” of the totalitarian system.

The simple fact of the matter is, you can’t talk people out of a cult, and you can’t talk them out of totalitarianism. Usually, what you do, in the case of a cult, is, you get the person out of the cult. You kidnap them, take them to a safehouse or wherever, surround them with a lot of non-cult members, and deprogram them gradually over the course of several days. You do this because, while they are still inside the cult, you cannot get through to them. They cannot hear you. A cult is a collective, self-contained “reality.” Its power flows from the social organism composed of the cult leaders and the other cult members. You cannot “talk” this power away. You have to physically remove the person from it before you can begin to reason with them.

Unfortunately, we do not have this option. The New Normal is a global totalitarian system. There is no “outside” of the system to retreat to. We can’t kidnap everyone and take them to Sweden. As I noted in Part I of this series, the cult/society paradigm has been inverted. The cult has become the dominant society, and those of us who have not been converted have become a collection of isolated islands existing, not outside, but within the cult.

So we need to adopt a different strategy. We need to make the monster show itself, not to those of us who can already see it, but to the New Normal masses, the Covidian cultists. We need to make Jim Jones drop the peace-and-love crap, move into the jungle, and break out the Kool-Aid. We need to make Charles Manson put down his guitar, cancel orgy-time, and go homicidal hippie. This is how you take down a cult from within. You do not try to thwart its progress; you push it toward its logical conclusion. You make it manifest its full expression, because that it when it implodes, and dies. You do not do that by being polite, conciliatory, or avoiding conflict. You do that by generating as much internal conflict within the cult as you can.

In other words, we need to make GloboCap (and its minions) go openly totalitarian … because it can’t. If it could, it would have done so already. Global capitalism cannot function that way. Going openly totalitarian will cause it to implode … no, not global capitalism itself, but this totalitarian version of it. In fact, this is starting to happen already. It needs the simulation of “reality,” and “democracy,” and “normality,” to keep the masses docile. So we need to attack that simulation. We need to hammer on it until it cracks, and the monster hiding within in appears.

That is the weakness of the system … the New Normal totalitarianism will not work if the masses perceive it as totalitarianism, as a political/ideological program, rather than as “a response to a deadly pandemic.” So we need to make it visible as totalitarianism. We need to force the New Normals to see it as what it is. I do not mean that we need to explain it to them. They are beyond the reach of explanations. I mean that we need to make them see it, feel it, tangibly, inescapably, until they recognize what they are collaborating with.

Stop arguing with them on their terms, and instead directly attack their “reality.” When they start jabbering about the virus, the variants, the “vaccines,” and all the other Covid cult-speak, do not get sucked into their narrative. Do not respond as if they were rational. Respond as if they were talking about “Xenu,” “body thetans,” “Helter Skelter,” or any other cultoid nonsense, because that it is exactly what it is. Same goes for their rules and restrictions, the “face coverings,” the “social distancing,” and so on. Stop arguing against them on the grounds that they don’t work. Of course they don’t work, but that is not the point (and arguing that way sucks you into their “reality”). Oppose them because of what they are, a collection of bizarre compliance rituals performed to cement allegiance to the cult and create a general atmosphere of “deadly pandemic.”

There are many ways to go about doing this, i.e., generating internal conflict. I have been doing it my way, others are doing it theirs. If you’re one of them, thank you. If you’re not, start. Do it however and wherever you can. Make the New Normals face the monster, the monster they are feeding … the monster they have become.


CJ Hopkins
September 2, 2021

DISCLAIMER: The preceding essay is entirely the work of our in-house satirist and self-appointed political pundit, CJ Hopkins, and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Consent Factory, Inc., its staff, or any of its agents, subsidiaries, or assigns. If, for whatever inexplicable reason, you appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to support it, please go to his Substack page, or his Patreon page, or send your contribution to his PayPal account, so that maybe he’ll stop coming around our offices trying to hit our staff up for money. Alternatively, you could purchase his satirical dystopian sci-fi novel, Zone 23, or Volume I and II of his Consent Factory Essays, or any of his subversive stage plays, which won some awards in Great Britain and Australia. If you do not appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to write him an abusive email, feel free to contact him directly.

126 thoughts on “The Covidian Cult (Part III)

    1. I thank this man for his thoughts on how to break through the cultist’s trance. It’s actually,I believe the first time I’ve seen an idea of how to reach them. I figured out long ago u don’t reason someone out of psychosis. I thank you friend for this. I’m sharing and I hope it gives my fellow warriors some comfort and strength. Your clarity is heartening. 🙏

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    2. Great article! And while I agree the new totalitarianism does not have any core values, they certainly have a core objective – world domination under global communism. And all of their iterations move inexorably toward that goal at all times.

      So while it’s adherent’s actions may seem haphazard and non-ideological at times, they have the same ancient and malevolent ideology as their end goal that all tyrants have had – total domination under a top down system of total control. That is their ideology.

      And while I agree that provoking them to reveal it is the best strategy, it’s not without risks.

      At a certain point when they think they can make it stick, they will happily reveal themselves as the fascists they are. The window of opportunity for we resisters is short.

      It’s now or never.


      1. Communism for everyone except them. That’s the goal. One should watch Zardoz, Rollerball and Brazil, old Time Machine movie too aside from 1984 and Brave New World


    3. I don’t think your plan will work, as typically clever as it is.
      You are talking to about 20% who see through this hoax and may well have the courage to resist the jab.
      The remaining 80% are the “useless eaters” “the great unwashed” “the teaming masses” all indoctrinated into the “New Normal”
      They will get jabbed once, twice and some will get a 3rd booster…. the lower the I.Q., the more jabs they will get.
      They are the true believers and their fate is sealed.
      Just sit tight, wait it out and watch as magically transforms the planet.
      I think I might like it and I’m willing to bet you will too.
      The single greatest problem as I see it is, the misguided attempts to derail the project.
      If after all, prove to be nazis, we can deal with them down the track.
      I am almost certain their true intent isn’t absolutely evil and they may not want the burden of being tyrannical overlords.
      If you can overlook the, at first glance, genocidal sociopathy, what’s not to like about them?
      Anyway, as of today, 5.56 billion doses have been administered.
      I would call that “off to a good start”
      Remember, the 20% who could wash up on the beach should, if my calculations are correct, constitute a determined, brave and resourceful group with well above average I.Q.
      You might call us/them, “the New Normal”


        1. Charlotte, you are the annoying exception to my theory stating anti-vaxxers are the high I.Q. 20%.
          If you are indeed amongst that number, your above comment can only be understood as being the foolish words of a vacuous, brain dead moron.
          The “noncompliant” don’t get the jab do they? That is self evident and by definition.
          It is the dumkuntz who get the jab. We the “noncompliant” by definition will remain to fight them if we feel the need to.
          Can you explain it to me again.. you say – the plan is to rid themselves of the noncompliant.
          Will the noncomplaint get the jab? No, No, FUCKING NO!
          Will brain dead, dumkuntz get the jab? Answer is yes so, who are they getting rid of?
          The “noncompliant” smart folk or the brain dead dumkuntz?
          Unless of course you have been jabbed, in which case…


          1. Your arrogance is a bit nauseating, maybe you should take the jab……… Sustainability is about getting “rid of more” than the non-compliant–that’s just the first step. After the troublemakers are out of their hair they’ll target the next undesirable group until the population is whittled down to the demographic of their liking.

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            1. As I thought, you really are completely out of your depth.
              I will try to explain to you what is happening.
              Covid is a hoax. The vaccines, all of them are kill-shots filled with graphene oxide and spike proteins and much more.
              The perpetrators or as I like to call them are not in control of who gets jabbed.
              They have cast a massive net backed by multi billion $ mass propaganda.
              Who gets caught in that net?
              Anyone dumb enough to get the jabs, plural.
              If you refuse the jab you will live to fight another day.
              My advice to you.. shut the fuck up BECAUSE YOU TALK SHIT and come across as a complete moron.


                1. I have carefully highlighted your complete misunderstanding of the Covid and vaccine hoax.
                  Instead of modifying your irritatingly cretinous position, you bleat small insults at me in a feeble weakening voice.
                  Why not see if I am in fact correct.
                  If so, you will have some facts to find the truth about this mass genocide from the global capitalists.
                  We can’t stop them and it may be the survivors who don’t get the jab will be a new improved higher I.Q. gene pool.
                  I hope it is no more sinister than this. Your mistake is you haven’t had a close look at the perpetrators.
                  What do they really want? I am persuaded it is mostly de-population.
                  They already have control and this is their most overt play in my life time.
                  Will they go back to a more behind the scenes and mostly benevolent posture after de-population?
                  Tell me what you think.


                  1. Everyone on this thread knows the mRNA injections are deleterious. That’s why they prefer to be on this website and not on the Daily Kos. So what are you offering? An obvious theory about the genocidal nature of experimental COVID injections.


                    1. As per usual you attack with the wrong ideas mixed with a large dose of irrelevant bullshit posturing.
                      I’m not offering anything other than a rational explanation for the genocide unfolding.
                      I find myself checking the vaccination numbers everyday and it puts me in a good mood when they rise sharply.
                      Today the number was 5.6 billion total jabs.
                      That’s a lot of dumkuntz poisoned is it not?


                  2. You are so certain you have figured the plan out to its last detail. Heavens above it’s so obvious anyone with an IQ in the top 20% can see what’s going on – right?

                    Thinking that way is how generals lose battles. If the enemy’s strategy was always obvious, then the general with the largest army would always win. Only that isn’t how it works.

                    Don’t get me wrong – your analysis may be correct – in which case the enemy is being obligingly dimwitted himself, or perhaps just over-confident.

                    But consider an alternative – suppose the plan all along is that the jabs are not especially dangerous but they will deceive their most obdurate enemies into believing that this is where they must make a stand or die. And the enemies obligingly make their stand. And die.

                    Obviously the jabs are probably somewhat dangerous given the limited testing – but are they a guaranteed killshot? I don’t think that’s a given at all – in fact I think it’s quite unlikely. My guess is that the plan is just to force people into vaccination passports and destroy those who refuse.

                    Remember our overlords control much of the seemingly anti-establishment alternative media as well as the MSM. It is well within the realm of possibility that they crafted the “jab will kill you” message and targeted it squarely at the suspicious through all sorts of alternative channels that they control. Who is Stew Peters? Who is Del Bigtree? Who is Chris Martenson? etc. Do you think they are all truly anti-establishment? Or are some or all of them part of Mockingbird – wittingly or unwittingly? We know that the CIA seeds false conspiracy theories in order to mislead and discredit. Are you so sure you can distinguish the truth from these false trails?

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                    1. I carefully analysed your interesting and intelligent post. I will do my best to rephrase it. You are elevating the Covid Hoax to a much more complex and subtle plan, not just crude depopulation by poisonous but slow acting vaccines.
                      You are saying those who get jabbed will get sick but not necessarily fatal, leaving the refusers at the mercy of the overlords who will then kill us off. Exactly how will they do that? Will I fight back? Will I look to find them and attack them with everything I’ve got?
                      The answer is yes we will go to war against them if your rather improbable and really completely ridiculous theory is even remotely true. The reason you are wrong is because elite medical types such as Mike Yeadon and Peter McCullough are saying it is mass genocide, nothing more. Anyway if you go to SOTN you will get my side from most posters.
                      Heres a thought, the moron Charlotte is siding with you not me so safe to say I’m right not you.
                      You are talking ludicrous genuine nutjob conspiracy theory ascribing almost supernatural powers to the rich kuntz.
                      They are definitely killling us with the jab. I’m not having it and will resist with everyting I’ve got if they try to force me.


      1. Dear all Unable to open Resolution of problems says it cann’t open nor find the address. Anyone can find a solution for us to access that ? Thanks José Oliveira, Portugal

        Consent Factory, Inc. escreveu no dia quinta, 9/09/2021 à(s) 07:21:

        > Adam Bennett commented: “I don’t think your plan will work, as typically > clever as it is. You are talking to about 20% who see through this hoax and > may well have the courage to resist the jab. The remaining 80% are the > “useless eaters” “the great unwashed” “the teaming masses” >


      2. These covidian cult members who luv the jabs, w/ low IQ’s, lacking left brain function,e tc. we just don’t need them in society anyway (useless eaters), they won’t believe facts put out by those who are aware. They trust all politicians and gov. spokesmen like Fauci and others, We won’t miss them anyway, but we must resist the tyrants running the globalist cabal before they kill us w/ goon squads hunting us down.


      3. Adam, I would not use IQ as the proving ground, but rather common sense, or wisdom. We all know highly educated people who need help figuring out how to put air in their car tires, so the “Intelligence Quotient”(if that is even a reasonable marker of intelligence)isn’t all that relevant. – not denigrating your idea, just sussing it out a little.


    1. THANKS VERY MUCH for this SUPERB work.
      I have been using the cult label for months now.
      The impossibility of trying to get into the cult members reality is an absolute given.
      I give the example of having a Mormon missionary standing outside the Scientology building in L.A.
      handing out brochures to entice them to convert. Quite hopeless.
      The other monster cult we have here in the USA, and around the world is the “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”
      I am now on my second box of 250 business card printed with the operative quote from the classic book, written in 1841 by Charles MacKay.
      “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”.
      “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”
      I hand them out to all I encounterto explain the mindless senseless cult being pushed by the politicians and their lap dog media about the mask wearing monstrous stupidity. It is slowly fading, but with some of the government morons still pushing it, along with the media, it is a hard insanity to push against.


  1. “When they start jabbering about the virus, the variants, the “vaccines,” and all the other Covid cult-speak, do not get sucked into their narrative. Do not respond as if they were rational. Respond as if they were talking about “Xenu,” “body thetans,” “Helter Skelter,” or any other cultoid nonsense, because that it is exactly what it is.”

    Yeah, I do appreciate the author of this article left rationality a very long time ago. So I guess you are suggesting that Moses and his bodaboda are totally fucked, and the Jesus Christians were right all along. People say they are unspeakably evil. Maybe they are, but then, so are you.


    1. And… in walks the case in point, to illustrate today’s psychospiritual message.

      Moses has this to say — other than a possible misidentification of Mashiach, the Reb here spot on:

      Would they engineer a low-grade bio-weapon followed up with a nasty ACE2 targeting, cytotoxin protein generating pop-reduction jab (Gates’ “15% reduction”, over time) as part of their diabolical plan? Sure they would. And they’ll even try like hell to make sure they get to “100% compliance” so there’s no “control group” left to provide damning quantitative insights into the scope of the crime, because tort liability waivers only take you so far when tens of thousands are dying or damaged.


  2. I lived in Los Angeles for 16 years. Mainly in Hollywood. LA in itself as a city is a cult. But unlike other cults it’s not contrived, it’s organic. What I mean by organic is that it’s a magnet for sociopathic people with narcissistic personality disorders because it has a infinite supply of potential “followers”. So in itself Hollywood has a set of unwritten rules everyone follows in order to maintain a dellusion. It’s not unlike when you were young and part of a click in which there was a hiearachy. Looking back now it’s silly but when you are in it, that’s all you know because if you knew better, you’d leave. I’ve spent so many years of my life in LA because I was part of the LA cult and it’s very difficult to leave even if you wake up to it, because everything else outside of that is the unknown. You would have to take a leap of faith and jump into the unknown. And as Scott Peck said in The Road Less Traveled, if you do, things always work out. I left. I was actually pushed out as I ended up homeless and living in my car. Everything there became expensive and life became unsustainable. It was as clear as day, that if I did not leave, I would die on the streets of LA, one of the most depressing cities in the world. I live in Vegas now and life is back to normal. I quit all my vices and readjusted to being my old self again. After 16 years. Think The Stanford Prison Experiment. It was just like that.

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  3. We’re beyond the Cult of COVID and into the realm of full control of the Western world by the Vaxxi party. You will willingly join the party, or you will be shunned, starved, and ultimately sent to a premature death.

    When I hear of things like public establishments in Hamburg being required to adopt 2G policies for customers … only geimpfed (vaccinated) or genesen (recovered in the last six months) … to be allowed in, I can only ask how something like that is not a revival of the Nuremburg Laws of 1935.

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    1. They give credit for genesen? That’s a pretty liberal twist compared to a lot of what we here from the Vaxscists. Too bad no one has owned up to the studies showing that the old SAR-CoV (1) survivors from circa 2003 still had functional immunity 15+ years later. You can’t get that from your body identifying a naked spike protein puked out of cells into your bloodstream after the vaks mRNA payload (clad in mysterious “graphene oxide” and other adjuvants) commandeers trillions of your ribosome sites. The body doesn’t form as profound and complete of an immune response, to ensure it can properly tag and engulf future CV19 viruses as you breathe them in or rub them into your eyes, and variants are more likely to be able to evade the weaker defenses the vaks stimulates. “Genesen” should be treated as the gold standard of societal protection. But there should not be any passports or social controls, except maybe temperature scanners and polite but firm suggestions to self-quarantine for a few days when people are symptomatic, assuming we agree that the virus is real (I had it some months back, as far as I was able to tell from testing and symptoms).


  4. Traducido al español

    En “La Secta Covidiana” (Parte I) y (Parte II), caractericé a la llamada “Nueva Normalidad” como un “movimiento ideológico totalitario global”. Desde que publiqué esos ensayos, más y más personas han llegado a verlo por lo que es, no como una “locura” o una “reacción exagerada”, sino, de hecho, una nueva forma de totalitarismo, una forma globalizada, patologizada, despolitizada, que se está implementando sistemáticamente bajo el pretexto de “proteger la salud pública”.

    Para oponernos a esta nueva forma de totalitarismo, necesitamos comprender en qué se parece y en qué se diferencia de los sistemas totalitarios anteriores. Las similitudes son bastante obvias: la suspensión de los derechos constitucionales, los gobiernos que gobiernan por decreto, la propaganda oficial, los rituales de lealtad pública, la ilegalización de la oposición política, la censura, la segregación social, los escuadrones de matones que aterrorizan al público, etc. pero las diferencias no son obvias.

    Mientras que el totalitarismo del siglo XX (es decir, la forma con la que la mayoría de la gente está familiarizada) era más o menos nacional y abiertamente política, el totalitarismo de la Nueva Normalidad es supranacional y su ideología es mucho más sutil. La nueva normalidad no es el Nazismo ni el Estalinismo. Es un totalitarismo capitalista global, y el capitalismo global no tiene una ideología, técnicamente, o más bien, su ideología es la “realidad”. Cuando eres un hegemón ideológico global sin rival, como lo ha sido el capitalismo global durante los últimos 30 años, tu ideología se convierte automáticamente en “realidad”, porque no hay ideologías en competencia. En realidad, no hay ideología en absoluto … solo hay “realidad” e “irrealidad”, “normalidad” y “desviaciones de la norma”.

    Sí, lo sé, la realidad es la realidad … es por eso que estoy poniendo todos estos términos entre comillas, así que, por favor, ahórreme los largos correos electrónicos que prueban de manera concluyente la realidad de la realidad e intente comprender cómo funciona.

    Existe la realidad (lo que sea que usted crea que es), y existe la “Realidad”, que dicta cómo funcionan nuestras sociedades. La “Realidad” se construye (es decir, se simula), colectivamente, de acuerdo con la ideología de cualquier sistema que controle la sociedad. En el pasado, la “Realidad” era abiertamente ideológica, independientemente de la “Realidad” en la que vivías, porque había otras “Realidades” en competencia. Ya no las hay. Sólo existe una “Realidad”, porque todo el planeta – sí, incluidos China, Rusia, Corea del Norte y donde sea – está controlado por un sistema globalmente hegemónico.

    Un sistema globalmente hegemónico no necesita ideología, porque no tiene que competir con ideologías rivales. Entonces borra la ideología y la reemplaza con “Realidad”. La realidad (lo que sea que usted personalmente crea que es, que por supuesto es lo que realmente es) no se borra en realidad. Simplemente no importa, porque no puedes imponer la “Realidad”. El capitalismo global llega a dictar la “Realidad” o, más exactamente, simula la “Realidad” y, al hacerlo, simula lo opuesto a la “Realidad”, que es igualmente, si no más, importante.

    Esta “Realidad” fabricada por el capitalismo global es una “Realidad” despolitizada y ahistórica, que forma una frontera ideológica invisible que establece los límites de lo “real”. De esta manera, el capitalismo global (a) oculta su naturaleza ideológica y (b) hace que cualquier oposición ideológica sea automáticamente ilegítima o, más exactamente, inexistente. La ideología tal como la conocíamos desaparece. Los argumentos políticos, éticos y morales se reducen a la cuestión de qué es “real” o “fáctico”, lo cual dictan los “expertos” y los “verificadores de hechos” del GloboCapitalimo.

    Además, debido a que esta “realidad” no es un sistema ideológico cohesivo con valores fundamentales, principios básicos, etc., puede revisarse drásticamente o reemplazarse por completo más o menos en cualquier momento. El capitalismo global no tiene valores fundamentales – otro que el intercambio de valor, por supuesto – y por lo tanto es libre de fabricar cualquier tipo de “realidad” que desee y reemplazar una “realidad” con una nueva “realidad” en cualquier momento que sirva a sus propósitos, como tramoyistas que cambian un decorado teatral.

    Por ejemplo, la “Guerra global contra el terrorismo”, que fue la “realidad” oficial desde 2001 hasta que fue cancelada en el verano de 2016, cuando se lanzó oficialmente la “Guerra contra el Populismode (Trump)”. O, ahora, la “Nueva Normalidad”, que reemplazó a la “guerra contra el populismo” en la primavera de 2020. Cada una de las nuevas simulaciones de la “realidad” se desplegaron de forma abrupta, incluso torpe, como la escena de 1984 en la que el Partido cambia enemigos oficiales justo en medio de un discurso de la “Semana del Odio”.

    En serio, piensen dónde estamos actualmente, 18 meses después de nuestra nueva “realidad”, luego retroceda y revise cómo el GloboCapitalismo lanzó descaradamente la Nueva Normalidad en la primavera de 2020 … y la mayoría de las masas ni siquiera parpadearon. Pasaron sin problemas a la nueva “realidad” en la que un virus, en lugar de “supremacistas blancos”, “agentes rusos” o “terroristas islámicos”, se había convertido en el nuevo enemigo oficial. Guardaron los guiones que habían estado recitando textualmente durante los cuatro años anteriores, y los guiones que habían estado recitando durante los últimos 15 años antes de eso, y comenzaron a parlotear frenéticamente el lenguaje de culto del Covid como si estuvieran audicionando para un parodia de Orwell.


    Lo que nos lleva al problema de la secta covidiana … cómo llegar a ellos, lo cual, no nos engañemos, tenemos que hacer, de una forma u otra, o la Nueva Normalidad se convertirá en nuestra “realidad” permanente.

    Llamé a los Nuevos Normales una “secta covidiana”, no para insultarlos o burlarme gratuitamente de ellos, sino porque eso es lo que es el totalitarismo … una secta en grande, a escala social. Cualquiera que haya intentado comunicarse con ellos puede confirmar la exactitud de esa analogía. Puedes mostrarles los hechos hasta que te pongas triste. No hará la menor diferencia. Crees que estás teniendo un debate sobre los hechos, pero no es así. Estás amenazando su nueva “realidad”. Crees que estás luchando para que piensen racionalmente. No lo estas. Lo que eres es un hereje, un agente de las fuerzas demoníacas, un enemigo de todo lo que es “real” y “verdadero”.

    Los Cienciólogos te etiquetarían como una “persona supresiva” (antosocial). Los Nuevos Normales lo llaman “teórico de la conspiración”, “anti-vacunas” o “negador de virus”. Los epítetos específicos realmente no importan. Son solo etiquetas que los miembros de la secta y los totalitarios usan para demonizar a aquellos que perciben como “enemigos” … cualquiera que desafíe la “realidad” de la secta, o la “realidad” del sistema totalitario.

    El simple hecho del asunto es que no se puede convencer a la gente de que abandone una secta y no se puede convencer a la gente de que abandone el totalitarismo. Por lo general, lo que haces, en el caso de una secta, es sacar a la persona de la secta. Los secuestras, los llevas a un lugar seguro o donde sea, los rodeas de muchos miembros que no pertenecen a la secta y los desprogramas gradualmente en el transcurso de varios días. Haces esto porque, mientras todavía están dentro de la secta, no puedes comunicarte con ellos. No pueden oírte. Una secta es una “realidad” colectiva e independiente. Su poder fluye del organismo social compuesto por los líderes de la secta y los demás miembros de la secta. No se puedea “hablar” y alejar este poder. Tienes que apartar físicamente a la persona antes de que puedas empezar a razonar con ella.

    Desafortunadamente, no tenemos esta opción. La Nueva Normalidad es un sistema totalitario global. No hay un “exterior” del sistema al cual retirarse. No podemos secuestrar a todos y llevarlos a Suecia. Como señalé en la Parte I de esta serie, el paradigma secta / sociedad se ha invertido. La secta se ha convertido en la sociedad dominante, y aquellos de nosotros que no nos hemos convertido nos hemos convertido en una colección de islas aisladas que existen, no fuera, sino dentro de la secta.

    Por tanto, debemos adoptar una estrategia diferente. Tenemos que hacer que el monstruo se muestre, no a aquellos de nosotros que ya podemos verlo, sino a las masas de la Nueva Normalidad, los sectarios Covidianos. Necesitamos hacer que Jim Jones deje la mierda de la paz y el amor, se mude a la jungla y saque el Kool-Aid (cianuro). Tenemos que hacer que Charles Manson deje su guitarra, cancele la orgía y saque el hippie homicida. Así es como derribas una secta desde adentro. No intentas frustrar su progreso; lo empujas hacia su conclusión lógica. La haces manifestar en toda su expresión, porque ahi es cuando implosiona y muere. No lo hace siendo cortés, conciliador o evitando conflictos. Lo haces generando tanto conflicto interno dentro de la secta como puedas.

    En otras palabras, tenemos que hacer que el GloboCapitalismo (y sus secuaces) se vuelvan abiertamente totalitarios … porque no pueden. Si pudieran, ya lo habrían hecho. El capitalismo global no puede funcionar de esa manera. Ir abiertamente hacia el totalitarismo hará que implosione … no, no el capitalismo global en sí, sino esta versión totalitaria del mismo. De hecho, esto ya está empezando a suceder. Necesita la simulación de la “realidad”, la “democracia” y la “normalidad” para mantener dóciles a las masas. Entonces tenemos que atacar esa simulación. Tenemos que martillarlo hasta que se rompa y aparezca el monstruo que se esconde dentro.

    Esa es la debilidad del sistema … el totalitarismo de la Nueva Normalidad no funcionará si las masas lo perciben como totalitarismo, como un programa político / ideológico, en lugar de como “una respuesta a una pandemia mortal”. Por eso tenemos que hacerlo visible como totalitarismo. Necesitamos obligar a los Nuevos Normales a verlo como lo que es. No quiero decir que tengamos que explicárselo. Ya están más allá del alcance de poder explicarles algo. Quiero decir que tenemos que hacer que lo vean, lo sientan, de manera tangible, ineludible, hasta que reconozcan con qué están colaborando.

    Dejen de discutir con ellos en sus términos y, en cambio, ataque directamente su “realidad”. Cuando empiecen a parlotear sobre el virus, las variantes, las “vacunas” y todo el resto del lenguaje de culto de Covid, no se dejen atrapar por su narrativa. No respondan como si fueran racionales. Responde como si estuvieran hablando de “Xenu” o “thetán corporal” (de la cienciologia) o “Helter Skelter” (por Charles Manson) o cualquier otra tontería cultoide, porque eso es exactamente lo que es. Lo mismo ocurre con sus reglas y restricciones, el “cubrimiento facial”, el “distanciamiento social”, etc. Dejen de discutir en su contra con el argumento de que no funcionan. Por supuesto que no funcionan, pero ese no es el punto (y discutir de esa manera te absorbe a su “realidad”). Oponerse a ellos por lo que son, una colección de rituales bizarros de obediencia realizados para cimentar la lealtad a la secta y crear una atmósfera general de “pandemia mortal”.

    Hay muchas formas de hacerlo, es decir, generar conflicto interno. Lo he estado haciendo a mi manera, otros lo están haciendo a la suya. Si eres uno de ellos, gracias. Si no es así, comienza. Háganlo como y donde puedan. Haz que los Nuevos Normales se enfrenten al monstruo, el monstruo al que están alimentando … el monstruo en el que se han convertido.


  5. Anybody else out there still remember the old movie “ Network (1976)”? Here’s one of its greatest scenes… “The World is a Corporation”:

    Here is CJ’s GlobalCap. This Corporation has its board(s), the power elite, and its CEO(s), the politicians in-charge, and its employees, the not-yet-machine-replacable workers. It feeds upon the needs and wants of ALL humans whose lives are lived within it. The more stuff we want from it, the greater its power becomes, and Yes it does very much strive to ever increase our wants and needs (The Covid Crisis phenomena is a part of this.).
    Most of us humans, excepting a few remnant H&Ger tribes, now depend upon it for our very lives, can’t even eat without it. It is in fact a lifeform that subsumes and consumes our individual lives, and as such, its primary drive is to grow, to ever increase its power, its ability to control and consume resources. What do ALL (except a few frustrated foxes who couldn’t get the grapes they wanted) the people want? Ever-higher GDP per capita…consumption of energy and material resources.
    GlobalCap, the Corporation, is not a deliberately planned construct of the power elite. It is a whole greater than the sum of parts, with a mind and will of its own that self-organizes around the needs-wants of ALL people. Its mode of living is based on technological “progress”…it must constantly find new forms of technology or it will sputter and collapse, and remember that body-external technology is the human species’ greatest special ability over other animals…It’s what we do to be the gods of the earth…We’re not gonna just walk away from it. Remember too though that it can only maintain itself as long as there are sufficient supplies of the resources needed to run its technology.
    Covid has been a grand opportunity, a crisis that has been milked to the max (well, maybe not quite yet) for the Corporation to grow, to increase its power, to create new needs. Although in the shorter term, there have been reductions in some components of the corporation’s revenue stream, in others there have been great increases, and most importantly, the stage has been set for vast new revenue streams, especially in the pharma and security-surveillance fields.
    If you want to strive against the Covidian Cult, you must begin by resisting the Corporation…by changing your own lifestyle as much as possible to reduce your needs-wants, reduce your dependency on it. Since this is your only real means to reduce the Corporation’s power, it is what you must do, even though it is most probably futile, giving only a slight braking effect at best, as those who resist are a minority and one that remains almost entirely system-dependent. If you seek freedom from the GlobalCap, your only real hope is that the whole system will collapse due to social-economic mismanagement and exhaustion of resources, and an opportunity will arise to create a new system with effective and strongly-enforced global rules to prevent excessive internal power differences to develop and to put a cap on technological development. (Don’t do those two things and the cycle will repeat.) Beyond that, there is also the at least equally remote possibility that the collapse will be so complete as to be irreversible and to force us back to H&Ging, but only a few, if any, of us may live to see either of those things. Meanwhile, the Corporation marches on with our own wants-needs driving it, and with technology dehumanizing us, ever-increasing our addiction and dependency on it, even threatening to replace us.

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    1. “Corporation marches on with our own wants-needs driving it, and with technology dehumanizing us, ever-increasing our addiction and dependency on it, even threatening to replace us.”
      That’s the goal, a wierd kind of transhumanist society inhabited by a very select
      elite demographic.


  6. Per your advice to shove the tyranny back in the fascists ignorant faces, I would like you to consider pushing the phrase “Heil Pfizer!” as much as possible. I don’t see any way to not see the association, and the pushers of this horror cannot avoid the mirroring similarities.


    Please push this everywhere!

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  7. CJ Hopkins, you are incorrect in your understanding of capitalism. A system of global capitalism does not exist. We have a tag team between big business and the state. We have had a mixed economy for just over 2 centuries, and now we have a controlled economy in most western countries as demonstrated by the economic shutdowns in lock down.

    Capitlaism recognises property rights. We have no property rights. Capitalism says you have the right to exist for your own sake, that you own your own body, and your own productive effort. We do not enjoy these things. It is essential to know and understand what Capitlaism is before we go bashing it. You are bashing the very solution in your ignorance!

    Nigel Howitt, of


    1. Nigel,

      See my comment above. I prefer to separate the concepts of ownership of capital and freedom because I think it clarifies the situation. I believe we do have capitalism and property rights today – just not for everyone. People with enough political power and influence do own capital and are able to protect it.

      What we no longer have is free markets and competition. Instead we have monopoly capitalism.

      Freedom cannot exist without capitalism, but capitalism without freedom (aka fascism) is no better than socialism. Both are monopolistic societies which prevent free people from competing on a level playing field to offer services to each other, thus concentrating all the power and wealth in the hands of a tiny minority.

      Using one word “capitalism” to encaspulate two concepts, ownership of capital and freedom, allows bad people to confuse the issues too easily.


  8. I agree, we no longer have free markets and competition. Instead, we have monopolization and public private partnerships which is more akin to fascism. Small business capitalism would actually be refreshing.


  9. The first reality people must understand is simple: arguing using logical rigour only works when those you are trying to convince run their life that way. Their life is based on the principle of being skeptical until evidence emerges to counteract that skepticism; on being skeptical of the value of sources of information/evidence until the quality of that source can be adequately verified; and on looking to disprove any assertions that do not pass the ‘sniff test’.

    The reality of the real adult world is that most people don’t operate on such principles. They don’t have the time or often money to analyse enough subjects rigorously (the main reason being they are working a job 40 hrs a week and then being a parent mornings and evenings and weekends), so they have to base decisions based on whatever sources they deem trustworthy.

    Those sources are usually a combination of a network of friends, some of whom may have relevant professional expertise; sources within the media; books, magazines and websites.

    Once again, most of those people don’t have the time or money to rigorously validate/invalidate those sources, so they tend to gravitate toward the ones that ‘feel right’ to them. The reality of that statement is that different groups of people tend to equate ‘feeling right’ with different sources. So you get groups who ‘feel that the Christian Right’ is right; you get groups who think Nancy Pelosi et al are right; and you get groups who for whatever reason think that the Guardian and the BBC tell the truth (god help ’em all is all I say there).

    My experience of dealing with non-rigorous people goes as far as someone with a PhD in physics having to be explained the basics of arctic and antarctic sea ice data to prove he was spouting unadulterated claptrap on climate change. It reached the farcical situation that he agreed with my defenestration of his arguments, accepted my data sources, but still insisted that ‘global warming is dangerous’. At that point, I had learned that using scientific data can even be pointless with some PhD graduates. Especially if they vote for the Labour Party and read the Guardian….

    My brutal experience of how to ‘nudge’ people, ‘influence them’, ‘help them toward changing their views’, is that you need to use storyboards that conflate the issue at hand with things like football, sex, diet, or other more everyday mundane things.

    Whatever MIGHT work, rigorous argument and analysis won’t.

    Not if you remain polite and professional at any rate.

    I’ve never tried mixing scientific rigour with calling someone an incompetent ignorant asshole, so I have no experiences to report there….


    1. “I’ve never tried mixing scientific rigour with calling someone an incompetent ignorant asshole, so I have no experiences to report there….”

      I’ve tried this a lot. I have to report that, as a strategy, it’s an abject failure. As an emotionally satisfying experience however… :-)


  10. I could do with some specifics on how to cause internal conflict among the leaders of this cult and the cult members when one is homebound, due to caring for a seriously disabled person?? I need a strategy. If logic and facts don’t work, what does??


  11. Useless. We need to identify who are capo di tutti capi. And get rid of them. There are only few thousands of them maybe less.
    Anything else is useless.


  12. Depopulation + Obedience/Control.. this has to be the Globocap secret agenda. It logically HAS to be if global capitalism as it runs now is going to be kept from losing control and going off the rails.

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  13. Is this an us vs them meme?

    We have a central banking cabals economic and political monopoly (we don’t have capitalism)the corporate media programs the totally mind identified masses.
    There are people hypnotized by media and totally possessed by their own media conditioned programmable ego minds,living in fear …. poor buggers.
    There is no need to be conflicting you can mindfully ask people questions but of primary importance is your own state when you ” do” is it one of fear or love? The purpose is for you to know yourself, your inner state is primary .As the inner creates the outer . Fear creates fascism and wrong action as we can see.
    Speak the truth, put it out there without emotional baggage( ego), do not even seek to change their media programmed minds.
    If you want to protest do a FREEDOM march and do it with mindfulness and love as it will be 100x more effective than a angry resistance protest.

    There are a lot of concepts you use CJ to describe what is in fact unconsciousness.
    We have always had a Central bankster’s economic and political monopoly( circa FRA 1913 )before that the Freemasons created govt( that is a corporation).

    The old crazy was not normal.
    Everything changes in this world of moss and rust consumption.
    This is not reality, ideology is not reality. It is a dream of form that we as awareness are lost in but are stirring in our sleep.The universe is waking up.
    We are in the birthing pangs of a new world and it will be what we all co create.The old dysfunctional egoic mind systems have crumbled we can see they are ” wrong” so we need to focus on what we want to see in the world.
    Fear or Love CJ?


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